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The Lonely Planet is a recognizable and appreciated series and its USA edition has 129 pages of maps. It also highlights the major attractions and points out the very best National Parks. There are suggestions for road trips and some destinations, away from the common routes.

The sheer size of America can be devastating for the first time traveler. A USA Travel Guide is sensible and there are a number of quality ones available. Whether an overseas visitor or an American wanting to see the country, these guides have helpful maps, general information and highlights on sightseeing.

The United States is a wonderful holiday destination with its cities, deserts, mountains, and National Parks. There is something for each person with wildlife, culture, and entertainment.

The Rough Guide series is also very accepted , particularly with the younger generation of travelers. Their USA Travel Guide is broken down into the different states and lists the tourist places. There are helpful reviews on accommodation, restaurants and bars and advice from experts on different activities. Historic sights, culture spots and nightlife are all discussed. It’s great for finding your way about too with maps and plans for every state, region , and large city.

There is something very romantic when it comes to road trips in America and many books, songs and movies about long rides down lonely highways have inspired people to follow suit. If this is you, then the perfect USA Travel Guide is the Road Trip USA: Cross-country Adventures on America’s Two-lane Highways. This full color book has been revised and is in its 4th edition with efficient information. 140 maps, full of detail, will aid with the planning. Cross-country routes are mapped out and landmarks are highlighted along the way. Aside from the major cites, small towns are featured and anything that might be of notice on the roadside.

Recommended itineraries comprises of lists of places to stay. The radio is very significant for road trips in America. It keeps you company and updates you on road and weather conditions. This USA Travel Guide gives the call letters of a variety of radio stations.

You may not want a general guide but a specific one for the location of your choice. Should that be the Big Apple, then the Rough Guide to New York City is the book for you. It explores the five boroughs and there are articles on the city’s fascinating history, its ethnic make up, world famous architecture and culture. This is very much a baseball town and you can study all about the sport and Yankee Stadium’s place in it. There is an entire chapter on the iconic Museum of Modern Art. Practical advice covers accommodation, transport and bars and restaurants.

The USA Eyewitness Travel guide picks out the main attractions at an easy glance and includes a brief article on the history. Travelers can plan visits to National Parks, cities, galleries and museums. The USA Travel Guide points out scenic routes and where you’ll find areas of gorgeous wilderness. The history, sights and cultural institutions of diverse regions are incorporated. Tips are given on how to arrange for a trip to America and what laws and customs apply. For more information connected to travel go to The World Traveler

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