Be it the challenging rivers or a turbulent stream, white water rafting sure gets your adrenaline pumping with sheer thrill and excitement. The mountainous regions in Northern India may provide an excellent venue with innumerable streams, rivers that race through boulders, gorges and ravines.

White water rafting is not an easy adventure sport; it is tricky as well as dangerous. This sport is a real challenge for man over swift and tortuous waters as it gushes down mountains and hilly terrains. It may be advisable to communicate with professional rafters who know the raging rivers, the current flow and other perils in the adventure. Keeping a journal about your own experiences is also a good idea.

White water rafting is a water sport that involves the use of a raft for navigating through a river or other rapid flowing water body. The frothy appearance of the rivers due to gradients and other features is termed as white water. Such adventure sport is recommendable for all age groups with good robust health. It is an ideal way to spend a holiday travel and absorb the wonders of nature. White water rafting expeditions could range from a single day to 1 or 2 months.

You could contact licensed river rafting agencies and plan your exclusive rafting expedition. These agencies are mostly found near river valleys and they could provide professional guides and a route plan for ensuring safety during the Adventure Travels sport of rafting. Many such rafting agencies also provide in-depth training for new rafters. These coursers give confidence to novice rafters who may be jittery about their first time experience.

River rafting has been a sporting adventure since many decades. This type of sport was introduced for the first time in 1969 and licenses were issued for individuals wanting to indulge in this form of recreation. You may look up in the internet for safety guidelines, license formalities and equipments needed for white water rafting adventure sport.

The best time for rafting tours in India may be from month of September to November, again in the months of March and April. Such Adventure Trips are risky, thrilling and tantalizing. It is very essential that you are equipped with safety gear and life jackets. Such things could prevent any hazardous circumstances like drowning or falling out of the raft.

White water rafting could be your lifetime experience, the beautiful valleys, natural scenic beauty may provide much relaxation and comfort to your excited mind. Novice rafters should not take up rafting trips above level four. Level one to three is best for new rafters. Wanting an adventure journey along with fun and excitement should be your ultimate goal. Family travelers should ask the tour guides about the minimum age limit for children who want to indulge in white water rafting tours.

So, next time you want to choose some unique Adventure Tours with your friends or family, consider white water rafting with all its risks and thrills.

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