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What poker party supplies would you want to stage your own cool Holdem tournaments? If you desire your event to become a powerful achievement, it is valuable to know what not to select as effectively as what you would. This review will consider the plethora of poker products to be had and focus it down for you.

To start off with, disregard cheap poker chips and kits you can purchase in a local store. They are extremely cheap and amateurish. Tossing a cloth on a table is not going to come off either. To host a great party, you must have poker party supplies that exhibit the appearance and atmosphere of the casino. You can essentially do this for a lower cost than you may think.

Let’s start by getting a poker table top. If you have the budget for it you can get a real folding leg poker table which is ideal, but a table top doesn’t even need legs. You just place it on any other table and you are set to play. They have a good poker felt and vivid markings that will instantly alter your game and present you that Vegas sense you desire. More over they are a small percentage of the price of a poker table. You can select from a significant range of sizes, colors, and options to fit your style and the table you need to use it on.

Another supply you must have is a set of genuine poker chips. You can find 500 piece poker chip sets for less than $100 which will do adequately. The terrific markings and realistic size and weight will make an impression on your players. The composite chips, which are a concoction of clay and plastic, contain a metal insert that makes them heavy.

If you truly want a realistic feel you can spend a little additional and purchase the clay poker chips. A 500 piece poker chip set will handle up to 8 people.

Additional well-liked poker party supplies are automatic card shufflers. They are battery powered and can do a higher quality shuffle than can be done by hand. A 2, 4, or 6 deck poker card shuffler is a great extra for your card games.

Finally, you need to upgrade from the paper playing cards. The interesting thing about a plastic poker card besides the fine feel and play, is it can not be marked, crimped, or folded. They spring back to their original shape and last forever. You can even wash them. Plastic playing cards ordinarily consist of a set of 2 decks of red and blue with a licensed protective case.

If you are even desiring other poker party supplies to upscale the game, there are terrific poker supplies and accessories like a Texas Hold’em dealer button kit, 1000 poker chip carrier, and dealing shoe. You can also get prizes to award the winner like poker themed lighters and hats.

You can obtain the top selections and prices by going to an online poker supplies store. Simply search for the things we talked about here and you will come across everything you need. So if you wish to host a Texas Hold’em game that your poker buffs will never forget, you merely need to pull out the drinks, and your poker party supplies will do the rest.

Tips to Make Sure your Golf Holiday Tour is Perfect

Golfers Pebble Beach, California, USA
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To organize a great golf holiday tour, you need to do some research.  If you love this sport and want to enjoy some time away with friends and spouses, then you should consider putting a golf tour together by looking at fabulous golf courses throughout the world.  Of course, in addition to traveling overseas, remember that top golf courses are also found throughout the United States and Canada.

You could begin by looking locally, likely finding several great options, especially in California, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina. When looking at possible destinations in another country, you have a broad selection, with some of the post popular being Portugal, Spain, and Scotland. The top courses regardless of location are beautifully manicured to ensure every game is exceptional. Along with manicured courses, Spain also offers some incredible sightseeing opportunities such as many famous castles.

If you are not sure about spending all your time golfing, you could always consider a golf holiday consisting of a mini-tournament.  For this, simply get in contact with the golf courses that appeal to you most and ask if this is a possibility. The great thing about a golf tournament is that even if you do not play your best, you will have an amazing time.  After time golfing, everyone could dine at any number of top restaurants for local cuisine or the spouses could have fun shopping or even being pampered at the day spa while you and your friends golf. Having a hotel surrounded by numerous golf courses is always beneficial.

Often times, trying to put together a golf holiday tour such as this is challenging only because there are so many choices. Cities all over the world have incredible golf courses and often, some of the top courses are located within miles from each other, a strategy often planned. The benefit here is that you can golf at just one course or try several.  Choosing a central location near several courses would enhance your trip. 

Of course, if you find narrowing your choices down to a single course too difficult, then a golf holiday specialist would be the way to go. This person has experience in organizing golf holiday tours and knows where the best courses and prices can be found.

