African elephant screensaver
Our elephant screensaver, titled “African Elephants – Giants of the Wild”, features 60 professional-quality photographs taken in the animals’ natural habitat. The photographs – including mothers and their young, big bull elephants, and fascinating close-ups – illustrate the strong family bonds, intelligence, and immense power of these majestic animals.

Please note that as the screensaver contains 60 high quality pictures, the application is fairly large (7.2MB) so will take a while to download on slower internet connections. Also, the screensaver will not work on Macs unfortunately, only PCs. All set? Simply right-click on the Download link below to start the download:


A window will pop up offering a number of options. Click on “Save Target As..”

A second window will pop up, from which you can choose a location to save the file, for example on your desktop, or “My Documents” or in your “downloads” folder – wherever you choose. Once you’ve selected where you want to save the screensaver program, click on “Save” and the file will start downloading to that location.

When download is complete, navigate to the folder where the file is saved and you can open it from there.

It will load on your PC as a new program, including placing an icon on your Desktop. This lets you view the screensaver whenever you want, like an automated slideshow.

You can safely delete the icon if you want, because the screensaver will be automatically added to the screensavers already existing on your computer. (You can check this by going to “Sart” – “Settings” – “Control Panel” – “Display” – “Screen Saver”).

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