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Dallas Cowboys Got Five Adult T-Shirt

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Cheer for the Dallas Cowboys while showing off this awesome short sleeve t-shirt! This shirt is made to show your team support. The front reads "Got Five?" while the back reads "We Do." The back also displays the Dallas Cowboys Five Time Super Bowl Champions Rings! 100% Cotton.

Dallas Cowboys Memorabilia

Dallas Cowboys Helmet Logo ©Photofile
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Dallas Cowboys memorabilia raises the interest of any real American football fan who loves this team. While for some people memorabilia items work as something to enjoy personally, others consider them as a form of investment that could bring them more money in the future. No doubt, you’ll find both types of collectors at private and public auctions, or trying to make good deals with one broker or another. Collectibles with signature such as jerseys, helmets or balls have the highest value for a collector, but there are lots of buyers for the non-used items and adjacent collectibles like watches or posters too.

New and used items differ in prices, with the latter being more expensive. You can find cheap collectibles either online or near the stadium venue, because lots of businesses sell copies of Cowboys’ jerseys or various apparel items and accessories that carry the main Dallas Cowboys logo, colors or symbols. It may sound far-fetched but there are people who actually buy bed sheets with the blue-white-blue stripes and the stars of the Dallas Cowboys. Caps, hats, bracelets, pendants, posters, watches and the rest are popular collectibles that most fans and enthusiasts can buy before or after a game.

Authentic or original Dallas Cowboys memorabilia could be very expensive, and the items that belonged to famous players are the most expensive of all. Many people are under the impression that an autograph is what makes a helmet or a jersey valuable, but in terms of authenticity, you can always be fooled to purchase a fake item. Helmets with printed logos or copied autographs are widely available, but they are cheap imitations of the real Dallas Cowboys memorabilia that are worth a fortune. In terms of the investment, the value of the assets increases with the success of the team.

There are many companies that organize auctions for dallas cowboys sports memorabilia, but lots of transactions are also conducted between individual collectors. There are closed entourages of collectors who are often members of select clubs, and as they happen to share a common interest in Dallas Cowboys collectibles, the most valuable items are available with them. You won’t be able to lay hands on any such special item unless you are well acquainted. Dallas Cowboys memorabilia sounds like a good investment, but collections are built in time and with enthusiasm.


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Skateboarding is one of the fastest growing extreme sports around. Skateboarding is a world-wide sport. Skateboarding can be kind of tricky at first. But hopefully with the help from this post you won’t have to go through all the pain and frustration of trying to learn skateboarding tricks without help.

Believe it or not, skateboarding can be dangerous sometimes. Just in case you crash you should probably wear at least a helmet. Knee pads and elbow pads can usually help to. Oh, and I cannot be held responsible for any injury when you are learning skateboarding tricks!


One of the most important skateboarding tricks is the ollie. To do a kick flip, heel flip, pop shove it, and pretty much every other skateboarding trick, involves the ollie. To ollie, put your front foot in the middle of your board and your back foot on the tail. Then to ollie you snap the tail of your board down, then jump, and after you jump move your front foot up to the truck bolts at the front of your board to even out. And that’s how you do an ollie. But just like any other trick the ollie might take a few tries to get it.


A pop shove-it is when your board does a 180 degree spin in the air. To pop shove-it you ollie, then you move your back foot in backward in a sweeping motion and, move your front foot forward just a little bit, then after the board does a 180 you catch the board with your feet and land! And that’s how you do the pop shove-it!


To kick flip you put your back foot on tail and your front foot behind the front truck bolts (kind of like you are going to ollie). But have your front foot at an angle (like a 45 degree angle). As you ollie, move your front foot to where the board starts to rise, then flick your foot to the side. Then bring your foot back and after the board has gone all the way around catch the board with your feet.


The heel flip is somewhat like the kick flip, just a little different. To do a heel flip put your back foot on the tail so only three fourths of your foot is actually on your board. Put your front foot by the truck bolts, with your toes hanging off the side of the board. Then slide your front foot up to the nose of your board towards so your heel hits the corner, so your board flips the opposite way of a kick flip. Then you catch the board with your feet. Now you can go out and start doing heel flips


The boneless is an old school trick, but it’s still a cool trick (not that old school tricks aren’t cool). To boneless you start just riding your board (you might want to start out going slow) grab right behind the front wheels. Then you take your front foot off the board, and quickly push off the ground with it. Then when you’re in the air put your foot back on the board and land! Now you know how to do a boneless!


