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A paintball mask is the player’s best buddy in the field! There are already abundant modifications to the earliest forms of paintball mask the first paintball warriors used.This is the best proof of it's undisputed importance in the world of paintball fights. For a paintball mask to be considered the "best paintball mask", it's a good question to ask what it really takes? According to many professional paintball gamers, the considerations to take note of are quite broad.You have to look into the comfort and field usability, the weight and communication functions, adn of course, the price point. You can find out what most paintball players deem as the best paintball mask available today by digging deeper into these details. The following selections do not necessarily meet top of the line paintball mask standards and this will merely serve as your guide.

JT Elite HeadShield Single Paintball Mask (Black)
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Maximum Bounce Ability

According to most players, the best paintball masks are those that will not only protect you from any form of injury, but also will make sure that you stay longer in the game. Using a solid head gear will undoubtedly protect your head against the sting of the paintballs, but as they hit the solid paintball mask they are more likely to break. With a paintball mask that bounces the paintballs off, they don't break on the mask and will save you from being eliminated in the game.The impact you feel when these paintballs hit you is a very obvious disadvantage.

Less Fog Potentials with Easy Lens Replacement Mechanism

In choosing a good paintball mask, it is a good idea to find one where the lenses do not fog easily, for the fog hinders visibility. This option is no longer a problem due to the new thermal lenses you can easily drop in and out of your mask because of new technology.Regardless of the average environmental humidity, these lenses will prevent accumulations of fog. Although there are claims of paintball masks with zero fog potentials, any glass always fogs; hence, it is wise to check certain glass thresholds and make sure they suit the place where you will be playing the paintball game.

Maximum Communication Potentials

Another way to judge what makes up the best paintball mask is to ensure that they allow you to communicate with your comrades well. To be hidden from the eyes of your opponents you can get a camo paintball mask. When you can hear them clearly, and they can pick you up easily as well, this is called having maximum communication potentials.

To become an unbeatable hunter in this awesome survival game, pay attention to these details.

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