Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston
Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston Art Print

Was Muhammad Ali the greatest boxer of all time? Or can one say without argument that he was the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time? Comparing sportsmen from different eras and in different categories is always difficult, so let’s just settle with the statement that Ali is probably the best-known boxer in the world.

Certainly the popularity of Muhammad Ali Posters seems to confirm this, particularly the famous poster of him standing over a prostrate Sonny Liston at the end of their epic fight in May 1966 (above).

Ali was not only famous for his extraordinary boxing skills, but also for his good looks and his quick wit, which earned him the name “the Louisville Lip”. Some of his sayings are also immortalised in poster form, such as the “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” poster and the Ali poster titled “I Am the Greatest!” (see below).

Muhammad Ali - Float like a Butterfly
Muhammad Ali – Float like a Butterfly Poster
Muhammad Ali- I Am The Greatest
Muhammad Ali- I Am The Greatest Poster

While boxers are sometimes mocked for being slow witted, many — like Mohammed Ali, Joe Lewis, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Floyd Mayweather — have proven to be just the opposite. In fact, boxers are highly sought after as speakers at sporting events — see the article below for more on this.

Sports Speakers: Why Select A Boxing Champion

It’s fair to say that ex-boxers are slowly becoming the sports speakers of choice for those looking for a box office name at their next event.

So what is it about boxing that makes such great sports speakers for events?

Get In The Ring With A Champ

There is something unique in the way boxing forges champions that makes their stories particularly compelling. The personal drive required to rise to the top of boxing is different to any other sport.

It is this intense personal drive to succeed that makes their success so captivating. The image of long lonely hours of endurance and weight training, with nothing but the will to succeed as company can be truly inspiration, which is perhaps what transfers so well when relayed on the after-dinner circuit.

Boxers’ tales are so fascinating because the margins in the sport are tiny. A split second decision can decide whether your years of hard work pay off. Your career could be left in pieces if you lose one fight, or miss one punch.

Talk A Good Fight

A fighter’s box office draw comes as much from their ability to build up a fight outside of the ring, as it is their ability to scrap when they’re in there. It’s crucial the top boxers ‘talk the talk’ as well as ‘walk the walk’, which sits hand in hand with the natural arrogance needed to rise to the top of boxing.

Invariably this means boxers are more naturally suited to public speaking than athletes from other disciplines. Their years of experience mean they’re primed for engaging an audience with words as soon as they retire.

The individuals boxing breeds are truly unique. It is this combination of long-term focus and split second genius that makes boxing sports speakers such a popular choice of guest.

As you’ve read above, boxers need great drive plus courage and commitment to rise to the top of this unforgiving sport. And Ali certainly epitomises all these characteristics, which is another reason why Mohammed Ali Posters and Fine Art Prints have such enduring appeal.

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