Having insight such as this makes the planning of the perfect golf holiday tour a simpler and more enjoyable process for everyone.

Are Golf Shoes Necessary to Play Golf?

As most people know, there are shoes for just about every sport possible.  There are few sports that don’t have a special shoe that is planned to improve the way you play while wearing them.  Yet many folks cannot afford to always buy all of the extra sports equipment like shoes that are required.  Many golf beginners often question if it is really critical to purchase golf shoes to really play golf.  In attempting to balance cash considerations with safety considerations there are a few things that you need to remember. 

You Can’t Use Golf Shoes Away From The Golf Course

Your first consideration should be your skill level.  A beginner golfer usually cannot excuse the expense to buy golf shoes.  They’re certainly not inexpensive, and since they are only worn while on the golf course they’ve a very limited usage outside of the golf course.  While basketball and tennis shoes can be worn in diverse situations, the golfing shoes must stay on the golf course in order to avoid damaging them, or the floor covering on which you are walking over. 

The Importance of Comfortable Golf Shoes

If you are a highly talented golfer or maybe have a tendency to play quite regularly you may need to invest in a good pair of golf shoes.  Typically investing in golfing shoes will require you to search for a pair of  shoes that you are basically thoroughly secure wearing.  You want to remember that many golf courses need you to do a large amount of walking so you need something that fits comfortably.  Something with lots of cushioning as well as the correct size is essential. 

Golf Course Rules Concerning Golf Shoes

You need to also contact the golf courses where you plan on playing.  There are some who require golf shoes for you to play.  While this could seem like a bit of a spoilsport if you weren’t planning to buy golf shoes at first, the golf course requiring the shoes is a safety concern to make sure that you don’t slip or slide while you are swinging your club.  A good pair of golf shoes has spikes that dig into the ground a bit while you are standing that may provide a bit of additional traction and ensure that you aren’t slipping the first moment you swing the club. 

Golf Shoe Styles

Taking your time to research for golf shoes is a particularly smart idea.  There are dozens if not hundreds of different colors so occasionally choosing the best color that you like can be a bit of a hard decision.  Additionally, not all shoes are made similarly.  The shoe that is best for your foot won’t be best for someone else.  Also, there are many different styles that you can choose from, as well as all the different brands, materials and price ranges.

Improve Your Game with a Good Pair of Golf Shoes

Even for a beginner golfer, choosing the best shoes to play in will make sure that you are snug, as well as have the traction you need while playing.  If you are playing a lot of golf, you may quickly see how a good pair of golfing shoes can perform wonders to help improve your comfort level as well as your game itself.  Never discount the ability of  golf shoes to seriously raise your overall performance in a game.  Taking the time to really try on many pairs of shoes will ensure your last selection is sturdy as well as comfortable in a colour and style that you like and enjoy wearing.

The Rise of the Snowbike

It has been waiting in the background, slowly growing in popularity and support, and now it is ready to be unveiled on the world properly.The sport of snowbiking involves traveling down a traditional ski run on a modified bicycle. Chucking yourself down a ski run on a bike is nothing new, but the hundreds of people who tried it previously didn’t do too well on account of the fact bicycles rely heavily on good ground friction. For many years ski and snowboard fans have been working on advancing designs in the hope of developing something that worked. After years of trial and error, and a few accidents, a snowbike design was finally conceived that was both functional and practical.

The best snowbike on the market is produced by a Canadian company, and they are so confident that the sport will be a huge hit, that they are arranging the first even world championship for 2010. Snowbikes are not really freestyle or jumping pieces or equipment, but instead built for speed and manoeuvrability. This will be reflected in the world championship events that will be based around slalom and speed competitions. The large majority of snowbikes that have succeeded in the market share many characteristics with snowmobiles. They are lower to the ground than normal bikes and have a blade at the front of the bike attached to the steering column. This gives the rider much better steering control, but only one blade is needed as snowbikes are a lot lighter and do not travel as fast as snowmobiles.