If you want to do a finger flip you have your back foot on the tail and your front foot in the middle or just behind the middle of your board. First you grab the front of your board. Then you ollie, and while your in the air flip the board with your hand. Make sure you move your feet out of the way. Then hope fully land back on the board.


If you want to do an impossible put your back foot on your tail so your heel is kind of hanging off and put your front foot up by the truck bolts with your heal hanging of a little bit so its easy to get it out of the way. Then you push down and forward with your back foot (like in a sweeping motion) and move you front foot out of the way. Keep pushing your back foot forward until the board goes all the way around your foot. Then put your front foot back on.

Hopefully this list of How to Skateboard tips has helped you get started in this great sport. If you know of any other cool tricks you want to share, please leave a comment so you can help out other skating athletes. If you are in the market for some sporting goods for extreme sports or just want more information on skateboarding in general, visit

NB: Don’t forget to check out our gallery of eye-popping Extreme Sport Posters and Prints

The Parts of Pre-Made Skateboards

When most people think of skateboarding equipment, the first thing they think of is a skateboard. Well, some people might think of skateboard pads, but mostly I think it is a skateboard that people think of. To be exact, what people think of is complete skateboards.

Complete skateboards consist of three main parts: the skateboard deck, the trucks, and the wheels. I think everybody knows that the skateboard deck is the part that you stand on. The truck is the medal part your wheels hook on to. It’s important to get the type that best fits your style of skateboarding. The last part of a complete skateboard is the wheels. I am pretty sure everybody knows what the wheels are. You can pick different types of decks, trucks, and wheels depending on what type of skating you will be doing.

The main consideration of a skateboard deck is the width. Well, that and the graphics. You have to make sure your skateboard looks cool. If you like to skate in half pipes or pools or at a skate park your deck should be about 8.25″ to about 8.5″ wide. The wider the deck the more stable it is. For technical and street riding you would need about a 7.5″ to 8″ wide decks. This well help you do flip tricks, grinds, and other stuff like that a bit easier.

The next part of a complete skateboard is the trucks which come in three different heights: low, medium, and high. Low trucks give you more stability and quicker flip tricks. They also go well with smaller wheels. Higher trucks allow you to use bigger wheels for a little bit more speed, you can roll a little farther to, and even bigger wheels make it easier to go over rougher roads. Medium trucks are between low trucks and high trucks. Most skaters choose low trucks for street skating. You can also specialize the bushings that are between the deck and the trucks. Soft rubber bushings are better for sharper turns while harder rubber is more stable and harder to turn. Most skaters just use a medium hardness.

Wheels are the last part of a complete skateboard that you need to select. As with all parts of your skateboard, appearance is a big factor. You need to make sure your wheels look good with the rest of the skateboard. The other two factors are the hardness of the wheel and the diameter of the wheel. Larger wheels allow you to go faster. If you’re doing a lot of skateboarding on ramps, you will want a larger wheel to get more speed so you can get more air. If you’re going to be doing more tricks on the ground, you will probably want smaller wheels because they will be lighter and allow you to flip your skateboard easier. If you’re going to do a lot of all terrain type skating, you may want to choose a softer wheel to give you a smoother ride. As with all of the elements of a complete skateboard, many skaters will be well served by getting a medium sized wheel of average hardness.

Now that we have gone over all the individual elements of a complete skateboard, you will be happy to know, most of the time you can just buy complete skateboards already put together with middle of the road equipment and be off and skating without ever having to choose the components.

This is recommended for new skaters. After you start skating you can go out and replace components to fit the style of skating you do the most of. Once you are advanced and building your dream board, you will know exactly what you want and it won’t be hard to pick out all the components.

When you are ready to buy your skateboarding equipment check out one of many resources on the internet like where you can save a bunch of money on big name complete skateboards and other equipment.

There are many reasons you may need to buy skateboard trucks. You may be building your own dream skateboard. You may be upgrading your existing skateboard with some premium skateboard trucks. Maybe you have worn out your existing trucks grinding like a pro. Whatever the reason, you need to look at a few things when you are deciding what trucks you want to purchase.

The first thing you need to look at is the bushings. They are the rubber part that flexes when you’re turning. You can remove these and replace them to customize your skateboard. Harder rubber is more stable and stiffer when you turn. Softer bushings are looser and let you turn faster. Most people are better off just getting a medium bushing and just having an all purpose skateboard.

