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We may be in the land of the Catalans but that hasn’t stopped them embracing a piece of culture from another part of Spain. You see, in Pueblo Español near your Barcelona apartments you will be able to immerse yourself in something very Andalusian.

In the Tablao de Carmen spectators can witness on a daily basis mesmerizing shows combining authentic Spanish dance and music.

The Tablao de Carmen was created as a tribute to Carmen Amaya, a famous Flamenco dancer who made her name in Barcelona. She was born in 1913 in a gypsy quarter in the area now known as Vila Olímpica. It was in 1929 before King Alfonso XIII that she made her debut and it is in this very location that the Tablao de Carmen was set up.

The shows put on by this organization are known for delivering only shows of the highest quality. Viewers are guaranteed great rhythms to go along with the dance. Well known Spanish artists, accompanied by aspiring artists looking for their big break, (tablaos have historically acted as a springboard for young artists) participate alongside the dancers.

The show explores the many different facets of Flamenco so visitors can really absorb the variety of this musical art. Guests will be spoilt rotten with the focus of the show alternating between music, song and dance.

The venue is superb as well. Designed predominantly with the colours of southern Spain in mind, albero yellow and red ochre, the room is laid out like a small theatre ensuring every table has a great view of the entertainment.

But you can really make a night of this event as there is the option of being served dinner or tapas before the show. Guests can buy dinner and show tickets or simply just skip the dinner and pay a little less to watch the show.

For 69€ you can enjoy dinner and the show. At 45€ you will get tapas and for 35€ you will just see the show, but of course be prepared to buy drinks (a jar of sangria is refilled for free!)

It is located at Avenida Marqués de Comillas in Pueblo Español. It’s a short walk from Plaza Espanya which can be reached by taking the green or red metro line from your apartment.

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