Little Wet Maltese in Bath Tub

Little Wet Maltese in Bath Tub Photographic Print
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Maltese Puppy, USA

Maltese Puppy, USA Photographic Print
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Maltese with Puppies

Maltese with Puppies Photographic Print
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Domestic Dogs, Four Maltese Dogs Sitting in a Row, All with Bows in Their Hair

Domestic Dogs, Four Maltese Dogs Sitting in a Row, All with Bows in Their Hair
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The Maltese is a small dog, with a shoulder height of about 9” to10″ and weighing only 4 to 7 pounds. The characteristic silky white coat is long and straight and can reach to the ground if left untrimmed. The long hair is parted down the middle, from the nose to the tail.

Adding to the attractiveness and “cuteness” factor of the typical Maltese are the dark brown eyes and black nose that stand out against the white fur.

Many owners, particularly in warmer climates, will keep their Maltese clipped, trimming the fur to a length of one to two inches. This is known as a “puppy cut” as it makes the dogs look like Maltese puppies. Our gallery of maltese dog prints features these attractive pets with both long coat and puppy cut.

While the origins of the Maltese dog are shrouded in mystery, their roots are ancient and art objects going back 5000 years show dogs with similar looks. It’s a recorded fact that Maltese were popular with the Greeks and Romans, who kept the animals as lap dogs and carried them around with them – much as owners do today.

Although tiny in size, Maltese are renowned for their courage and show little fear of larger dogs. They make very good human companions as they’ve been bred for centuries as companion dogs. They thrive on love and attention and value time with their owners, which makes them suitable house pets also able to be kept in urban apartments. Because they are playful and active, their exercise needs are minimal, adding to their appeal as urban pets.

Maltese, being both intelligent and alert, are excellent watch dogs. While not given to excessive barking, they will generally sound the alarm at noises in the night.

Maltese dogs are known to be affectionate and, as a result, form strong bonds with their owners who likewise become big fans of the breed. If you’re one of those – and even if you’re not an owner – our Maltese dog prints gallery is definitely worth a browse.

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