For skateboard trucks, the dimensions are the next critical item to consider. The first dimension is the truck height. Low skateboard trucks are more stable and allow you to do quick flip tricks better. High trucks allow you to use larger wheels which go faster and are better for all terrain skating. As with the bushings, you can go with a medium height truck for all purpose skating.

The last dimension for skateboard trucks is the axle length. There really isn’t anything special you need to worry about here. Just make sure you match the axle length to the skateboard width.

There are many different brands of skateboard trucks and each has some unique features. Following are a few types of skateboarding trucks you may want to consider.

Tensor trucks have been engineered to the specifications of skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen. They are available in a standard and low design and are a great choice for an all around good skateboard truck.

Destructo skateboard trucks are another great choice. They make trucks in low, medium, and high. There are tons of color schemes to choose from.

Grindking trucks are great for grinding, as you might have guessed. The hanger is made from aluminum which leads to better and smoother grinds. Because aluminum is a softer metal, you will have to replace them sooner than other trucks if you do a lot of grinding.

Fury skateboard trucks are built to be heavier and stronger than most other trucks. They have several unique features including special bushings and a unique turning design which has a ball joint sitting in a socket in the base plate of the truck.

There are several other skateboard trucks out there so do a little research and find the truck that is right for you. Find the right size, construction, and color and you are on your way to a sweet skateboard. Good luck on getting the right trucks for your dream skateboard.

After you have chosen your ideal skateboard trucks, you can save a bunch of money if you know where to shop. There are many great online skateboarding equipment stores like where you can save a whole bunch of money. Surf on over to find great deals on skateboarding equipment and all your other skateboarding needs.

The first thing that you want to consider when choosing a skateboard deck is style. This needs to be on the top of your list because skateboarding is a lot about style. Who is your favorite skater? What is your favorite team or company? What kind of graphics do you like. You need to consider all these things because you want to be proud of the way your skateboard looks.

Now that you have the style part down, you need to decide what kind of skating you are going to use your new skateboarding deck for. The type of skating you will be doing determines the size your skateboard should be.

If you are going to be doing a lot of skating on vert ramps or pools, you are going to want to have a wider board that is a little more stable. This means you will probably want a skateboard that is 8.25 to 8.5 inches.

If you are going to use the skateboard for a lot of street skating or doing a lot of technical tricks, you probably want to get a narrower skateboard that will allow you to do flip tricks easier than if you are using a wider board. Skateboards that are 7.5, 7.75, or 8.0 inches are commonly used for this type of skating.

If you want to get a skateboard deck that will work well for all types of skating, you could choose a skateboard deck that is 8.0 inches wide and have a nice all purpose skateboard.

If you are going to be cruising around and not really do any tough tricks, you could consider old school deck or a longboard.

Whatever type of skateboarding you plan to do, thinking about it a little before you buy the first cool skateboard deck you see will make sure your new skateboarding deck gives you years of service in addition to just looking cool! Good luck on your quest for the perfect skateboard deck.

Check out extreme sports gear at where you will find skateboard decks and other skateboarding equipment at great prices.

How to Buy The Right Golf Cart Bag

Is it time to replace your golf cart bag? Depending how much you play, the golf cart bag is a very important piece of golf equipment.

The reasons are simple. Obviously, it is very important because it assists you with the storage and transportation of your golf clubs as well as other golf equipment. For more information refer to sporting events

With the size of a golf cart bag, you can easily carry your clubs, tees, markers as well as other things you will need during your round of golf. The bag itself does not necessarily have a direct correlation to your score; however, it can allow you to carry items that could make your round of golf more comfortable and more enjoyable for you.

The basic golf bag comes in three sizes. The first is a staff golf bag or tour golf bag. Obviously, this name comes from the professionals that are on staff with a certain company to promote the company’s products.

The second is the golf cart bag. These bags are typically not quite as large as a staff or tour bag and are meant to be placed on the rear of a golf cart. These golf bags are not meant to be carried by the average player during their round of golf.

A golf stand carry bag can be used on the back of a golf cart as well as carried by the player during the round. These bags are typically about 4 pounds in weight prior to adding your golf equipment.

Depending on the golf you usually play, any one of these styles can suit your needs. Go to golf events for more information.

In determining the kind of golf bag will best suit you and the type of golf that you play, you need to first decide if you walk or ride most of your rounds of golf. If you walk the majority of your rounds, you will need a golf stand carry bag. You may choose to also have a cart golf bag for trips or special occasions. In addition, you will need to think about your typical golf club and how your golf clubs are normally transported about the club.

