Is your precious 4-legged friend more of a deliquent than a well behaved pooch? Has training gone awry and you’re going more bald with each day? I assure you that your dog is not trying to be mean, vindictive, or even a deliquent by not following house training!

Wrong! The common misconception that your dog is trying to be vindictive and countermine your house training efforts by refusing to follow the rules is a complete myth.

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Dogs only have the capacity for simple, direct emotions, such as being happy, sad, or scared. Their minds are not capable of plotting ways to seek revenge for that swat on his rear, or how you scolded him an hour ago.

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So take a deep breath and acknowledge that some dogs do however make associations with past experiences. Perhaps your dog has associated something negative with going to the bathroom on the paper or going outside. Perhaps there is some sort of anxiety that is preventing them from doing what they need to do. Don’t forget, your dog by nature, wants to please you and it’s family!

In other words, lets say that you punish your dog for urinating on the front porch. If you continue to scold him for this behavior then eventually your dog will become fearful of using the bathroom outside. All he knows is that he is “outside”, not on the front porch. Your efforts will countermine your house training goals.

Here are some tips for helping with house training. Your dog is going to have accidents, so never punish or yell at your dog when he uses the bathroom inside the house. Most housetraining problems actually stem from owners who completely instill fear in their pets when they go potty on the floor. This creates enough trauma to completely unravel all your efforts into successfully training your dog.

The key is trying not to react. Instead, remove your dog from the room and take him outside in a very calm and relaxed manner. Be sure that he does not see you cleaning up his mess. Quietly clean the area and be sure to use an enzyme-containing house cleaner. Vinegar or liquid soap will do just fine as well. By completely removing all of the older, this helps reduce your dog’s need to urinate and mark the same spot over and over.

Tip: Avoid using ammonia because the smell is very similar to that of a dog’s urine and can stimulate him to pee in the same area.

When all else fails, schedule a visit with your veterinarian so that the doctor can do a complete health checkup of your dog to make sure that there is not a health-related reason for his inability to become house trained.

If your dog is still having problems, then it’s time to call in the professional and take your dog to the vet! There could be some underlying problem such as a sickness or disease or other health condition that might be hampering their ability to be house trained.

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