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Skateboarding has become an extremely popular sport – yes I said sport. ESPN has immortalized skaters and other extreme sports athletes with the X-Games and many people are getting into the sport because of this. One thing many beginners are looking for is a somewhere to get cheap skateboards. The apparent obvious choice is to go to Walmart and get a $49 special, but I would encourage you to think twice before blowing fifty bucks on cheap skateboards at Walmart because it will be exactly that – a CHEAP SKATEBOARD and you don’t want that!

You can find good skateboards for affordable prices at a lot of places. For roughly twice the price of a fifty dollar blue light special, you can get a good board that will last you much longer than the Walmart skateboard and be a lot better to use. There are a couple places on the internet that have been in business for quite a while and offer great deals so you can get high quality, yet still cheap skateboards. If all else fails you can also give it a try on eBay or at Amazon, but I recommend trying to stay with a place that specializes in affordable or cheap skateboards and accessories.

The House Boardshop is one of the best places on the internet to find great deals and get cheap skateboards and other extreme sports accessories. Prices are often 50 percent or more less than manufacturer’s listed price on complete skateboard packages. There are also great deals snowboards, skis, shoes, and other apparel. You will save so much money on your new cheap skateboard that you will be able to pick up a couple accessories. For more information on Cheap Skateboards check out my Squidoo Lens.

Be Wild is another website that has cheap skateboards and a bunch of other things that aren’t necessarily related to skateboards. You can find shirts, sunglasses, body jewelry and other things. For more information on Cheap Skateboards check out my HubPage article.

Now that you have a plan on where to shop for high quality, cheap skateboards, you may be asking so how do I learn all the tricks. If you are interested in learning skating tricks, check out the Secrets of Skateboarding program and learn how to skate like the pros. For more information on Cheap Skateboards check out my WordPress blog.

You may be asking, what can I do with my new found skills and skateboarding gear? Here a few ideas for you. It is great exercise. It may not seem like riding on a board with wheels burns many calories, but go outside and try it for a few minutes and you will soon be covered in sweat. It is also entertainment both for yourself and others.

Get a video camera and start recording. You will have You Tube ready videos in no time. If you really have a passion for skateboarding, you can turn it into a career. Some of the top pros today are making millions from endorsements and starting their own businesses around skateboarding.

This sport is still new in the eyes of the world, but it will continue to grow and someday may be as big as the NFL or NBA. Dream big and your first, high quality yet cheap skateboard could lead to financial riches! Good luck!

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