Audio Sparks for Art website
Audio Sparks for Art (above), the brainchild of musician Dan Goldstein, is a website that successfully blends visual art with original music.

The website features a number of galleries covering an eclectic mix of art genres: Abstract, Nature, Figurative, Fantasy, Space, Flowers, and Nature Photography.

When you visit a gallery, you can click on one of the smaller images to open a larger version and there listen to an original music clip that Dan has selected to complement the artwork.

These unique couplings of audio and visual art are designed to enrich the experience of the visual works and motivate further art exploration and sales at the artists’ websites.

From the Audio Sparks for Art site you can navigate to the individual artist’s websites and, if you like their work, buy pieces that appeal.

Dan has created a unique and original website that is refreshingly different from the normal online art gallery and definitely worth a visit. And, once there, spend some time enjoying the art and the music. Here’s the link again.