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Ghana as Africa Travel Destination

Visit Ghana, a beautiful African country, using the services of professional travel agents who possess a good knowledge of the local conditions and skills to organize your tour in the best and most inexpensive way.

Ghana is one of the most unique countries on the African continent. The ancient history of this land shows the world a great many unique cultures and peoples.

Faces of Ghanaian Children, Kabile, Brong-Ahafo Region, Ghana

Faces of Ghanaian Children by
Alison Jones …. Buy This at

The Empire of Ghana flourished here in the Middle Ages. The medieval Kingdom of Mali helped one of the most colorful African ethnic groups, Ashanti, to foster their culture that can now be studied by tourists.

The modern Republic of Ghana was formed from the former British colonies of Gold Coast and Togoland and became the first country in the region that gained independence in 1957. Colonial history has left the strongest imprint on modern Ghana.

Ghana is an African ‘castle country’. The two coastal forts, the British Usher Fort and the Danish Kristianborg castle, were the place where the capital of Ghana, Accra, was founded. Up to this day, it has preserved these historic neighborhoods. Near the center of the capital, one will find Makola Market, the best place to buy batik and glass-art products made by local craftsmen.

Jamestown is a small peninsula on the south-west of the capital. It is an area of picturesque ruins of the past which are neighboured by the settlements of the city’s poorest people. Independence Square in Accra is considered by many to be the copy of the Red Square in Moscow; it is a very picturesque place of regular festive military parades.

Accra Arts Center is located between Independence Square and the city center. It hosts a museum and a permanent exhibition, where the products of local artisans are sold. The Arts Center is also a good venue for regular song festivals, dance performances and theatrical troupes. Nearby is one of the few in Africa full-fledged dance clubs, Nkrumah Circle. From the south, the capital city is bordered by beautiful beaches, some of which coreespond to the world standards: Coco Beach, Nungu and others.

To the north of the capital, there is quite an interesting Aburi Botanical Garden, which was opened in 1890. To the west of the capital, there lies the town of Kokrobit, the location of a unique African institution, the African Academy of Music and Art with numerous schools of vocal and dance skills, exhibition halls and art studios. There is also a beautiful hotel, a restaurant and a well-groomed beach area. The number of exhibitions, concerts and festivals held here is huge.

Along the coast, there are old European fortresses, reaching 15 in number. Hundreds of fishing villages give you an insight into the local traditions. One of the most visited villages is Senja Beraku. It is populated by very friendly people and has a magnificent beach, the cleanest one in the region, which is a kind of Mecca for surfers. Apamea, another small fishing village, is famous for its Fort Patience, reconstructed as a hotel.

The main town of the region, Cape Coast, is famous for its Castle of Cape Coast and a few nearby castles. Some of the local Dutch castles were literally brought from Holland and rebuilt in Ghana. The very popular among tourists Kakuma National Park is created for the protection of the coastal populations of antelope, monkeys, elephants and more than 200 species of birds.

Kumasi is the ancient capital of the Ashanti kingdom, which still retains a reputation as one of the leading cultural centers in West Africa. The local National Cultural Center is a charming museum of the history of the Ashanti people with a library and a trade center. In Kumasi, you can also visit an original Zoo, organized so well that in fact it is an exact copy of a piece of local nature, grown with vegetation and looking even more like a botanical garden. Be sure to visit a lot of colorful celebrations and festivals, so admired by the people of this country.

Travel agencies in Ghana are ready to answer your online requests and provide a good tour estimate. Ghana tour operators will send you offers with best rates for flights, hotels and tours.

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2012 Travel Calendars

This new selection of 2012 Travel Calendars, including wall calendars, desk calendars, and poster calendars, features colorful and eye-catching photography and art showcasing iconic travel landmarks around the world. For those who enjoy travel or are simply fascinated by our planet, a travel calendar makes the perfect gift as it will be used for a full 12 months, is visually pleasing and, best of all, is inexpensive.

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How to Get the Best European Vacation Packages?

The itinerary is a big thing when making plans for a European vacation. The amount of fun you will have depends on the places you will visit. Knowing where to go can help you book early to avoid the rush. It may seem daunting to come up with an itinerary for your European tour. It’s great that there are many European vacation packages that you can use to plan your tour.

What exactly are these vacation packages? Normally, travel agents would put together a package for their guests. Each tour group has a set number of slots that must be filled. Your hotel stays will be covered as well. A guide will be there to show you the different places to go to. Discounts are given to travel agencies if they can come up with a tour group. You will only pay a set fee and you can have the stress-free vacation you want.

Here are some tips to book the best European vacation package you can afford.

