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The city of Venice in northern Italy is remarkable for its narrow, picturesque streets flanked by the numerous canals and waterways for which it’s justifiably famous.

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Just some of the highlights that must be seen when visiting Venice include the “big momma” of waterways, the Grand Canal, that flows for around four kilometres through the city and is up to 70m wide in places.

For both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, the canals must be crossed, so there are numerous bridges which themselves add a special charm to the city.

Probably the two best-known bridges are the Rialto Bridge across the Grand Canal, and the rather melancholy-sounding Bridge of Sighs that spans the Rio di Palazzo.

The best way to experience the canals and see the bridges is, of course, to take a ride in one of the city’s gondolas that were in the past used extensively for city transport by locals, but nowdays are operated more for the benefit of tourists.

In the city itself, another highlight is St Marks Square (Piazza San Marco), although the crowds of bustling tourists might not be to everyone’s taste. But it’s worth a visit just to get the atmosphere and also to see St Mark’s Basilica (also known as the church of St Mark or St Mark’s Cathedral).

This beautiful example of Byzantine architecture is the best-known of Venice’s many churches and should not be missed when visiting the city

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