Young Dwarf Hamster Eating Millet

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Feeding your hamster is part of caring but you also need to know how to feed him properly. There are a lot of commercial hamster foods available and you can purchase many kinds. You can have the option to purchase either a mix or a pellet. The hamster’s nutritional needs are often met with feeding them the pellets, however, this could get boring for your hamster. You can supplement your hamster with other different foods if you feed him the pellets. The mixed food usually contains crushed oats, barley, rodent pellets, sunflower seeds, peanuts, maize and even dog biscuits.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should always be fed to your hamster together with these commercial foods. Make sure that you clean out any uneaten fresh foods from the cage. Do not leave it there to rot and become moldy, as this will affect your hamsters health and they may become ill. Treating your hamster with fresh fruits and vegetables is a must as well as other recommended treats, but do not give them any sugary treats. Garlic, onions, chocolate, buttercups, raw kidney beans, rabbit mix, toffee or sugar are a big ‘no-no’. Provide your hamster with fresh water every day and you can also feed a vitamin supplement.

Bringing your hamster home the first time is such a joy to your kids. Talk to him calmly, and put him in the cage so he can adjust to his environment. Do not neglect your hamster, as it is much easier to tame them when they are still at a very young age. Talk to your hamster all the time, and offer him healthy treats in his cage. Make him get used to your hand, and you also leave your hand in the cage while he is eating. You can start by leaving the food in the palm of your hand. Cupping him gently in your hand will make him get used to your hand right away, and you will definitely form a trusting bond.

Your kids will definitely enjoy having a pet hamster in the house. However, if you are unsure, you can get those zhu zhu pet hamsters as an alternative. Buy Zhu Zhu pets skateboards and buy Zhu Zhu pets wheel as accessories so your kids can enjoy playing.

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