There are many reasons you may need to buy skateboard trucks. You may be building your own dream skateboard. You may be upgrading your existing skateboard with some premium skateboard trucks. Maybe you have worn out your existing trucks grinding like a pro. Whatever the reason, you need to look at a few things when you are deciding what trucks you want to purchase.

The first thing you need to look at is the bushings. They are the rubber part that flexes when you’re turning. You can remove these and replace them to customize your skateboard. Harder rubber is more stable and stiffer when you turn. Softer bushings are looser and let you turn faster. Most people are better off just getting a medium bushing and just having an all purpose skateboard.

For skateboard trucks, the dimensions are the next critical item to consider. The first dimension is the truck height. Low skateboard trucks are more stable and allow you to do quick flip tricks better. High trucks allow you to use larger wheels which go faster and are better for all terrain skating. As with the bushings, you can go with a medium height truck for all purpose skating.

The last dimension for skateboard trucks is the axle length. There really isn’t anything special you need to worry about here. Just make sure you match the axle length to the skateboard width.

There are many different brands of skateboard trucks and each has some unique features. Following are a few types of skateboarding trucks you may want to consider.

Tensor trucks have been engineered to the specifications of skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen. They are available in a standard and low design and are a great choice for an all around good skateboard truck.

Destructo skateboard trucks are another great choice. They make trucks in low, medium, and high. There are tons of color schemes to choose from.

Grindking trucks are great for grinding, as you might have guessed. The hanger is made from aluminum which leads to better and smoother grinds. Because aluminum is a softer metal, you will have to replace them sooner than other trucks if you do a lot of grinding.

Fury skateboard trucks are built to be heavier and stronger than most other trucks. They have several unique features including special bushings and a unique turning design which has a ball joint sitting in a socket in the base plate of the truck.

There are several other skateboard trucks out there so do a little research and find the truck that is right for you. Find the right size, construction, and color and you are on your way to a sweet skateboard. Good luck on getting the right trucks for your dream skateboard.

After you have chosen your ideal skateboard trucks, you can save a bunch of money if you know where to shop. There are many great online skateboarding equipment stores like where you can save a whole bunch of money. Surf on over to find great deals on skateboarding equipment and all your other skateboarding needs.

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