Four Skydivers in Mid-Air
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For the first time skydiver, tandem skydiving is a fun way to get started. It requires very little classroom training, as you are strapped to an instructor during the entire process. All you need to do is enjoy the beautiful vistas before you. Most major cities and many smaller towns have extreme sports centers that can give you a beautiful and memorable experience. If you are looking for a sport that gives an adrenaline rush while letting you soak in the glorious sights around you, then give skydiving a try.

It seems these days that you see skydiving in just about every major branch of human activity; from action movies to soft drink commercials to reality television to army parachute maneuvers. What draws many to skydiving is the extreme nature of the sport. Jumping out of a plane and free-falling through air at terminal velocity is definitely an adrenaline pumping good time.

For the beginner, the most popular method to learn tandem skydiving is with an instructor. This maneuver requires the student to jump from a plane while strapped to the instructor, and fall until the instructor pulls the parachute cord.

Skydiving tandem jumps average around two hundred dollars, but keep a look out for discounts during special seasons, such as early fall sales event. Typically, a twenty five percent deposit is required in advance. Advanced free-fall programs (AFF) start at one hundred dollars for ground school and charge two hundred and fifty dollars per level, for advanced programs. After you have completed the classroom and parachute jump training and are ready to jump solo, you can continue doing so at any skydiving school around the country. Most rent equipment and offer coaching classes so that you can continue to refine your skydiving techniques.

After you and your instructor jump out of the airplane, you will free-fall for around a minute. Tandem skydiving is great because just knowing that your instructor is right behind you all the time is comforting. When the parachute opens, you will then float effortlessly in the air for four or five minutes before landing. You may even get the chance to steer the parachute. As you are floating down, you have a great opportunity to appreciate the beautiful views and sights around you.

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