Lady Gaga: A True Pop Music Revolution?

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Lady Gaga is one of the hottest music sensations on the stage right now, but is all of her flash and trash worth the price of concert admission? While this music diva’s style might not be right for everyone, those fortunate enough to land cheap Lady Gaga tickets usually find the show to offer plenty of special effects, hot dance numbers and music to give them their money’s worth for the evening.

Before you grab your discount Lady Gaga tickets, it’s a good idea to learn a little about what this talented songstress is all about.

Lady Gaga: Hard-Working, Musically Talented Songstress

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, later dubbed Lady Gaga, was born in New York City on March 28, 1986. Germanotta learned to play the piano at the tender age of four, and she wrote her first piano ballad by the time she was 13. At the age of 14, Germanotta began performing at open mic events in New York nightclubs, and she spent much of her time in high school performing in class musicals.

Germanotta enrolled in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, but dropped out by the second semester of her sophomore year to pursue a musical career on her own.

Her first record label, Def Jam Recordings, dropped the songstress after just three months. She signed on with RedOne soon after, which is where the stage name Lady Gaga eventually developed. When she signed with Streamline records a few short years later, Lady Gaga believes that was the catalyst that launched her career to a whole new level, one that started the phenomenon of discount Lady Gaga tickets selling out concert venues.

Her songwriting abilities were recognized first, and she was hired to write songs for other pop favorites like New Kids on the Block, Fergie and Britney Spears. However, when her vocal talents were also realized by the studio, Lady Gaga became a singing sensation in her own right.

Lady Gaga has an eclectic musical style that incorporates elements of Queen, David Bowie, Madonna and Michael Jackson. While Gaga has often been compared to Madonna in terms of her sense of style and musical abilities, some cheap Lady Gaga ticket holders believe she compares more closely to Missing Persons singer Dale Bozzio.

However, Gaga prefers to forge her own path in the music industry, once saying, “I don’t want to sound presumptuous, but I’ve made it my goal to revolutionize pop music.”

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Delightfully Sinful Lady Gaga Concerts

When you purchase discount Lady Gaga tickets, you never know what you are going to see. This young musician puts on a decidedly adult show, from her raunchy costumes to her obscene language. However, those who enjoy her style will surely find they get their money’s worth from cheap Lady Gaga tickets with a show that mixes theatre, music and sheer entertainment masterfully into a single evening performance.

Discount Lady Gaga tickets are available now, as the music diva is visiting concert venues across the country. Get your cheap Lady Gaga tickets today and get ready for an evening of entertainment you will not soon forget!

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Lady Gaga, Rolling Stone no. 1108 - 1109, July 8 - 22, 2010
Lady Gaga, Rolling Stone no. 1108 – 1109, July 8 – 22, 2010 … by Richardson Terry

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Ghana as Africa Travel Destination

Visit Ghana, a beautiful African country, using the services of professional travel agents who possess a good knowledge of the local conditions and skills to organize your tour in the best and most inexpensive way.

Ghana is one of the most unique countries on the African continent. The ancient history of this land shows the world a great many unique cultures and peoples.

Faces of Ghanaian Children, Kabile, Brong-Ahafo Region, Ghana

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The Empire of Ghana flourished here in the Middle Ages. The medieval Kingdom of Mali helped one of the most colorful African ethnic groups, Ashanti, to foster their culture that can now be studied by tourists.

The modern Republic of Ghana was formed from the former British colonies of Gold Coast and Togoland and became the first country in the region that gained independence in 1957. Colonial history has left the strongest imprint on modern Ghana.

Ghana is an African ‘castle country’. The two coastal forts, the British Usher Fort and the Danish Kristianborg castle, were the place where the capital of Ghana, Accra, was founded. Up to this day, it has preserved these historic neighborhoods. Near the center of the capital, one will find Makola Market, the best place to buy batik and glass-art products made by local craftsmen.

Jamestown is a small peninsula on the south-west of the capital. It is an area of picturesque ruins of the past which are neighboured by the settlements of the city’s poorest people. Independence Square in Accra is considered by many to be the copy of the Red Square in Moscow; it is a very picturesque place of regular festive military parades.