Snowbike manufactures admit that snowbiking is not the easiest of extreme sports to master, but that it is well worth putting in the hours to master. Apparently learning how to snowbike shares similarities with learning to ride normal mountain bikes. It is a skill that takes a little while to get right, but it has a steep learning curve and once you’ve mastered it you won’t lose it.Snowbikes are now beginning to be made in multiple sizes so that people of all ages can enjoy the sport. They also come with some additionally safety features including padded framing and stabilisers.

There will be a temptation for many proficient snowboarders and skiers to tackle the hardest runs straight away, but manufacturers urge people to start of small and build up, no matter how good you think you will be. Snowbikes are much harder to stop than snowboards or skis, and if you haven’t mastered the technique you will not only be risking your own safety, but you may be endangering the safety of other winter sports enthusiasts also.

Certain American ski resorts in fact have prohibited snowbikers on their slopes until more is known about the safety of the things. The majority of locations however are understanding to snowbikers, but still suggest that everyone is careful until we know just how safe they are. Whatever resorts think of the bikes, with a reported 30,000 snowbikers worldwide, this one seems like a trend that is going to stick (or slide as the case may be).

Base Jumping: A Truly Extreme Sport

Base Jumping Kl Tower Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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BASE jumping is very dangerous for a variety of reasons, but the most common causes of injury and death have to do with failure to maintain a clear area around the athlete during the jump and/or the landing.

If the wind is against them or if they make a mistake during the launch of their jump, athletes sometimes collide with the object that they have jumped from. Because BASE jumping areas are usually not designated for this guerilla-style sport, the makeshift landing targets that jumpers aim for are rarely large enough to allow for a safe jump.

As a result many BASE enthusiasts meet with serious and sometimes fatal injuries because they haven’t been able to steer themselves to the landing area in time.

Many people compare BASE jumping to bungee jumping without a bungee cord, but it is actually much closer to skydiving without an airplane. Jumpers practice many of the same techniques that divers use to maintain stability and altitude awareness while they are in the air.

Before becoming a BASE jumper, an athlete must complete a full course of skydiver training. Once they have their full skydiving certification, the next step for anyone interested in BASE is to find a mentor in the jumping community who can teach them how to take on these ambitious freefalls.

Two Young Adult Men Base Jumping

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Only experienced divers can even contemplate a BASE jump because this kind of unguided and somewhat unpredictable activity requires razor sharp awareness of altitude, along with stellar free fall technique.

BASE jumping is one of the most dangerous sports practiced today. Every year, BASE jumping leads to several fatalities, and most major BASE societies and clubs have seen at least one member perish in pursuit of the sport that he or she loved. Because no two jumps are alike, it is very difficult to predict what will happen once you start plummeting towards the ground. This means that to survive a BASE jump you need to have a very level head, an ability to react to surprises without panicking, and lightning speed reflexes that will allow you to make instantaneous adjustments in your position or your trajectory.

However, no amount of experience can guarantee that you will complete your jump without mishap, so even very accomplished jumpers are taking serious risks every time they prepare to hurl themselves off of a building, antennae, span, or natural cliff.

The author is a cosmetic dentist and he has worked on cosmetic dental surgery for many years,  he likes fishing Auckland.

Mix Snowboarding with Surfing and You Get Snow-Surfing

You Can Do It, Extreme Sport

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Extreme sports enthusiasts are never happy with doing things the normal way. They are some of the most creative sports men and women around, and are constantly on the look out for the next big idea. Both surfing and snowboarding, although popular, are a little old now in some people’s eyes and could do with updating. It is no surprise then that one avid extreme sports fan gave in to curiosity and tried riding down the mountain side on his customised surfboard…and succeeded?