Do you have to personally carry them quite a bit or is the staff able to assist you with your bag? I think that you get the drift, the more that you carry your own clubs the more you need a golf stand carry bag.

The golf stand carry bag is a smaller bag designed for those who are prone to walk the golf course or have to transport their own clubs around the club. These lightweight golf bags are designed for the players’ comfort as they are carried by the player. Although these bags are light weight they can hold a full set of golf clubs (14), golf balls, range finder GPS unit, tees, umbrella as well as a rain suit. These bags typically have room for a pair of golf shoes for when you travel.

The staff/tour bag is the largest selection of golf bags which is available, they are much larger than the travel/carry bag or the cart golf bag. You see the professional golfers on TV use these golf bags. However, they do not personally carry them due to their weight. They travel with caddies to help them instead. The amount of equipment that these golfers can carry is as much as they would like and an average PGA Tour Bag is 40-45 lbs with all the equipment in it. The price for the staff tour bags is substantially higher than that of the cart golf bag or the travel/carry bag.

The golf cart bag is a smaller version of the tour bag. Again, these bags are designed to ride on the back of a golf cart. The pockets are typically designed for easy access as the bag sits on a golf cart.

Determine your golfing habits and with this information make an informed decision on which bag would best suit you and allow you to enjoy the great game of golf. Visit sports events for more information.

No Limits Skateboarder
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Skateboarding has become an extremely popular sport – yes I said sport. ESPN has immortalized skaters and other extreme sports athletes with the X-Games and many people are getting into the sport because of this. One thing many beginners are looking for is a somewhere to get cheap skateboards. The apparent obvious choice is to go to Walmart and get a $49 special, but I would encourage you to think twice before blowing fifty bucks on cheap skateboards at Walmart because it will be exactly that – a CHEAP SKATEBOARD and you don’t want that!

You can find good skateboards for affordable prices at a lot of places. For roughly twice the price of a fifty dollar blue light special, you can get a good board that will last you much longer than the Walmart skateboard and be a lot better to use. There are a couple places on the internet that have been in business for quite a while and offer great deals so you can get high quality, yet still cheap skateboards. If all else fails you can also give it a try on eBay or at Amazon, but I recommend trying to stay with a place that specializes in affordable or cheap skateboards and accessories.

The House Boardshop is one of the best places on the internet to find great deals and get cheap skateboards and other extreme sports accessories. Prices are often 50 percent or more less than manufacturer’s listed price on complete skateboard packages. There are also great deals snowboards, skis, shoes, and other apparel. You will save so much money on your new cheap skateboard that you will be able to pick up a couple accessories. For more information on Cheap Skateboards check out my Squidoo Lens.

Be Wild is another website that has cheap skateboards and a bunch of other things that aren’t necessarily related to skateboards. You can find shirts, sunglasses, body jewelry and other things. For more information on Cheap Skateboards check out my HubPage article.

Now that you have a plan on where to shop for high quality, cheap skateboards, you may be asking so how do I learn all the tricks. If you are interested in learning skating tricks, check out the Secrets of Skateboarding program and learn how to skate like the pros. For more information on Cheap Skateboards check out my WordPress blog.

You may be asking, what can I do with my new found skills and skateboarding gear? Here a few ideas for you. It is great exercise. It may not seem like riding on a board with wheels burns many calories, but go outside and try it for a few minutes and you will soon be covered in sweat. It is also entertainment both for yourself and others.

Get a video camera and start recording. You will have You Tube ready videos in no time. If you really have a passion for skateboarding, you can turn it into a career. Some of the top pros today are making millions from endorsements and starting their own businesses around skateboarding.

This sport is still new in the eyes of the world, but it will continue to grow and someday may be as big as the NFL or NBA. Dream big and your first, high quality yet cheap skateboard could lead to financial riches! Good luck!

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107th U.S. Open Championship, Oakmont, Pennsylvania
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A fun family vacation is an opportunity many Americans take for granted – at least once a year. There are so many travel options available to us that it can actually be difficult to decide.

Certainly finances are a determining factor for many who simply seek a relaxing trip. However, there are an awful lot of golf enthusiasts who would also pay whatever it takes to find available tickets to the US Golf Open.

So if you’re planning to visit Farmingdale, NY for the 2009 US Open Golf Tournament, then keep reading for some travel and planning tips that will help your golf vacation go a bit smoother.

