If you are traveling on vacation in Arizona (visiting the Grand Canyon and Sedona), be sure to spend a day at the Out of Africa Wildlife Preserve, just south of the Flagstaff area.

The park is a great way for you to see the most beautiful tigers, lions, and giraffes in a totally beautiful environment – where they have access to to freely roam large areas of this spectacular wildlife preserve.

As part of the admission, you can board a jeep-type vehicle and go on a 45-minute “Serengeti Safari” with expert tour guides narrating the tour.

There is also an hour-long tram or trolley tour of the park where you will have access to unobstructed photo platforms that provide excellent photo opportunities of lions, tigers, wolves, hyena and other predators that roam in their large natural habitats.

What I love about the park is the overall cleanliness of the park and the meticulous and humane care that is given to the animals – and that is all due to the passionate (and compassionate) owners, Dean & Prayeri Harrison. Park tourists can come up and touch the snakes!

The park has two primary tours, which are a wildlife photographer’s dream come true:


The Wildlife Preserve is an educational hour-long tram or trolley tour, which circles the large-habitat homes of lions, tigers, wolves, hyena, bears, mountain lions and other predators.

Unobstructed photo decks are the perfect staging for an unforgettable photograph of the park’s majestic animals. Highlighting the best of Arizona tourism – the VIP tour also includes lunch and hands-on animal encounters.

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