If you are thinking about buying a small dog as a pet, remember that for the most part, they aren’t much different to a larger version. Having said that, there are certain points they need to be made aware of when looking after a small dog. Illustrated below are some points you will need to consider for the daily requirements for a tiny breed of dog.

Choosing a Dog


Naturally you’re going to feed your dog daily, but the standard-size kibble at the grocery store may be too large for your dog to eat comfortably. Make sure that your dog gets a kibble which suits his tiny mouth and you could get these along with the premium brand of dog foods. Although if you feed you dog with canned food this should not present a problem.

Good Dogs as Pets

Methods of containing them:

Every dog needs the following: regular exercise, an outdoor place for his potty needs, and an enclosed area which provides the animal with security. You need to be careful here as the large fencing used to protect a larger dog may just be too big for a small dog, since there are convenient gaps below and in between making it easy for the smaller dog to kneel down and escape through it.

It may seem bizarre but it has been known for very large birds to actually take tiny dogs from their gardens. A simple answer to this problem is to construct an enclosed play area which should stop this from happening.

Dog Care

How to train the dog:

While tiny dogs aren’t any harder to train than large dogs, the consensus of many pet experts is that many of them end up spoiled. Be it a pocket or purse-fitting dog, remember that the small dog still belong to that species of animals which follow pack behavior, and incidentally the dog and not the owner leads the pack. It’s a wise idea to make sure your pet is thoroughly house trained, no matter how small and inconsequential the mess might seem when he misses.

Dog experts also suggest you make your dog work for you, to keep him responsive to your rules. Never reward a dog with goodies or a meal till he has perfected your command for doing tricks or even simple jobs like sitting or fetching.


Keep in mind that grooming a small dog is slightly different to larger ones and cater for this.

Firstly, as they do not get the same type of outdoor exercise that a larger dog does whereby their nails are trimmed automatically, tiny dogs require their nails trimmed on a more regular basis. Tiny canines do not get the same sort of regular outdoor exercise on rough surfaces that controls their nail growth like a larger dog so they will need to be trimmed more often. As they are eating more canned food, their teeth will need to be brushed more regularly (at least twice per week) to eliminate unwanted and harmful deposits.

The above makes it clear that it does not matter whether you are taking care of a small dog or a large dog the methods are pretty much the same. These may seem like inconsequential points but they can and will make a big difference to your pets health and happiness.

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