1. Choose According to Seasons

Tours are available all year long, but some seasonal tours are better than others because of several reasons. Prices for vacation packages may vary with the seasonal influx of tourists. For example, Christmas tours are more expensive because this is the peak season. If you insist on going during the peak season, be sure to book early to get the cheapest vacations. If you intend to go during the off-peak season, you can also arrange for this. It’s fun exploring when there are very few other tourists around.

You can also choose between the four seasons: spring, summer, winter and fall. There are many benefits to basic your choice according to the time of the year you want to go. There are many outdoor events to attend during summer. Winter can be the most beautiful season in Europe. The eerie beauty of snow on the historic landmarks can be appealing.

2. Decide How Long You’re Staying in a Location

Duration of stay plays a big role in your vacation package’s rates. There are pros and cons in every duration and destination choice included in different packages.

Here’s a website that you can grab your very own European Vacation Packages.

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The Burj Al Arab or the Arabian Tower of the Jumeirah Beach Resort, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Burj Al Arab or the Arabian Tower of the Jumeirah Beach Resort, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Most individuals when researching about the glorious city of Dubai, they tend to be looking for hotel accommodation for their vacation or their business trip. However, there are lots of other things that you might find out about Dubai particularly if you are making plans to reposition there.

One of the first things that you would have to consider when you’re relocating to Dubai would be finding a home. There are countless hundreds of real estate firms in Dubai that can help you find the perfect home for either yourself or your family and you. The houses open to you in the city are of quite a powerful range.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai, United Arab EmiratesBuy from

One can find houses from non-public villas to residences. You even have the choice of shared accommodation if you’re all by yourself. One thing you would have to remember would be the budget that you have got and any way of life needs you may want if any. Once you have this noted, the real estate firms will surely find you a home that you are going to be happy with. If you’d like to avoid paying an agency to find you a home, you might always trawl thru the notice boards at the shopping centers to find non-public owners who are advertising their properties to rent.

If you are relocating to Dubai with a family, you will have to consider finding education facilities for your youngsters. Because of the expansion of the city in the past a few years, there are large numbers of expatriates living and working in Dubai. This has additionally led on to the influx of international colleges in the city so you would be spoiled choice-wise when talking of selecting a college for your youngsters.

If you’d like to enroll your youngsters into the regular colleges in the city, you would have to pay a trip to them and find out any restrictions that they could have. Some of the colleges are stringent about enrolling youngsters in the middle of the school year and you will have to hang around for the following yearly intake.

One other thing to consider would be the healthcare system that the city has. Undoubtedly, it happens to be one of the best worldwide. Dubai has a bunch of hospitals that are equipped with the best equipment as well as the best staff. It does not matter if you would have to visit a public surgery or a private surgery as the services offered in both are first-class.
Men on Dubai Creek Golf with Yacht Club in Distance, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Men on Dubai Creek Golf with Yacht Club in Distance, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Venice Fine Art Prints and Posters

Venice - Italy
Venice, ItalyBuy from

The city of Venice in northern Italy is remarkable for its narrow, picturesque streets flanked by the numerous canals and waterways for which it’s justifiably famous.

These unique features contribute to make Venice a visual delight for both artists and photographers. Their work is showcased in the splendid selection of Venice Prints and Posters available from our print and poster store.

Just some of the highlights that must be seen when visiting Venice include the “big momma” of waterways, the Grand Canal, that flows for around four kilometres through the city and is up to 70m wide in places.

For both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, the canals must be crossed, so there are numerous bridges which themselves add a special charm to the city.

Probably the two best-known bridges are the Rialto Bridge across the Grand Canal, and the rather melancholy-sounding Bridge of Sighs that spans the Rio di Palazzo.

The best way to experience the canals and see the bridges is, of course, to take a ride in one of the city’s gondolas that were in the past used extensively for city transport by locals, but nowdays are operated more for the benefit of tourists.

In the city itself, another highlight is St Marks Square (Piazza San Marco), although the crowds of bustling tourists might not be to everyone’s taste. But it’s worth a visit just to get the atmosphere and also to see St Mark’s Basilica (also known as the church of St Mark or St Mark’s Cathedral).

This beautiful example of Byzantine architecture is the best-known of Venice’s many churches and should not be missed when visiting the city

For a better idea of these Venice attractions, please browse through our Venice Fine Art Prints and Posters gallery of which the images below will give you a small taste!

India as a Vacation Destination

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Taj Mahal, Agra, IndiaBuy at

Ever thought of India as a vacation destination? If you haven’t, or have been wary of travel to “exotic” or non-Western destinations, then you should definitely think again.

