Antarctica now tops the list of great travel places for seasoned cruise takers who have experienced the place firsthand. There is nothing like a trip to Antarctica in terms of wildlife variety along with fun adventures and awesome views.

Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes Forsteri) Colony at Dawson-Lambton Glacier, Weddell Sea, Antarctica
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Antarctica cruise vacations may or may not be for you depending on what your interests are but this article contains info on activities available to help you make up your mind quicker.

The part of the world featuring great miles of icy waters can be found in Antarctica. Impressive icebergs are scattered everywhere together with active wildlife. Antarctic summers are sunny but it is during springtime that the most beautiful sunsets can be seen. There are lots of places to see and things to do while in Antarctica and all these make Antarctica cruise travel a great way to spend a vacation. antarctica travel

People can also observe various wild animals while traveling on an Antarctica cruise. You can easily watch sea creatures in the safety of the ship deck or go exploring land territories to observe penguins along with other interesting creatures. Think nothing of it if you see whales like Orcas and Humpbacks or Minke while on the ship as they are fairly common to the area. Antarctica is surrounded by blue freezing waters that are made more amazing by the sight of such lovely animals.

The Antarctica continent is home to a wide range of seals that you might espy during one of your tours on land. Aside from Leopard there are also Crabeater and Weddell seals roaming the area. Springtime is between February and March and this is when seals are all over the place since they have lots of young penguins they can feed on. Watching hulking Orcas and penguin babies at play is also nice to do in the spring season. Penguin chicks begin hatching at the same time more whales show up which is before springtime sets in so you might want to visit the place months earlier if you want to see these happen.

You cannot go wrong with an Antarctica cruise since you will be in for a wealth of beautiful scenery and awesome wildlife along with other great activities. Savor the rugged outdoors briefly by camping out on land which is something most ships offer to passengers as part of the trip. While it might seem similar to camping out in your yard this is a bit different. To enjoy a successful trip you must be prepared for all kinds of climate conditions that you might encounter. Those who are up to it must experience camping out in Antarctica as it is an adventure like no other. antarctica tours

There is wildlife and other scenery to explore while taking the Antarctica cruise and you can do so by going on a smaller boat. This type of cruise likewise offers favored activities like canoeing as well as kayaking. Kayak groups usually go out with a guide to check out the scenery and icy waters. Staff from the ship man smaller boats that take you ashore so you can see whales more completely.

There is also the option of deep sea dives in Antarctica waters as a way of viewing the unique flora and fauna below the ice. Going underwater in this water region is not that hard compared to other waters. However only expert divers can go down and explore Antarctica underwater as the equipment is too heavy and specialized for most people to handle properly. To prepare for the trip, you can earn your certification by completing a dry suit diving course and getting in sufficient diving hours prior to setting sail.

Your vacation is not just about the exciting activities within Antarctica but also about the wonderful cruise you are on so do not forget it. You have fine dining plus accommodations to look forward to after a day of explorations. There is never a dull moment aboard an Antarctica cruise as there are lots of interesting ways to pass the time.

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