It just might astonish you to know that Nova Scotia Rafting can be very unlike rafting in North America as well as other places. Nova Scotia rafting is unique in that down its rivers there can be places where tidal waves can form! Waves of up to 16 feet have been known to form.

White Water Rafting

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If you are looking for a rush of adrenaline this is the place for you to go. It’s no secret that when you catch the top of a high wave when rafting in Nova Scotia there’s nothing more exhilarating. At times Nova Scotia rivers have risen as much as 30 additional feet while rafters battle down them. These tidal waves really do add to the overall excitement you can obtain from white water rafting. Many of these white water trips are for the more experienced rafter and can be dangerous for children and novice rafters.

Locating the perfect kind of rapids for your rafting

There are different rapids for different experience levels. Some rapids allow children to ride in the raft while others require previous white water experience. There are multiple packages available at travel agencies aimed at different levels of experience and those that include children are automatically set up to provide safe rivers for them. On the high-end if you are looking for the more violent rapids you haven’t been able to come across with your american white water rafting you should not have any difficulties finding cool trips as well, however for most of these you will be required to be at these 12 years old. These rapids provide a lot of white water action as well as provide a scenic ride. For those that have had practice in american white water rafting as well as or different regions whitewater rafting around the area of Nova Scotia can offer you a more intense rafting experience. There is no doubt that even a top rafter will find some of the tidal waves in Nova Scotia to be challenging and extremely enjoyable. White water rafting in Nova Scotia can offer you a new and different experience for your nature-oriented outing. You can sightsee, relax and enjoy the ride or you can choose to hit the non-stop white water.

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