We were searching for something to do this weekend, so I looked through my dvd movies. I plucked out a copy of The Sex and The City Movie. It actually was fantastic.

It picked up a couple of years later, after the series had concluded. Carrie gets engaged to Big, Miranda deals with marital life in Brooklyn, Samantha deals with life in L.A. and being monogamous with Smith, and Charlotte and Harry are taking it one day at a time with their adopted daughter Lily and end up with an stunning surprise.

There are bits of heartbreak and difficult times but just like in the series, the strength of these four womens’ friendships is what aids them through life.

The fashion, just as in the series, is cutting edge and as interesting as the characters. There is a stunning montage when Carrie plays dress up in designer wedding dresses for a mag layout and the ladies attend fashion week afterwards in the movie. Carrie ends up finding a personal assistant and Jennifer Hudson was a great add-on to the cast of actors.

For people who would like some substance in a picture pressing 180 minutes, though, it’s satisfying to report that this Sex is more than just a fan dance. They’re all over forty now, and writer/director Michael Patrick King deftly balances their hard spent wiseness with the bittersweet ambitions they still share. Simultaneously, there’s great deal of fun to be experienced. A vision of which doesn’t expect its characters being fixed in amber after a fairy tale ending and lets life to go on, merrily and unconventionally.

On the flipside It’s simply that there’s been an altitude adjustment — fewer stilettos, more flats. Ask what women require of a chick flick and one reply may be this — a pleasant reunion with cherished friends. Ask what women deserve and the answer is greater. In both its TV and movie incarnations, the void materialism and sincere hankering for love always manage to scratch each other out, leaving behind nothing but what this began as — a sitcom.

But as a whole Sex and the City blu ray dvd is worthy add-on to your collection, so give it a good watch. It’s not as good as the TV show but will still thrill fans of the original show.

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