Aerial View, Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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With the rapid pace of our society it might be difficult for people to take some long holidays. This is why it is advised to take some short breaks quite often. One great destination for a weekend trip is Croatia. This country has a great history and some beautiful landscapes that will really please the most difficult of tourists.

The aim of this article is to provide you more information on this so that you can take a better decision.

Croatia has indeed many advantages as a weekend destination. For instance its proximity to some major cities makes it an ideal place to be for those that do not want to travel for a long time. This is especially true when you are on a weekend trip where you do not want to lose time in travelling. What you are interested in is fun and Croatia fulfills well this purpose.

A weekend can also be a good moment for a cruise in Croatia. With cities such as Split and Dubrovnik, Croatia indeed offers some great opportunity for cruises. Those that desire a bit more adventure will certainly prefer to discover the numerous islands that are spread across the Croatian shores. With the great variety of Croatian cruises that exist you are surely going to discover something that interests you. This French article on holidays in croatia (voyages en croatie) and weekend break abroad has truly grabbed my attention and should be worth reading.

A weekend can also help you to discover some amazing facts about Croatia. Did you know that Croatia has a port that was once rivaling Venice in maritime trade? Dubrovnik, also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, was once a prosperous city-state with its economy based on trade. Together with cities such as Rijeka and Split there are indeed some great discoveries to be made there.

If you have only a weekend off to take some holidays then you should surely consider Croatia. Due to its proximity with major cities you will save a lot of time on travelling and have plenty of time to enjoy your holidays. Speak to your travel agent today to find more.

Written by Louis Balue for the French site where you can find more information on croatian holiday and short weekend break.

Harbor, Hvar, Croatia
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