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Extreme sports enthusiasts are never happy with doing things the normal way. They are some of the most creative sports men and women around, and are constantly on the look out for the next big idea. Both surfing and snowboarding, although popular, are a little old now in some people’s eyes and could do with updating. It is no surprise then that one avid extreme sports fan gave in to curiosity and tried riding down the mountain side on his customised surfboard…and succeeded?

The sport of snow surfing is thought to have first been conceived in New Zealand when a visiting Australian surfer decided to see if he could ride his board on the white stuff.The sport was born, and others were quick to give it a go and allow this mad activity to keep on growing. Snow surfers say that the sport demands high levels of fitness and co-ordination above all else. Unlike snowboards, riders do not have any bindings to attach themselves to the board, but instead rely on aggressive carving and the use of the hands to ensure that the board stays under their feet.Stopping the board at the end of a run is also not the easiest thing to do, which is why special run-off areas have been created at a number of resorts.

As with all emerging extreme sports, sponsors and industry brands have been paying close attention to see if it is worth their while getting involved.There is speculation that both Ride and Volcom are getting involved in the sport and have been sending their scouts out to snow surfing events recently. However, as the sport is still so new, it is likely to be a little while before formal events start taking place and stars are given the publicity that some of the more mainstream sport professionals receive. That said, given the early growth of the sport, you might soon be seeing some snow surfers at a resort new you.

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