Arthritis in dogs, similarly to in humans, refers to degeneration of the joints. This medical condition can be a result of: a mechanical trauma; inborn defects; overload due to over activity or excessive weight; infections affecting joints and other factors. It is also possible that deterioration in the immune system can cause inflammation and damage in the joints’ tissues. Extreme activity such as excessive running and jumping can result in slight displacement of a joint or joints. Altered positioning of bones and cartilages results in abnormal wearing of a joint which does not have enough time to recover and heal.

Arthritis In Dogs causes pain when the animal moves causing more and more reluctance to be active. They want to avoid pain. While some dogs are more prone to developing this condition, arthritis affects both young and old dogs, big and little and breeds of all kinds.

Dogs have learned from their past wild nature to hide their pain which can make it difficult to diagnose arthritis in its early stage. Dogs are good actors. That makes it sometimes quite a bit late in the development of the disease before it’s apparent the dog is really in pain – when they are no longer able to hide it.

The signs of dog arthritis can be: the fact that a pet behaves carefully; walks slowly; stands up and lies down with a great care; tries not to move very fast; refrains from playing and is not willing to run. Moreover, a dog experiences an evident difficulty when walking up a staircase. A pet usually aims to protect themselves from further injury so will walk and stretch very carefully. As a rule, a dog becomes more passive, sleeps longer and may show less joy when its owner comes home.

To effectively treat a dog with arthritis it takes a combination of medicine and behavior modifications. First off, the dog should take medication to reduce inflammation that will relieve pain and stiffness. For a natural, safe and non-toxic treatment, try Pet Bounce, a homeopathic substance. Once the dog’s pain has been reduced, the next step is regular physical activity based on pet exercise (walking, running, playing with balls, sticks and other toys); keep the environment nice and warm (warm joints are less stiff and painful); pet diets based on balanced food enriched in vitamins, minerals and amino acids (that does not result in excessive weight which is known to be one of the primary reasons of joint displacement causing arthritis).

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