Although India is certainly different from 1st World Western Countries as found in North America or Western Europe, bear in mind that economically it ranks 4th in the World by purchasing power and is set to expand at a faster pace than China in 2012, according to World Bank data.

That means that in India you’ll find hotels, restaurants, and other accommodation of the highest caliber, fine food and drink and, in the large cities, boutiques to rival those of Paris and Rome.

So you CAN have the best of both worlds, depending on your tastes and expectations, by staying in Western-type accommodation while still exeriencing the amazing culture, sights and sounds of this Asian giant.

To find out more about visiting and holidaying in India, please read our article below and see also India Posters & Fine Art Prints:

Incredible India

Exotic visions are generated in your mind when thinking of this superb country. Snake charmers, tigers, flavorsome curries, painted elephants, the Taj Mahal plus the sacred River Ganges all spring to mind.

India’s National Parks contain the best Bengal tiger habitat in the world. You can spot the majestic cats at Ranthambhore, Kanha , Bandhavgarh, Corbett, Kaziranga and Panna. Looking at your first wild tiger is a seriously amazing experience and a privilege. To see them in their natural environment is indeed much better than observing them in a zoo or safari park. You can observe the tigers from jeeps and also elephants if you join a guided tour.

India offers more wild animals than just tigers. It’s got unique bird sanctuaries which include Bharatpur, where indigenous and migratory wild birds alike can be seen. India is a birders heaven with over 1,249 species . From the Himalayan mountain regions to the Sunderbans mangrove forest delta, the land is special. It is home to some of the most sought after wild birds on the earth.

Another great wildlife destination is Sasan Gir where the last remaining Asiatic lions retain a strong hold in Gujurat. They are also referred to as Indian lions and have played a major part in Indian folklore and customs for thousands of years. Generally smaller compared to their African cousins, the largest Asiatic lion has still been recorded at an imposing 2.9m long!

India is known for its curries. An genuine Indian curry is a mix of onion, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and spices with meat; chicken, fresh vegetables or fish. The fantastic flavours in Indian meals are derived from spices and nutritious foods such as leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, grains and legumes.

The majority of spices used in Indian cooking were originally selected thousands of years ago for their healing properties rather than their taste. Many such as cloves, turmeric and cardamon are antiseptic. Others for instance ginger are very good for digestive function. All Indian curries are made by using a wide selection of spices.

A trip to India is an opportunity to visit the impressive Taj Mahal – one of the most beautiful representations of a husband’s eternal love for his wife. Comissioned by Shah Jahan for his third wife Mumtaz Mahal who died during childbirth, it is the place where the bodies of both today rest. The architecture of the white marbled mausoleum is stunning. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and beautiful by daylight or by moonlight. A must see for all.

The River Ganga, or the Ganges as it is also known, is a massively important river. Originating in the snow covered peaks of the Gangotri Glacier in Uttaranchal, the Ganges is formed from six rivers.It is the lifeline of one of the most populated nations in the world. It is holy to Hindu’s and the place where many want to be cremated. Many wash and bathe in it and there is a constant traffic of watercraft transporting goods and people alike.

India is a fascinating country with so much to see. Once you have witnessed some of the sights, smells and sounds of India, they’ll tempt you to visit again and again!

Indian Posters and Prints:

Sikh Man Meditating in Front of the Golden Temple, Amritsar, India
Sikh Man Meditating in Front of the Golden Temple, Amritsar, India
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Taj Mahal, India
Taj Mahal, India …. Buy from

Fort Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Fort Jaisalmer, Rajasthan …. Buy from

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Maps of Hawaii Art Prints

Map of Hawaii art print
Map of Hawaii Art PrintBuy at

The Islands of Hawaii Map
The Islands of Hawaii Map, Wood SignBuy at

Maps of Hawaii in the form of fine art prints provide an excellent means of adding color and warmth to the walls of your home or office.

Hawaii’s balmy tropical climate, ocean proximity with inviting blue seas, plus active volcanoes ensure that imagery of the islands, including Hawaii maps, is visually appealing, epitomised by warm, vibrant hues and bold, primary colors.

For those who have pleasant memories of vacationing in this popular tourist destination, fine art prints and maps of Hawaii will re-inforce such memories, allowing them to linger longer and encouraging return visits. However, if you’ve never been to Hawaii, then the article below will provide some useful insights and tips about the islands as a travel destination.

Hawaii Travel Getaway Considerations and Tips

Hawaii is a superb spot to go on a vacation and laze about in the warm sunshine. Hawaii travel is really not as expensive as many people think it may be. There are many different airlines that service the Hawaiian islands which are very reliable airlines that give time schedules that can accommodate many different needs of travelers.