The sport of snow surfing is thought to have first been conceived in New Zealand when a visiting Australian surfer decided to see if he could ride his board on the white stuff.The sport was born, and others were quick to give it a go and allow this mad activity to keep on growing. Snow surfers say that the sport demands high levels of fitness and co-ordination above all else. Unlike snowboards, riders do not have any bindings to attach themselves to the board, but instead rely on aggressive carving and the use of the hands to ensure that the board stays under their feet.Stopping the board at the end of a run is also not the easiest thing to do, which is why special run-off areas have been created at a number of resorts.

As with all emerging extreme sports, sponsors and industry brands have been paying close attention to see if it is worth their while getting involved.There is speculation that both Ride and Volcom are getting involved in the sport and have been sending their scouts out to snow surfing events recently. However, as the sport is still so new, it is likely to be a little while before formal events start taking place and stars are given the publicity that some of the more mainstream sport professionals receive. That said, given the early growth of the sport, you might soon be seeing some snow surfers at a resort new you.

Distinguish the Best Paintball Mask

Paintball Masks on YouTube

A paintball mask is the player’s best buddy in the field! There are already abundant modifications to the earliest forms of paintball mask the first paintball warriors used.This is the best proof of it's undisputed importance in the world of paintball fights. For a paintball mask to be considered the "best paintball mask", it's a good question to ask what it really takes? According to many professional paintball gamers, the considerations to take note of are quite broad.You have to look into the comfort and field usability, the weight and communication functions, adn of course, the price point. You can find out what most paintball players deem as the best paintball mask available today by digging deeper into these details. The following selections do not necessarily meet top of the line paintball mask standards and this will merely serve as your guide.

JT Elite HeadShield Single Paintball Mask (Black)
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Maximum Bounce Ability

According to most players, the best paintball masks are those that will not only protect you from any form of injury, but also will make sure that you stay longer in the game. Using a solid head gear will undoubtedly protect your head against the sting of the paintballs, but as they hit the solid paintball mask they are more likely to break. With a paintball mask that bounces the paintballs off, they don't break on the mask and will save you from being eliminated in the game.The impact you feel when these paintballs hit you is a very obvious disadvantage.

Less Fog Potentials with Easy Lens Replacement Mechanism

In choosing a good paintball mask, it is a good idea to find one where the lenses do not fog easily, for the fog hinders visibility. This option is no longer a problem due to the new thermal lenses you can easily drop in and out of your mask because of new technology.Regardless of the average environmental humidity, these lenses will prevent accumulations of fog. Although there are claims of paintball masks with zero fog potentials, any glass always fogs; hence, it is wise to check certain glass thresholds and make sure they suit the place where you will be playing the paintball game.

Maximum Communication Potentials

Another way to judge what makes up the best paintball mask is to ensure that they allow you to communicate with your comrades well. To be hidden from the eyes of your opponents you can get a camo paintball mask. When you can hear them clearly, and they can pick you up easily as well, this is called having maximum communication potentials.

To become an unbeatable hunter in this awesome survival game, pay attention to these details.

Surf Trips, Surf Maps, Surf Shops – Time to get Barreled

Traveling Surfer

Surfers and surf voyages go hand in hand; unfortunately this is a major reason why surfers never have money! Surf travel is EXPENSIVE! This is an area that Peaks and Barrels feels surfers can be assisted and in turn will help the neighborhood surf shops too.

Peaks and Barrels are planning to offer just that. There is finally a website dedicated to surf touring. Though they have a fairly new site they are laying down the good ground work and their site is easy to navigate. Staying connected is easy with peaks and barrels free registration.

I hate spam, One cool thing about peaks and barrels is that they have many ways to stay updated so if email updates are not your thing it is not a problem. They have web 2.0 thing going and they are doing well. They have great coupons they tweet out for the neighborhood shops.

Peaks and Barrels is rare because they have devised a way to help distribute the local surf shop sales to all of the surfers in the world and this in turn helps bring business to all of the local surf shops.

Here is a cool feature — instead of worrying about keeping up with all of your favorites surf shops, get plugged into peaks and barrels and then you stay up to date on all of the neighborhood shops in the whole world! After you grab your coupon from the PNB website or Twitter, visit their Surf Travel Map which is very easy to use and makes journeying a much simpler experience. You will find their map has all of the well know breaks as well as the community surf shops connected to those breaks.