Accra Arts Center is located between Independence Square and the city center. It hosts a museum and a permanent exhibition, where the products of local artisans are sold. The Arts Center is also a good venue for regular song festivals, dance performances and theatrical troupes. Nearby is one of the few in Africa full-fledged dance clubs, Nkrumah Circle. From the south, the capital city is bordered by beautiful beaches, some of which coreespond to the world standards: Coco Beach, Nungu and others.

To the north of the capital, there is quite an interesting Aburi Botanical Garden, which was opened in 1890. To the west of the capital, there lies the town of Kokrobit, the location of a unique African institution, the African Academy of Music and Art with numerous schools of vocal and dance skills, exhibition halls and art studios. There is also a beautiful hotel, a restaurant and a well-groomed beach area. The number of exhibitions, concerts and festivals held here is huge.

Along the coast, there are old European fortresses, reaching 15 in number. Hundreds of fishing villages give you an insight into the local traditions. One of the most visited villages is Senja Beraku. It is populated by very friendly people and has a magnificent beach, the cleanest one in the region, which is a kind of Mecca for surfers. Apamea, another small fishing village, is famous for its Fort Patience, reconstructed as a hotel.

The main town of the region, Cape Coast, is famous for its Castle of Cape Coast and a few nearby castles. Some of the local Dutch castles were literally brought from Holland and rebuilt in Ghana. The very popular among tourists Kakuma National Park is created for the protection of the coastal populations of antelope, monkeys, elephants and more than 200 species of birds.

Kumasi is the ancient capital of the Ashanti kingdom, which still retains a reputation as one of the leading cultural centers in West Africa. The local National Cultural Center is a charming museum of the history of the Ashanti people with a library and a trade center. In Kumasi, you can also visit an original Zoo, organized so well that in fact it is an exact copy of a piece of local nature, grown with vegetation and looking even more like a botanical garden. Be sure to visit a lot of colorful celebrations and festivals, so admired by the people of this country.

Travel agencies in Ghana are ready to answer your online requests and provide a good tour estimate. Ghana tour operators will send you offers with best rates for flights, hotels and tours.

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What happens when you train in the martial arts or study self-defense, learn techniques designed for damaging human beings, but never develop the master’s trait of self-control. This story is true and highlights how, through our own lack of self-discipline, we can cause more damage to ourselves than we ever feared from an attacker in a self-defense encounter.

Today, I have a high number of parents bringing their children to me, along with many adult students, looking for lessons in self-discipline and self-control. The reason is because, even for the uninitiated members of the general public, the image formed when you think of a martial artist or someone learning self-defense includes that of a highly disciplined person.

But, it wasn’t always this way. In fact, we still have practitioner’s today who have missed the lessons of humility, discipline, respect, and self-control as a part of their training. And, those who do talk about learning and practicing self-control, are usually talking about the discipline that makes them practice or attend martial arts classes on a regular basis. Watch one of the popular mixed martial arts (MMA) or other fight-challenge programs, and what you’ll see are people who brag about their abilities, bad-mouth other people, and routinely get themselves into fights outside of the ring.

The story that I’m about to tell you is one-hundred percent true. It actually happened to me. And the most amazing things were that:

1) The attacker was a black belt martial artist who professed to be learning self-defense, and…

2) I was an on-duty police officer at the time!

I kid you not!

You see, I was stationed in, what was then, West Germany with the United States Army. I was a military policeman working the night shift, when my partner and I got a radio call, dispatching us to a particular unit. The call was in reference to a combative soldier who was drunk and disorderly. Apparently the soldier was in the process of attacking officers and screaming racial slurs.

When we arrived at the scene, what we found was a soldier who was VERY drunk. The man was not only taller than me by almost four to six inches (I’m 5′ 6″), but he was also very muscular. The officer on-duty for that unit was trying to calm him down, and my partner and I were attempting to find out why he was ranting and raving when we arrived.

At the sight of two armed police officers entering the area, it was almost if a switch had been thrown in this man’s head – a switch that triggered the “bad-ass” personality. Because, as soon as he saw me, he locked on and headed straight for me. My partner was busy trying to get details from other witnesses so we could use the information in a way that would de-escalate the situation and get the man calmed down.