What You Need For The Hawaii Travel

Finding Hawaii vacation deals or Hawaii honeymoon packages might appear to be a piece of cake for you personally but there are a few factors that need being put in mind when in the hawaiian islands. For those who are in the mainland, Hawaii travel is not going to require a passport unless you aren’t an American citizen or resident. For non-Americans, you will need your passport with you, and maybe additionally a valid visa, when going to Hawaii.

The Rainy Months

When you have scheduled your Hawaii vacation rentals and travel between the months of October through May, an umbrella might be a handy thing to possess while looking around the islands. They are the months when Hawaii is most frequently visited by rain showers. Nights over these months will also be cooler than the other months so pack a light sweater something like that to help keep you warm while walking during the night.

The Warm Sun

Another thing to think about for your Hawaii journey may be the sun. The sun’s rays can burn you if you’re not careful during Hawaii travel tours and activities. Even though you are in water, you can still get a nasty burn so pack your sunscreen as well as a cooling lotion, just in the event you forget to reapply the sun block.

Heat stroke is also one more thing you should lookout for in your Hawaii travel. It’s always best to wear a hat and also to hydrate yourself even though you usually do not feel so thirsty. Always bring a bottle of cool water together with you to make up for your lost moisture once you sweat in the sunshine. When you have fair skin, sunscreen is probably not enough to safeguard you; wear light clothes with some length of sleeve when you can.

Touch The Nene Not

The Nene is the bird from the state of Hawaii. It’s a very attractive bird and you will be fined if you try to catch one because they are endangered. Touching and catching the Nenes can ruin your Hawaii travel.

Keep in mind during you Hawaii travel that you’re there to enjoy yourself since there are so many things to do in Hawaii. Loosen hair and immerse yourself in to the culture from the islands which can be uniquely Hawaii.

We hope you enjoyed the above article and found the travel tips about visiting Hawaii useful. If you’re intending visiting Hawaii, then a Hawaii map art print will be a visually pleasing and useful addition to your home decor.

Map of Old Hawaii
Map of Old HawaiiBuy This

See Maps of Hawaii Art Prints for more eye-catching Hawaii maps, both modern and classic.

Isle of Wight Posters and Prints

Needles, Isle of Wight, England, United Kingdom, Europe
Needles, Isle of Wight, Photographic PrintBuy at

The Isle of Wight, located in the English Channel, 3–5 miles (5–8 km) miles off mainland England, is renowned for its natural beauty and ruggedly spectactular scenery that provide great subjects for eye-catching Isle of Wight Posters and Prints.

The island has a rich history, including a brief period as an independent kingdom in the 15th century, and today is offers visitors a wide range of attractions, from sailing (based at the town of Cowes) to its many resorts, which have been holiday destinations since Victorian times.

Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight, England

Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight, England, Giclee Print

In more recent time, the island has also become a mecca for music fans who flock there to attend the famous Isle of Wight Festival. Find out more about this toursim haven in the article below.

The Isle Of Wight: Exactly Why it’s Regarded as the UK’s Famous Tourism Jewel

Are you looking for a wonderful place while in the UK that’s perfect for a holiday trip? You may want to think about coming to the interesting Isle of Wight. It is an untainted paradise of natural charm and the distinctive casual identity of the isle will plunge you instantly into a relaxing bygone period.

Steeped in history with sixty miles of breathtaking untainted surroundings and a plethora of interesting attractions, the Isle of Wight has a little something for everybody. What makes this vacation spot a perfect place to go is the diversity of attractions which range from historical sites to natural scenic attractions, along with seasonal festivals and major national and international events.

Accommodations in the Isle of Wight can range from top-rate resorts,comfy bed and breakfasts, quaint guest houses and even campsites. There’s specific types of accommodations depending on your liking. As it is quite near to the British mainland, it is now a favorite holiday spot among tourists because of its close distance and quick access. The island boasts a pleasant climate and terrific weather conditions. Couple this with its spectacular natural surroundings, historic culture and hospitable people makes IOW the place not to miss.

To be able to enjoy an Isle of Wight vacation in all its rural magnificence and rich heritage, you will enjoy the accommodations at Gothic View.

Tourist events and fests are regularly held throughout the year in the Isle of Wight. These all add value to all that the Island can give, which includes warm and sandy beaches, spectacular sea vistas, magnificent rural sights, historical landmarks, various recreational areas, zoos and the countryside. You should not miss the key Isle of Wight events like the IOW Festival, Cowes Week and the Garlic Festival amongst others.

