US Olympic Team Swimmer Mark Spitz in Training for Munich Summer Olympics
US Olympic Team Swimmer Mark Spitz in Training for Munich Summer Olympics
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Olympic Games prints and posters are guaranteed to bring back memories of sport’s greatest moments. After all, the Olympics are the pinnacle of sporting events, showcasing the talent and dedication of the planet’s best sportsmen and sportswomen.

The next Summer Olympics take place in London in 2012 and will no doubt expose new sporting superstars who will in turn be immortalised by sports photographers and artists in the next generation of Olympic Games Prints and Posters.

Whether the most outstanding gold medal winners arer runners, swimmers, gymnasts or representatives of any of the other sports featured at the Games, they will be the names that make the headlines, the record books, and the next generation of Olympic art.

For more about the London Olympics, please see the article below:

Accomodation For London Olympics 2012

Tickets for the 2012 Olympics won’t be available to buy until next year, nevertheless eager fans are being encouraged to book somewhere to stay sooner rather than later.

As stated on, it is surprising the Capital only has one hundred thousand hotel places available for visitors during the games.

10,000,000 Tickets Are Expected To Be Made Available To Fans.

The Games’ official website states that tickets for the London Olympics/Paralympics are available to purchase in 2011. Whilst it has not given details when different events will be available for purchase. You need to apply online for for updates via email and SMS.

In total, around eight million tickets will be made available for the Olympic Games, with a further tranche of two million for the Paralympic Games which follows. There is no deadline to obtain tickets for the main events. Subject to availability, they’ll remain on sale until the start of every competition. If previous Games are to go by, you can be sure that for the top ranking events such as track & field days and the Games’ closing ceremony, you will have to be fast (or have deep pockets) to get tickets.

Now you have your tickets what about somewhere for you to find a hotel. Whilst Great Britain’s Capital is a major city, it has few rooms by proportion. So you would be advised to also consider London serviced apartments as an option.

London Has More Than 3 Thousand Apartments Available For Short Stays

Reserving an apartment with all the services could be a clever choice for your friends and family. Whether you choose a studio apartment, or one of the 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartments it allows you to live as if you were at home you get the option to undertake you own catering and laundry in a relaxed, quality environment.

All of the following locations are convinient for the various Olympic venues across London: Canary Wharf, St George’s Wharf, Fleet Street, Holborn and Westminster.


We hope you enjoyed the above article about the London Olympics and why it’s important to book accommodation well in advance for this spectacular sporting event.

Remember, Olympic Games prints and posters are a great way of decorating your den, pub or kid’s room, particularly for those who love and are fascinated by great sporting events and the superstars who emerge.

For more, see our excellent selection of Olympic Sports Posters and Prints, as in the print below of Dick Fosbury, the man who changed the high jump event forever.

Multiple Exposure of Dick Fosbury in Action During High Jump at Summer Olympics
Multiple Exposure of Dick Fosbury in Action During High Jump at Summer Olympics

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