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The Isle of Wight, located in the English Channel, 3–5 miles (5–8 km) miles off mainland England, is renowned for its natural beauty and ruggedly spectactular scenery that provide great subjects for eye-catching Isle of Wight Posters and Prints.

The island has a rich history, including a brief period as an independent kingdom in the 15th century, and today is offers visitors a wide range of attractions, from sailing (based at the town of Cowes) to its many resorts, which have been holiday destinations since Victorian times.

Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight, England

Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight, England, Giclee Print

In more recent time, the island has also become a mecca for music fans who flock there to attend the famous Isle of Wight Festival. Find out more about this toursim haven in the article below.

The Isle Of Wight: Exactly Why it’s Regarded as the UK’s Famous Tourism Jewel

Are you looking for a wonderful place while in the UK that’s perfect for a holiday trip? You may want to think about coming to the interesting Isle of Wight. It is an untainted paradise of natural charm and the distinctive casual identity of the isle will plunge you instantly into a relaxing bygone period.

Steeped in history with sixty miles of breathtaking untainted surroundings and a plethora of interesting attractions, the Isle of Wight has a little something for everybody. What makes this vacation spot a perfect place to go is the diversity of attractions which range from historical sites to natural scenic attractions, along with seasonal festivals and major national and international events.

Accommodations in the Isle of Wight can range from top-rate resorts,comfy bed and breakfasts, quaint guest houses and even campsites. There’s specific types of accommodations depending on your liking. As it is quite near to the British mainland, it is now a favorite holiday spot among tourists because of its close distance and quick access. The island boasts a pleasant climate and terrific weather conditions. Couple this with its spectacular natural surroundings, historic culture and hospitable people makes IOW the place not to miss.

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Tourist events and fests are regularly held throughout the year in the Isle of Wight. These all add value to all that the Island can give, which includes warm and sandy beaches, spectacular sea vistas, magnificent rural sights, historical landmarks, various recreational areas, zoos and the countryside. You should not miss the key Isle of Wight events like the IOW Festival, Cowes Week and the Garlic Festival amongst others.

An important tourist attraction in the isle is the Needles. You will catch sight of interesting chalk needles jutting out into the English Channel while you stand above the downs at Alum Bay and look over the cliffs to the sea. Another remarkable experience would be the multi-colored sand along the seashores here, a remarkable phenomenon you might not have observed anywhere yet. The rare coloring is a result of the blend of numerous layers of mineral deposits amassing onto the sandy rocks over hundreds of years. Not far away from here you can view the lighthouse on the fringe of the needles rocks.

You’re definitely in for a thrilling and unforgettable family experience in the Isle of Wight. Visitors and holiday revelers arrive at the island in increased batches year in and year out. Investor activity has also dramatically increased as a consequence of this, and hotels, lodging houses, recreational areas and resorts are on the rise in this interesting island getaway. Most of individuals who have been to this island once return here again and again. The Isle of Wight is really a jewel of the United Kingdom.

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