The first thing that you want to consider when choosing a skateboard deck is style. This needs to be on the top of your list because skateboarding is a lot about style. Who is your favorite skater? What is your favorite team or company? What kind of graphics do you like. You need to consider all these things because you want to be proud of the way your skateboard looks.

Now that you have the style part down, you need to decide what kind of skating you are going to use your new skateboarding deck for. The type of skating you will be doing determines the size your skateboard should be.

If you are going to be doing a lot of skating on vert ramps or pools, you are going to want to have a wider board that is a little more stable. This means you will probably want a skateboard that is 8.25 to 8.5 inches.

If you are going to use the skateboard for a lot of street skating or doing a lot of technical tricks, you probably want to get a narrower skateboard that will allow you to do flip tricks easier than if you are using a wider board. Skateboards that are 7.5, 7.75, or 8.0 inches are commonly used for this type of skating.

If you want to get a skateboard deck that will work well for all types of skating, you could choose a skateboard deck that is 8.0 inches wide and have a nice all purpose skateboard.

If you are going to be cruising around and not really do any tough tricks, you could consider old school deck or a longboard.

Whatever type of skateboarding you plan to do, thinking about it a little before you buy the first cool skateboard deck you see will make sure your new skateboarding deck gives you years of service in addition to just looking cool! Good luck on your quest for the perfect skateboard deck.

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