Puppies require continual nutritional support in order to maintain a healthy growing body. To keep up with their needs they should have food available to them throughout the day.

There are three popular methods for feeding your new puppy.

Mealtime Feeding

Portion-Control Feeding

Free Feeding

Mealtime Feeding – This methods is idea for young puppies who are being housetrained. This technique usually involves mixing solid food and canned food. Your puppy gets her meals at different times throughout the day. Most dog owners prefer to feed their puppies three meals a day, but there are some people who opt for four meals a day.

It doesn’t really matter if you are feeding your puppy three or four meals a day. The key is to remember to divide their food in equal portions across your chosen number of feedings. It is also more convenient if you schedule the feedings so you do not have to wake up during the night to feed your hungry puppy.

If you choose to feed her three times per day then every eight hours is a good schedule. If you decide on four meals a day then feed her every six hours instead. Keep in mind, however, that you should not reduce your puppy to two meals per day until she is at least five or six months old.

So what is the proper amount of food to feed a puppy?

Portion-Control Feeding – This is probably the most common method of feeding your puppy used today. This is especially helpful for those people who need to work during the day, leaving their puppy home alone.

In this method, you calculate how much food your puppy needs depending on her age, and type of breed. This amount of food is left in her bowl at the same time everyday, usually in the morning before you go to work. Remember to adjust the amount of food you are giving your puppy as she gets older.

By using this method your puppy will be able to nibble on food throughout the day as she gets hungry. Most puppies will only eat a small amount of food at a time. Some puppies will empty their bowls all at one time. However, studies have shown that puppies raised using this feeding method are less likely to overeat when they mature into adult dogs.

If you are having trouble house training your puppy then this method will probably not work for you and is best avoided.

Free Feeding – In this method you make sure that there is always food available in your puppy’s bowl. She is then allowed to nibble on it throughout the day whenever she likes.

This is of course the easiest method to follow since you just make sure you keep filling her bowl. However, it is the method least recommended by vets and breeders. Using this method to feed your puppy makes it harder to housebreak her since you are never really sure when she eats. You also do not have a good idea of how much she is actually eating on a daily basis.

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