Skateboarding has become an extremely popular sport. More people than ever are looking for places to get skateboarding equipment at great prices. Before you run down to Walmart or K-Mart, you should do a little research because there are a lot of places where you can get great deals on extreme sports gear.

You can get top of the line skateboarding equipment on shoe string budget. There are a bunch of things you may be looking for. Some are required, some are optional. Really, everything other than the skateboard is optional so you should probably start there.

When purchasing your first skateboard, you will most likely want to purchase a complete skateboard. If you check out one of the online skateboard equipment websites we recommend you should be able to save a bunch of money and get a professional quality board for the price of a K-Mart special.

Skateboard shoes are the next thing most skaters buy. Heck, many non skaters buy them just because they look cool. While many non-skaters choose to wear skate shoes, the design of the skate shoe includes many features designed for use in skating. These features almost invariably include a flat sole made of rubber or polyurethane, a suede or leather composition, and double or triple stitching.

Many features of the Skate Shoe are designed to increase its durability. The Skate Shoe is subjected to the abrasiveness of a skateboard’s grip tape on a regular basis when worn by skaters. This is why skaters tend to go through shoes quickly. Super Suede, Action Leather, and plastic underlying the toe cap help to increase the durability of a skate shoe. Lace loops and protectors are designed to prevent laces from shredding by shielding the most common areas that contact with grip tape.

While you might not think it is cool, most skaters really need to have pads and a helmet. Unless you are just skating around in your driveway, I can’t really think of a good reason to not wear pads and a helmet. The better a skater gets, the harder the tricks are that they will try. As you try harder moves, you will crash and burn.

Hitting the concrete without pads can have you laid up inside nursing your wounds instead of skating so don’t cut your skateboarding time short just because you think it is cool not to wear safety equipment.

Another piece of extreme sports gear you may want to invest in is grip tape. Grip tape is an adhesive backed friction-surfaced material usually attached to the deck of a skateboard or longboard to give the rider more friction to control the board. It is sometimes used decoratively, since it can come in many different styles and colors. Grip tape comes as rough sheets similar to adhesive-backed sandpaper. The grade and size of grit varies by company and manufacture method.

Now that you have a list of some of the key skateboarding equipment, check out some of the great online resources for extreme sports gear like to save a bunch of money.

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