For some schools, high school football is the main attraction when it comes to sports, and those schools take it very seriously. I know my high school was like that, and we always seemed to have a very good team. Our basketball team never won, and the track team rarely had enough members to compete, but there was no shortage of those who wanted to play football. Though they won some and lost some, they often won many games and would end up in the statewide playoffs. Football was everything back then, and as far as I know, it still is.

What is great about high school football is that there is usually something for everyone. Even the smaller boys can find something to do with football, though most of the positions are for those that are taller and thicker. There are other things like cheerleading and band, even though you aren’t playing high school football when you do those things, you are doing the most to support the team. Football is a sport that most enjoy, and if a team is doing well, the whole town comes out to show support.

Some think that high school football is one of the best sports because you only play one game a week. There is more to it though, a lot more. Most have practice several days a week, if not after school each day. They are also encouraged to run, and take some time to bulk up a bit in the school weight room. Those that play high school football also have to take time to learn plays and strategy, and that leaves little time for study. Even then, the grades must be up to a certain level or they will be barred from playing.

If your child is going to play high school football, do all you can to encourage them, but don’t let them forget that there is more to life. A teenager should experience many things without school and football taking over their lives. Most schools know this, and they do keep things on an even keel. However, some coaches try to get kids playing high school football to give up all their free time for the game. This is okay on a professional level, but kids have to be kids to grow up to be well rounded adults. Having a passion is great, and should be recommended, but not everyone can play professional sports. Those who can’t should have other interests when or if the football dream falters.

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