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Surfers and surf voyages go hand in hand; unfortunately this is a major reason why surfers never have money! Surf travel is EXPENSIVE! This is an area that Peaks and Barrels feels surfers can be assisted and in turn will help the neighborhood surf shops too.

Peaks and Barrels are planning to offer just that. There is finally a website dedicated to surf touring. Though they have a fairly new site they are laying down the good ground work and their site is easy to navigate. Staying connected is easy with peaks and barrels free registration.

I hate spam, One cool thing about peaks and barrels is that they have many ways to stay updated so if email updates are not your thing it is not a problem. They have web 2.0 thing going and they are doing well. They have great coupons they tweet out for the neighborhood shops.

Peaks and Barrels is rare because they have devised a way to help distribute the local surf shop sales to all of the surfers in the world and this in turn helps bring business to all of the local surf shops.

Here is a cool feature — instead of worrying about keeping up with all of your favorites surf shops, get plugged into peaks and barrels and then you stay up to date on all of the neighborhood shops in the whole world! After you grab your coupon from the PNB website or Twitter, visit their Surf Travel Map which is very easy to use and makes journeying a much simpler experience. You will find their map has all of the well know breaks as well as the community surf shops connected to those breaks.

The map features only the surf necessities Surf Shops, Hotels, Restaurants, and Breaks. It is very comforting knowing that by going to Peaks and Barrels. By the way, when using Peaks and Barrels to organize your tour just mention peaks and barrels and the partner shops will totally take care of you!!! Peaks and Barrels has really jumped into the 21st century of surfing by finding a niche, identifying a problem and offering an innovative solution.

Peaks and Barrels wants to be an extension of the regional area surf shop on a global level. The goal is to show surfers where their community surf shops are around the world.

One rider on their surf team is Amee Donohoe. She can be quoted as saying “I really feel like I am at home with Peaks and Barrels.” She told me that she had never heard of them before they had approached her. “I can tell you this…It is exactly what the surfing world needs! “You may have noticed they sell their own brand tee shirts as well. We don’t know who is behind the design of their apparel but they are doing a great job. Their shirts are fashionable and they have a great look!”

Peaks and Barrels is on a mission using their outreach to help make the neighborhood surf shops a global destination for surfers worldwide. Peaks and Barrels are working on tools that are going to make surf travel easy and fun. Surfers who travel and local surfers who don’t travel are the target audience.

Surfing the Tube at "Dunes," Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town, South Africa
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If you surf, and you travel; then you want to be Surfing Peaks and Barrels: Where Surfers GO! In the past, typically, you have never been able to plan ahead when it comes to surfing. neighborhood surf shops are stating to feel the pinch of the online markets and the mega store that can capture travelers attention before the local shops have a chance.

Here is the problem with the latter, you miss out on your opportunity to get a local board shaped by a community shaper designed specifically for the waves you came to surf. It has become all to common that you will pay to much and receive very little. We want to keep the small businesses above the water in the industry that many of us dream to be working in. Peaks and Barrels envisions a solution to some of these issues, and they are working to put the community surf shops back on the map for you, The Surfers. Peaks and Barrels Where Surfers Go.

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