It always seems like there is a birthday coming soon for a relative or a friend. If the birthday is for a sports fan then, most probably, sports collectibles comes to mind.

It’s easier than you think to shop for a sports enthusiast, even if you do not know anything about sports. Furthermore, for the most part, sports collectibles are sold everywhere and are not expensive as, for example, there are many types of popular sports memorabilia collection items available in the market.

Firstly, find out what sport the person the gift is intended for is a fan of. But do not just stop there. Let’s say the person is a huge NBA fan. That does not mean that you can just purchase NBA merchandise from any team in the NBA.

For example buying a Chicago Bulls fan a Detroit Pistons basketball team merchandise may be considered sacreligious to a Chicago Bulls faithful. So pay a little attention to this part of the plan.

Suffice to say, after finding out what sport he is a fan of, you need to dig a little deeper and find out which team he supports. Do a search on the net for stores selling sports memorabilia of that particular team. If you decide to get him a jersey, please take note that most fans would have at least one jersey of the team they support. But there are at least three types of jersey – home jerseys, away jerseys and training jerseys. So getting him one which he does not have would certainly put a smile on his face.

It is quite possible to take the jersey gift a level further by getting one with his favorite player’s name and team number proudly printed on it. It is even possible to customize it more by having the birthday boy’s very own name and favorite number displayed on the jersey.

The most valued gift, arguably, is an autographed gift. NHL hockey jerseys with the signature of a player or every player on the team on it would send any fan into ecstasy. Sadly, such items are not only rare but cost quite a few doubloons as well. Gifts like these are commonly kept in an enclosed glass or acrylic display casing, safe from oily hands with potentially value degrading chemicals.

But the simple truth still remains that any sports fan would be overwhelmingly to receive a gift, be it MLB fitted caps, with their team’s emblem on it to add to their popular sports merchandise collection.

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