2013 Animal & Nature Calendars

Now available – a selection of outstanding 2013 Animal & Nature Calendars. Subjects include African animals and landscapes, Arctic animals, birds, butterflies and insects, orchids, waterfalls, plus photography by renowned nature photographers.

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We also have an awesome collection of calendars for 2013 covering a wide range of subjects, from pop stars and glamorous pin-ups to popular TV shows that can be viewed at an eye-catching larger size.

Interior Design and Fine Art Nature Photography

Running Zebras
Running Zebras Stretched Canvas Print

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There is nothing more exciting than decorating or taking time to rearrange your home to give a new feeling to a home you have been living in for awhile. Although it can cost a lot for artwork, few things are as nice as fine art nature photography to personalize your home .

It doesn’t matter whether you want a country and comfortable feel or something high class and elegant, nature photography can be used to get exactly what you want from every room of your home .

Experiment with Colors

Fine art photography that features imagery of nature can vary from bright bursts of color to muted shades of gray, black, white, and brown . This give you a method of versatile d├ęcor if you enjoy experimenting with different colors for interesting effects.

If you’re decorating a room with just a couple primary colors, you will likely need some sort of accent color to complete the decor. Fine art photos of nature can help add those accents of color, or can bring out accents that are include in the room .

Fine art photos of nature can also be picked that compliment that primary colors in the room, or for a room that has dull colors, you can go with photos that have bright colors . When you choose the perfect colors and place them perfectly , these photos can complete your home design.

Use Themes
In some rooms in your house, it can be fun to use themes, particularly in the play room or even a child’s bedroom. Rooms that you use for hobbies or recreation, such as an art studio can work well with exciting themes .

Fine art nature photography allows you to easily pull together a theme. Actually, some prints can completely set the theme for the entire room, allowing you to play with the color patterns in the photos pulling everything in the room together.

For example, a photo of a fawn in grass can be the basis for an adorable and rather unique bedroom for a growing child . It may bring to mind Bambi and other Disney features that kids today love .

Water is another theme that can be incorporated for an elegant feel . Fine art nature photography featuring oceans, rivers, or water calmly running over pebbles or smooth stones can really give you a great effect when in the same room you use fountains and fish tanks.

Create a Focal Point

Choosing the perfect piece of photography of nature and going with a framed print that is large can create a point of focus that catches everyone’s eye . If you want to draw the eye to one particular part of the room this is a great idea, or if there are other areas of the room that you need to distract attention away from .

When your focal point is a fine art photo, it should really grab attention. It should be extraordinarily beautiful, or odd enough that people can’t look away.

Bringing fine art nature photography in a room is fun and costs much less than paints and other types of art. Fine art photos can be combined with other art forms for an incredible effect , including sculptures and watercolor prints .

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