A Fusion of Visual Arts and Original Music

Audio Sparks for Art website
Audio Sparks for Art (above), the brainchild of musician Dan Goldstein, is a website that successfully blends visual art with original music.

The website features a number of galleries covering an eclectic mix of art genres: Abstract, Nature, Figurative, Fantasy, Space, Flowers, and Nature Photography.

When you visit a gallery, you can click on one of the smaller images to open a larger version and there listen to an original music clip that Dan has selected to complement the artwork.

These unique couplings of audio and visual art are designed to enrich the experience of the visual works and motivate further art exploration and sales at the artists’ websites.

From the Audio Sparks for Art site you can navigate to the individual artist’s websites and, if you like their work, buy pieces that appeal.

Dan has created a unique and original website that is refreshingly different from the normal online art gallery and definitely worth a visit. And, once there, spend some time enjoying the art and the music. Here’s the link again.

The world of painting, drawing and sculpting has many followers but those who live or holiday in the Hamptons have a great art fair to look forward to every year these days. Art fairs per se are popular events but this one attracts the rich and famous along with residents of the area.

Hutchison House, East Hampton, Long Island

Hutchison House, East Hampton, Long Island, Stretched Canvas Print

In 2009 this event attracted many thousands of visitors from all over the country, with the emphasis on those who visit the place regularly. Of course, these events also generate sales which is the general idea, but the amount of sales has skyrocketed since the event began. Even after event sales topped the millions and artists and buyers alike are still feeling the benefit.

Of course, the famous always come to the Hamptons for the summer months, but having this form of ‘entertainment’ means that many become experts at choosing up and coming artists well before they are recognized by the world of their peers. This lucrative event puts aspiring artists and patrons in the same exciting venue but with a laid back summery feel to the event.

In 2009 the space made available from the previous year expanded by about thirty per cent because of increased interest. But in 2010 the space will have to be enlarged again.

The Lift area is where individual artists have their own booths to showcase just their own work. This gives each one of them a great opportunity to meet and greet patrons and really communicate his ideas to the general public. Patrons too like the idea of being able to chat to the artist direct before deciding to buy or order some work. Commissions which have been acquired in this way are great for the artist because they get to sell more or their work, and great for the patron because they know that their piece will be absolutely unique.

It is not only paintings that are on offer at any such event. Sculptures and photography, as well as works on paper and world class glass pieces all gathered in one place means that the purchaser will have plenty of scope to choose something special. The more affluent collector will be able to buy up several pieces from a particular artist at the same time which would become impossible once the artist is better known.

One other great aspect to this event is also that artists from all over the world gather here giving the attendees ample chance to choose from a great mix of styles. This is probably not available in this scope anywhere else in America at this point in time. Indeed, over the weekend that this event takes place, the population reaches more than three hundred thousand people which shows how far people will go to get great artwork.

This event is run by many professionals who have done their best to bring the talent from around the world to gather at this particular place. They also back the artists and attendees alike by bringing together like minded people to wallow in all this talent. Staging this kind of event is not easy, but it is obvious that the event has become a permanent fixture.

Jack Vettriano Prints

Go directly to the Jack Vettriano Gallery to browse a superb selection of Jack Vettriano Prints

Artist Jack Vettriano (birth name Jack Hoggan) was born in Fife, Scotland in 1951. It was only after a girlfriend gave him a set of watercolor paints for this 21st birthday that he started teaching himself to paint. In 1989, at the age of 38, he submitted two paintings to the Royal Scottish Academy’s annual exhibition. Both were accepted and sold immediately.

In 2004 The Singing Butler (below), Jack Vettriano’s best known painting, was sold at Sotheby’s for close to £750,000. In the same year he was awarded an OBE for Services to the Visual Arts.

Singing Butler
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Fortunately, reproductions of his paintings, particularly Jack Vettriano Prints and Jack Vettriano Posters, have made his artwork available to those for whom originals or limited-edition prints are just too costly.

Because of innovative technology and advances in digital printing, it’s now feasible to print low numbers of art reproductions at affordable prices. And, while prices have dropped for small print runs, the caliber of fine art prints has improved. Advanced inkjet printers using a broad array of inks can produce vivid, pure colors, exceptional detail and subtle hues previously only achievable with the most expensive of machinery.

This means the normal person now has access to Vettriano fine art prints reproduced from original Jack Vettriano artwork. Reproductions are made on archival quality materials and often include canvas prints, providing an even more authentic appearance.

Incidentally, a Giclée print (pronounced “zhee-clay”) is a type of inkjet print derived from the French term meaning to spray or squirt. Giclee prints can be produced on a variety of paper surfaces, including various textures such as matte photo paper, watercolor paper, cotton canvas, or artist textured vinyl.

Giclée prints, which can be over a meter wide, have no visible dot pattern and the final product has all the tonalities and hues of the original artwork. That means a Jack Vettriano Giclée will be virtually identical to the original.

When selecting a Vettriano print, one has various framing options available (see below) that allow one to infuse the artwork with personal taste, ensuring a degree of originality.

Billy Boys
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Choosing a frame that complements not only the print but also the interior design space will add immensely to one’s appreciation of the artwork. Unless you’re very daring, it’s safest to keep it simple – modern frames with contemporary art, and so forth.

Using established interior design concepts allied with tasteful selection of the artist’s framed prints, it’s now quite feasible to decorate your home or office walls to look like a personalized Jack Vettriano gallery – without breaking your budget. After all, how many of us can afford just over a million dollars for an original? (The Singing Butler original went for around $1,070,000 at current exchange rates).

To visit Jack Vettriano’s official website, go to http://www.jackvettriano.com/index.php or to browse a selection of fine art reproductions, go to Jack Vettriano Prints.