About the Golf Course

The next US Open is taking place at the Bethpage State Park, a facility known for its five world-class and public golf courses. The Open will be taking place at the Black Course, which also hosted the Open in 2002.

The park also offers tennis facilities, hiking trails, picnicking, biking and horseback riding.

Hotels and Accommodations in Farmingdale

Farmingdale is a small town and community. However, thanks to the popularity of the golf courses and the appeal of Bethpage State Park, there are a number of hotels within 10 to 50 miles of the resort.

The Marriott Courtyard Republic Airport Hotel

This Marriott hotel is the closest hotel to the US Open and serves both Farmingdale and Melville. The rooms are decent and the hotel offers a 24-hour fitness facility, free wireless Internet, and an outdoor patio and fire pit for guests. During the Open, the hotel will be operating shuttle services to and from the course.

The Long Island Hilton

Located in Melville, the Hilton Long Island is just a short drive from the US Open golf course in Farmingdale, NY. This is a full-service hotel offering an on-site restaurant, 24-hour room service, a fitness center, wireless Internet and numerous meeting facilities.

Sheraton Fourpoints at Plainview

Just a 20 to 25 minute drive from the Black Course and Farmingdale, the Sheraton Four Points is a new hotel in Plainview, New Jersey. The style is similar to a Holiday Inn Express and designed for the traveler on the go. There’s an on-site fitness center, free parking and golf shuttles during the Open.

Fun Stuff in Farmingdale

There’s more to do in Farmingdale than see the US Open. If you have a few extra days, try checking out the American Airpower Museum, take a drive to the Hamptons or visit AdventureLand. Adventureland is a family theme park that features 30 rides and attractions that are great for the kids.

Getting to Farmingdale, NY

There is an airport in Farmingdale, NY, but it’s small and not easily accessible unless you’re flying by private or corporate aircraft. Your best bet is the La Guardia airport which is roughly 30 miles or 40 minutes from Farmingdale, NY.

Scoring Tickets to the 2009 US Open

Unless you already have your tickets for the 2009 US Open golf tournament, you’ll have to go through a third-party seller. The PGA has already closed applications for its random drawings for tickets.

For outstanding Golf Prints and Posters showcasing the U.S. Open, see our U.S. Open Golf Gallery.

Skateboarding has become an extremely popular sport. More people than ever are looking for places to get skateboarding equipment at great prices. Before you run down to Walmart or K-Mart, you should do a little research because there are a lot of places where you can get great deals on extreme sports gear.

You can get top of the line skateboarding equipment on shoe string budget. There are a bunch of things you may be looking for. Some are required, some are optional. Really, everything other than the skateboard is optional so you should probably start there.

When purchasing your first skateboard, you will most likely want to purchase a complete skateboard. If you check out one of the online skateboard equipment websites we recommend you should be able to save a bunch of money and get a professional quality board for the price of a K-Mart special.

Skateboard shoes are the next thing most skaters buy. Heck, many non skaters buy them just because they look cool. While many non-skaters choose to wear skate shoes, the design of the skate shoe includes many features designed for use in skating. These features almost invariably include a flat sole made of rubber or polyurethane, a suede or leather composition, and double or triple stitching.

Many features of the Skate Shoe are designed to increase its durability. The Skate Shoe is subjected to the abrasiveness of a skateboard’s grip tape on a regular basis when worn by skaters. This is why skaters tend to go through shoes quickly. Super Suede, Action Leather, and plastic underlying the toe cap help to increase the durability of a skate shoe. Lace loops and protectors are designed to prevent laces from shredding by shielding the most common areas that contact with grip tape.

While you might not think it is cool, most skaters really need to have pads and a helmet. Unless you are just skating around in your driveway, I can’t really think of a good reason to not wear pads and a helmet. The better a skater gets, the harder the tricks are that they will try. As you try harder moves, you will crash and burn.

Hitting the concrete without pads can have you laid up inside nursing your wounds instead of skating so don’t cut your skateboarding time short just because you think it is cool not to wear safety equipment.

Another piece of extreme sports gear you may want to invest in is grip tape. Grip tape is an adhesive backed friction-surfaced material usually attached to the deck of a skateboard or longboard to give the rider more friction to control the board. It is sometimes used decoratively, since it can come in many different styles and colors. Grip tape comes as rough sheets similar to adhesive-backed sandpaper. The grade and size of grit varies by company and manufacture method.

Now that you have a list of some of the key skateboarding equipment, check out some of the great online resources for extreme sports gear like to save a bunch of money.

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