The map features only the surf necessities Surf Shops, Hotels, Restaurants, and Breaks. It is very comforting knowing that by going to Peaks and Barrels. By the way, when using Peaks and Barrels to organize your tour just mention peaks and barrels and the partner shops will totally take care of you!!! Peaks and Barrels has really jumped into the 21st century of surfing by finding a niche, identifying a problem and offering an innovative solution.

Peaks and Barrels wants to be an extension of the regional area surf shop on a global level. The goal is to show surfers where their community surf shops are around the world.

One rider on their surf team is Amee Donohoe. She can be quoted as saying “I really feel like I am at home with Peaks and Barrels.” She told me that she had never heard of them before they had approached her. “I can tell you this…It is exactly what the surfing world needs! “You may have noticed they sell their own brand tee shirts as well. We don’t know who is behind the design of their apparel but they are doing a great job. Their shirts are fashionable and they have a great look!”

Peaks and Barrels is on a mission using their outreach to help make the neighborhood surf shops a global destination for surfers worldwide. Peaks and Barrels are working on tools that are going to make surf travel easy and fun. Surfers who travel and local surfers who don’t travel are the target audience.

Surfing the Tube at "Dunes," Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town, South Africa
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If you surf, and you travel; then you want to be Surfing Peaks and Barrels: Where Surfers GO! In the past, typically, you have never been able to plan ahead when it comes to surfing. neighborhood surf shops are stating to feel the pinch of the online markets and the mega store that can capture travelers attention before the local shops have a chance.

Here is the problem with the latter, you miss out on your opportunity to get a local board shaped by a community shaper designed specifically for the waves you came to surf. It has become all to common that you will pay to much and receive very little. We want to keep the small businesses above the water in the industry that many of us dream to be working in. Peaks and Barrels envisions a solution to some of these issues, and they are working to put the community surf shops back on the map for you, The Surfers. Peaks and Barrels Where Surfers Go.

Couple Ballroom Dancing
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Anyone who is great at ballroom dancing is considered the life of the party. With ballroom dancing, you can let loose and have fun! This form of dance helps you let go of your inhibitions in any social situation, not to mention that it gives you the chance to meet new friends with similar interests. This form of dance is an ideal way to improve your interaction with other people. But ballroom dancing is not all about social benefits. Ballroom dancing is also good for your body and mind. If you take ballroom dance lessons, your mind and body will thank you for it. If you haven’t given it a serious thought, now is the right time to know what ballroom dancing can do for your health. So start moving your body and reap its benefits! Whether you are interested in the fun, health benefits, or just the ballroom dancing this can be a lifelong pastime.

Reduces Weight

In just an hour of moderate ballroom dancing, you can burn 250 to 300 calories. In fact, ballroom dancing burns twice as much calories as walking, swimming, bicycling, or playing tennis.

Because it gives you an active role in your weight loss or maintenance efforts, ballroom dancing is an ideal way to keep your body in shape. The turns, glides, moves, kicks, bends, bounces, and sways contribute in improving your oxygen consumption and heart rate, and these two factors are essential in calorie burning.

Promotes the Coordination of Mind and Body

Ballroom dancing trains you on proper mind and body coordination (and that of your partner), as you move to certain rhythms and glide across the floor.You won’t gain that from exercising in front of a mirror or working out on a treadmill.

Enhances Muscle Tone

When you dance, different muscle groups are involved. For instance, you do long, sweeping steps backwards when you dance the foxtrot, which is way different from the usual exercises such as walking on the treadmill. This low-impact activity strengthens and tones the muscles in the thigh, calf, and buttocks. Aside from that, ballroom dancing can enhance your flexibility, balance, posture, and endurance.

