Golfers Pebble Beach, California, USA
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To organize a great golf holiday tour, you need to do some research.  If you love this sport and want to enjoy some time away with friends and spouses, then you should consider putting a golf tour together by looking at fabulous golf courses throughout the world.  Of course, in addition to traveling overseas, remember that top golf courses are also found throughout the United States and Canada.

You could begin by looking locally, likely finding several great options, especially in California, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina. When looking at possible destinations in another country, you have a broad selection, with some of the post popular being Portugal, Spain, and Scotland. The top courses regardless of location are beautifully manicured to ensure every game is exceptional. Along with manicured courses, Spain also offers some incredible sightseeing opportunities such as many famous castles.

If you are not sure about spending all your time golfing, you could always consider a golf holiday consisting of a mini-tournament.  For this, simply get in contact with the golf courses that appeal to you most and ask if this is a possibility. The great thing about a golf tournament is that even if you do not play your best, you will have an amazing time.  After time golfing, everyone could dine at any number of top restaurants for local cuisine or the spouses could have fun shopping or even being pampered at the day spa while you and your friends golf. Having a hotel surrounded by numerous golf courses is always beneficial.

Often times, trying to put together a golf holiday tour such as this is challenging only because there are so many choices. Cities all over the world have incredible golf courses and often, some of the top courses are located within miles from each other, a strategy often planned. The benefit here is that you can golf at just one course or try several.  Choosing a central location near several courses would enhance your trip. 

Of course, if you find narrowing your choices down to a single course too difficult, then a golf holiday specialist would be the way to go. This person has experience in organizing golf holiday tours and knows where the best courses and prices can be found.

Having insight such as this makes the planning of the perfect golf holiday tour a simpler and more enjoyable process for everyone.

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