An important tourist attraction in the isle is the Needles. You will catch sight of interesting chalk needles jutting out into the English Channel while you stand above the downs at Alum Bay and look over the cliffs to the sea. Another remarkable experience would be the multi-colored sand along the seashores here, a remarkable phenomenon you might not have observed anywhere yet. The rare coloring is a result of the blend of numerous layers of mineral deposits amassing onto the sandy rocks over hundreds of years. Not far away from here you can view the lighthouse on the fringe of the needles rocks.

You’re definitely in for a thrilling and unforgettable family experience in the Isle of Wight. Visitors and holiday revelers arrive at the island in increased batches year in and year out. Investor activity has also dramatically increased as a consequence of this, and hotels, lodging houses, recreational areas and resorts are on the rise in this interesting island getaway. Most of individuals who have been to this island once return here again and again. The Isle of Wight is really a jewel of the United Kingdom.

Check out ventnor b&b for competitively priced and hassle-free reservations for your Isle of Wight vacation.

We hope you enjoyed the article and now know more about this fabulous holiday destination. So please don’t forget to browse through our selection of Isle of Wight Posters and Prints.

Europe Tours for Gap Year Travellers

Mediterranean Gold
Mediterranean Gold Art Print
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Amongst the many Australians and Americans who travel abroad every year, taking Europe tours is surely one of the most popular journeys.

This is particularly true for the gap-year students and young people who want to see the world before continuing their education or starting work. But with so many Europe tours companies available, finding the right one can be hard.

The very first decision that needs to be made is whether to plan a tour yourself or to go on an escorted tour with a company. Europe offers many inexpensive ways of getting about, with inter-railing being a common favourite. However, this option leaves the traveller having to organise their accommodation and transport themselves. Inter-railing is also really only a viable option for mainland Europe, which presents problems for those people wanting to see the UK.

On the other hand, taking guided Europe tours allows travellers to benefit from several advantages. For example, there is no need for budgeting since all accommodation and transport is paid for from the outset. Secondly, they can be confident that they’re seeing the very best bits as recommended by the tour guides. But this option does cost more.

If gap year students decide to take guided Europe tours, they should decide whether to use one company for the whole of the continent, or several companies based in one or a few countries. It is often advisable to use a few companies and almost always the best idea to use a separate company for the UK. Finding a UK tours company isn’t difficult and it is a great way to see more of the country.

Europe tours should be a major part of any gap year or worldwide trip. Researching the best way to take them, whether with a company or alone, is highly important.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament; Art Print
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Guide to Barcelona Boat and Walking Tours

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona – Photographic Print …..Buy at

Walking along the roads of Barcelona and taking in the sights is one of the best paths to explore this idyllic town. Or, holiday makers can also take a boat ride to gain another unique experience of the town. Hiring one of many apartments in the town centre is also a great way to experience Barcelona.

While travellers can buy a map and prepare their own walking tours, they run the risk of getting lost and losing time attempting to find their way around. The more appropriate option , therefore , is to take the services of walking tour corporations, which hire qualified tour guides who can not only direct tourists thru the town, but can also provide valuable info regarding its history and design. A few of the glorious walking tour companies in Barcelona are Viator Tours, Barcelona holiday maker Authority, Antoni Gaudi foot Tours and Walking Planet.

La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain
La Rambla, Barcelona – Photographic Print …. Buy at

No holiday maker can take in the entire town in only one tour by foot, owing to which walking tour firms have created different types of tours based primarily on area, attractions of the town and themes. There are, sightseeing walking tours, tours to categorical areas of the town and tours designed on specific themes such as food walking tours, wine tasting tours and photo tours by foot. Tourists are even free to consult a walking tour company and design a walking tour to suit their tastes, budget, interests and wants.

Taking boat tours is one of the most romantic ways of viewing the city’s attractions. Usually, boats depart from Portal de la Pau in summer, and intrepid visitors can buy an one-way ticket and walk the four kilometre distance back rather than returning by boat.

Barcelona has a few ship tour companies that offer different tours through types of boats such as speedboats, catamarans, motor boats and others on hire. Travellers can hire any boat they are comfortable with and enjoy a boat ride all alone, which will give them a chance to experience the town of Barcelona in a completely unique demeanour. In addition, look at renting an apartment to experience the town like a local.

Otherwise, visitors can enroll in a luxury cruising cruise featuring dinner, musical shows, parties and entrainment. Many ship tour corporations offer ship tour services in Barcelona and tourists should make it a point to discover whether the boating service can really give them what they desire before getting a ticket for a sailing tour. For example, Les Golondrines prepares long and short boating trips and one of its special features is the supply of catamarans with an under-the-water view.

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