Enhances the Heart and Circulatory System

Dancing the samba or tango is good for both your heart and circulatory system. According to experts, ballroom dancing can boost blood circulation, lower the risk of heat ailments, control blood pressure, and boost levels of good cholesterol in the body. Studies also show that beginners in ballroom dancing can improve their heart rates with only 5 minutes of warm up and 20 minutes of swing, cha-cha, or polka.

Improves Mental Health

According to several studies, the mental challenges involved in ballroom dancing can improve blood flow to the brain, and this lowers the possibility of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. When you dance, you try to remember complex steps, focus on the rhythm of music, and dance with a partner. All these give your brain a workout and make it stronger.

Reduces Stress

Stress causes a lot of diseases. Many people take ballroom dancing classes to get some distraction after suffering from traumatic experience such as death of a loved one or a recent divorce.

The social interaction you get from ballroom dancing can help you cope with stress and depression. You also improve your mood and self-confidence because of better health and social skills. Along with soothing music, ballroom dancing can make you calmer as it eases your tension.

Convinced of the health gains from ballroom dancing? So, what are you waiting for? Learn ballroom dancing now and enjoy it!

The Infamous IWC Aquatimer

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The renowned IWC Aquatimer watches are intended to be fashionable and long-lasting while also being easy to wear. Their materials are titanium and stainless steel, very tough and light. Watches do eventually cause muscle fatigue, although not enough for most people to notice. You will find that an IWC Aquatimer is much lighter than your current watch and the difference is highly noticeable. The titanium and/or stainless steel cases have a brushed finish to reduce glare and the appearance of small scratches, and are carefully designed and intended to have these effects. The pieces fit very closely in these cases as a lot of effort goes into the assembling of components and cases, meaning they are milled, drilled, and turned instead of being stamped. For example, the crown is a very tight fit so that it will never wobble in any given situation or stting.

Unique Kit and Bezel Features

Another noteworthy feature is the convex sapphire crystal, combined with a black background, and steel indices and hands, makes for an easily readable watch. With perfectly applied luminescent material, meaning no bleeding, blotching or holes. Some of the Aquatimer dive watches use tritium, and some use super Luminova, though a few use a combination of both. Tritium is radioactive and should be used in small amounts, but glows constantly. Super Luminova is not radioactive but only glows for 4 or 5 hours. Making use of a combination of both is an idea worthy of high praise. The dial is not too big, but is big enough that there is no question as to the exact time.

To their Aquatimer 2000m watches IWC introduced many interesting features. Before it can turn, the bezel must be pushed down on both sides. This is done as a safety precaution in case something accidentally turns the bezel. The ability to remove it to clean it is another feature of the bezel which is worth noting down. Eventually, dirt from the material will build up underneath the bezel whenever the watch is in use. So instead of having to send your watch to be cleaned or repaired, you can simply repair and clean it yourself just by removing the screws holding the bezel in place, this saves both time and money. The IWC Aquatimer watches are made differently from ones made specifically for a line of watches by adding kits with their own parts so that you do not have to replace or buy a whole new watch if something gets missing. This is also done to ensure that the dive watch you purchased maintains its quality features and to make sure it can endure the same conditions the rest of the watch was made to withstand.

The Bracelets

Tear resistant Velcro and metal link bracelet are the two bands that are common for diving which IWC makes. With the bracelet, you can add or remove links, but the only downfall is that it is easy to scratch. However, apart from these two common dive bands, the rubber bracelets which they manufacture make superb dive bands as well. The IWC Aquatimer 2000 has a design where the bracelet tapers off as it nears the clasp so that it doesn’t interfere with wrist movement. You can purchase the diving strap directly from IWC, and, unlike other straps, it doesn’t rub the skin.

IWC Aquatimer watches are the leaders in the dive watch industry. Satisfied customers describe them as sleek, strong and comfortable. IWC has truly met and exceeded expectations with the design and technology applied to their watches. It is easy to see why when customers want to choose a stylish yet dependable underwater watch, they choose IWC. The main purpose of the design of the watch was durability as well as comfort, and the IWC Aquatimer watches have managed to attain exactly that and more.

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