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Skateboarding is one of the fastest growing extreme sports around. Skateboarding is a world-wide sport. Skateboarding can be kind of tricky at first. But hopefully with the help from this post you won’t have to go through all the pain and frustration of trying to learn skateboarding tricks without help.

Believe it or not, skateboarding can be dangerous sometimes. Just in case you crash you should probably wear at least a helmet. Knee pads and elbow pads can usually help to. Oh, and I cannot be held responsible for any injury when you are learning skateboarding tricks!


One of the most important skateboarding tricks is the ollie. To do a kick flip, heel flip, pop shove it, and pretty much every other skateboarding trick, involves the ollie. To ollie, put your front foot in the middle of your board and your back foot on the tail. Then to ollie you snap the tail of your board down, then jump, and after you jump move your front foot up to the truck bolts at the front of your board to even out. And that’s how you do an ollie. But just like any other trick the ollie might take a few tries to get it.


A pop shove-it is when your board does a 180 degree spin in the air. To pop shove-it you ollie, then you move your back foot in backward in a sweeping motion and, move your front foot forward just a little bit, then after the board does a 180 you catch the board with your feet and land! And that’s how you do the pop shove-it!


To kick flip you put your back foot on tail and your front foot behind the front truck bolts (kind of like you are going to ollie). But have your front foot at an angle (like a 45 degree angle). As you ollie, move your front foot to where the board starts to rise, then flick your foot to the side. Then bring your foot back and after the board has gone all the way around catch the board with your feet.


The heel flip is somewhat like the kick flip, just a little different. To do a heel flip put your back foot on the tail so only three fourths of your foot is actually on your board. Put your front foot by the truck bolts, with your toes hanging off the side of the board. Then slide your front foot up to the nose of your board towards so your heel hits the corner, so your board flips the opposite way of a kick flip. Then you catch the board with your feet. Now you can go out and start doing heel flips


The boneless is an old school trick, but it’s still a cool trick (not that old school tricks aren’t cool). To boneless you start just riding your board (you might want to start out going slow) grab right behind the front wheels. Then you take your front foot off the board, and quickly push off the ground with it. Then when you’re in the air put your foot back on the board and land! Now you know how to do a boneless!


If you want to do a finger flip you have your back foot on the tail and your front foot in the middle or just behind the middle of your board. First you grab the front of your board. Then you ollie, and while your in the air flip the board with your hand. Make sure you move your feet out of the way. Then hope fully land back on the board.


If you want to do an impossible put your back foot on your tail so your heel is kind of hanging off and put your front foot up by the truck bolts with your heal hanging of a little bit so its easy to get it out of the way. Then you push down and forward with your back foot (like in a sweeping motion) and move you front foot out of the way. Keep pushing your back foot forward until the board goes all the way around your foot. Then put your front foot back on.

Hopefully this list of How to Skateboard tips has helped you get started in this great sport. If you know of any other cool tricks you want to share, please leave a comment so you can help out other skating athletes. If you are in the market for some sporting goods for extreme sports or just want more information on skateboarding in general, visit

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