Dogs are indeed man’s best friends, but they may also be your worst nemesis if you don’t bring them up right. It is important that you teach a puppy good habits the moment you bring him home. Old habits are very hard to break, especially among canines.

You do not have to hire a professional to keep your dog behaved though. I trained my dogs alone and didn’t have a single problem with them since. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Familiarizing the Environment
Teach your dog the different spaces of your home as soon as he arrives. From my car, I make it a point to take my dog to the area where I want him to do his stuff, usually the front lawn is the most ideal spot for me. That should at least help me keep my mind of wet spots and more on my Howard miller clocks. If you have a crate at home, it is suggestedthat you take your pooch to the spot after he marks his initial territory. Try to associate your dog’s sleeping and feeding quarters by leaving a bowl of fresh water, together with chew toys.

Places that are off limits should be reinforced. The best approach is to give verbal commands that will alert your dog that he is entering forbidden territory. The only two places where I don’t allow Bruce is my bedroom and the library where I keep all my Mantel clocks. If your dog happens to enter off-limit areas, simply give him a “ssshh” or say no then take him out to the front lawn or his favorite place.

2. The meaning of No
Whenever you tell your dog “No”, it is important that you reinforce this so that your dog will associate the word with something unpleasant or annoying. For example, you may use a clicker then click as you say no whenever your dog does something you do not approve of. It is recommended that you only say the word once. Also do not say no together with your dog’s name always or he might associate it negatively.

A little tug on the leash or collar or firmlypulling back the skin at the nape is a good reinforcement action with no. You should be able to do this consistently so that the dog will relate the bad deed as a prohibited one.

3. The meaning of praise
Equally, you should also reward or praise your dog for good habits. That way, he can be more consistent in the good behavior. Positive reinforcement is very good. However, you should be careful not to give rewards too often like treats. The bestmethod according to experts is to simply pat him on the head and tell him “Good dog!” in an enthusiastic tone.

Give your dog lots of playtime and attention. Dogs that are give simulation often are usually the most behaved. In a matter of 2 to 4 weeks, you should have no problem keeping them off your Travel alarm clocks.

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