Exclusive parachute use by the military is long over. Though they are still in use for military movements, they are better know now as an extreme sport as well as a game for kids. The use of parachutes has changed along with its development so they can now be used by ordinary civilians for recreation.

Top 10 extreme sports

Maximum use is however for extreme sports where thrill seekers find it heavenly. Though it may not be referred to as any extreme sport, these days sky diving is regarded as another variant of parachute games and sports. Parachute sports are now a part and parcel of the Olympics where competitors and spectators get their due share of thrills in the various events.

A wide variety of parachute games are there for kids. In the large number of variants that are made for children, the essential motive is to help the development of team spirit and collaboration more than winning any competition. The kid parachute games include parashuffle, paraswap, parasight, paraseek, paraball, lucky 7, round the plughole, and shoe shuffle.

These games give adults the necessary adrenalin rush as well as takes them off from the humdrum of daily life. There are plenty of websites which could be visited if you wish to indulge in parachute sports. Getting admitted to any skydiving course could train you better too.

Top 10 extreme sports

Paragliding and parasailing are two versions of parachute sports which are far gentler ways to indulge in parachute sports. Started by using the feet, paraglider is a type of aircraft which glides freely. When you are attached to a parasail any pulled fast by a boat, you are parasailing. Paragliding may carry some of the usual inherent dangers, it is not as perilous as some of the following sports.

Take the instance of speed skydiving where the skydiver is expected to take a jump from an aircraft, which is 13000 feet above ground level. Here the skydiver speeds up during his vertical fall, with head first, on to a pre-set measuring area. The measuring zone can range from 8850 to 5570 feet.

Here the board is attached to the feet of the diver which can then be used for doing a variety of feats in the sky. The skydiver can always land using the board which is still attached to him or may decide to kick off the board before he hits the ground. Because of the inherent dangers involved in skysurfing, divers who are completely thorough with the sport and who have the requisite know how play this sport.

A variety of jumping exists where you can leap off various structures. Any defect in the parachute opening, can be fatal for the diver. Base jumpers need to react as fast as possible since they do not have the necessary altitude for a comfortable free fall. The parachute ought to be utilized with precision because any momentary delay may cause the jumper to fall with a thud and even break his neck in the process.

Chute packing, correct deployment and canopy controlling are a few of the many skills of a jumper. Parachute diving is full of awe-inspiring thrills but it can also be extremely dangerous so if this interests you get enrolled in a skydiving program and start from the basic level.

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