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Amongst the many Australians and Americans who travel abroad every year, taking Europe tours is surely one of the most popular journeys.

This is particularly true for the gap-year students and young people who want to see the world before continuing their education or starting work. But with so many Europe tours companies available, finding the right one can be hard.

The very first decision that needs to be made is whether to plan a tour yourself or to go on an escorted tour with a company. Europe offers many inexpensive ways of getting about, with inter-railing being a common favourite. However, this option leaves the traveller having to organise their accommodation and transport themselves. Inter-railing is also really only a viable option for mainland Europe, which presents problems for those people wanting to see the UK.

On the other hand, taking guided Europe tours allows travellers to benefit from several advantages. For example, there is no need for budgeting since all accommodation and transport is paid for from the outset. Secondly, they can be confident that they’re seeing the very best bits as recommended by the tour guides. But this option does cost more.

If gap year students decide to take guided Europe tours, they should decide whether to use one company for the whole of the continent, or several companies based in one or a few countries. It is often advisable to use a few companies and almost always the best idea to use a separate company for the UK. Finding a UK tours company isn’t difficult and it is a great way to see more of the country.

Europe tours should be a major part of any gap year or worldwide trip. Researching the best way to take them, whether with a company or alone, is highly important.

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