Before the soldier got within reach of me, he suddenly stopped and realized that I had shifted my position to prepare for whatever was to come. I never broke eye contact (never a good idea, especially against someone who is trying to dominate with their spirit and intensity), and when he saw this, he stopped and his demeanor changed.

Who knows, maybe it had more to do with the fact that I was wearing a .45 caliber pistol on my right hip and a two foot long nightstick hung from my left. Either way, and just for a minute, he seemed to reassess his situation and tone down his energy level.

I proceeded to ask him what happened to which he started to convey the story that he was out with some friends from his unit. They were out drinking to celebrate the fact that he tested for, and earned his black belt that day. His story, and his anger flared again when he told me that they were all screwing around after they departed the club when it got rough and his friends ganged up on him and threw him down on a gravel walkway.

I outwardly congratulated him on earning his black belt while inwardly thinking that it never a good idea for a black belt to get intoxicated. There’s way too many things that can go wrong and, with the alcohol coursing through your system, regardless of how “well” you feel, the fact remains that you simply will not have the same coordination, control, or focus should you be attacked. And besides, wouldn’t that be the perfect time for someone who really wants to take you out to attack – when you aren’t functioning at a hundred percent?

But, something happened. As he was describing the situation, his attitude changed again. As he was trying to describe the incident, he seemed to be dancing around exactly how things got started or why they got “rough.” As his agitation grew, he started to tell me that he was a black belt and didn’t have to prove how tough he was. He told me that, that was the point of training – to be disciplined, respectful, and in control of yourself so that you didn’t get yourself into messes like this.

As I was agreeing with him, he went into a sudden tirade about how tough “I” thought I was because I wore a badge and a gun – that I wouldn’t be so tough without the nightstick and the firearm. I attempted to calm him down but he seemed to lock onto the fact that I was armed and that I was trying to appear more “tough” than him in an attempt to intimidate him.

To this, I took a step back and assured him that I wasn’t trying to intimidate him. As he continued to point out the weapons, I told him that I’d hand my nightstick and helmet to my partner. When he continued on about the gun, I reminded him that, “the gun stays.”

No sooner did I hand over my nightstick and turn back toward the drunken soldier, he moved in on me, telling me how he didn’t need to prove how tough he was, but he was going to show me how tough I wasn’t!

Well, long-story short, I didn’t prove that I was tougher, but he DID end up, face-down on the floor in handcuffs. But, the worst was yet to come – for him. And, you know what… I really felt bad for him, for a minute.

What happened next should never happen to anyone – tough-guy or not. While we were trying to restrain the still belligerent soldier on the floor, who should walk through the door but… His wife and young son!

They had to witness their drunken, obnoxious, and out-of-control husband and father being taken away in handcuffs. And all I could do was look at the woman and move my lips to the words, “I’m sorry.”

This would be bad enough, if the story ended right here. If the worse that happened was that this new black belt and military soldier – this man who should have developed discipline from two different directions – lost his self-control after drinking too much and then lost his temper after his friends took advantage of his condition. If that was the worst, it would still have been pretty bad.

But you know what. As a cop, I saw this kind of thing all the time. It really wouldn’t have been much of a story if it weren’t so commonplace. But, this story wasn’t commonplace. It turned out to be nothing short of disgraceful.

We later learned that the soldier and his friends did, indeed, go out to celebrate his new promotion to black belt. However, the story that he told us from there, was anything BUT the truth.

It seemed that, once the soldier got some drinks into him, he began to strike and kick at his friends. They asked him to stop to which his actions became more aggressive until finally the friends took action and had to knock him down to get him to stop using his “karate-moves” on them.

After that, all hell broke loose as he felt like he was disrespected. In fact, what had happened was that this man never exercised good judgment in the first place when he decided to go out into public, bragging about his martial art rank and skills in the art of self-defense. He exercised even less discipline when he allowed himself to get drunk to the point where his childish actions cause his friends to attack him out of self-defense.

And finally, his lack of self-discipline and self-control caused him further humiliation as he had to be drug out of a building by police, right past his wife and son. They had to watch as he was arrested and jailed, not just for drunk and disorderly conduct, but for assault on a police officer, assault on commissioned officers, and for acts unbecoming a member of the armed forces.

All because he never learned the first lesson – the first level of self-defense – respect and self-discipline.

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