Hi my name is David Verdu, and this is my story about my Super Dog. Mr. Snoops is a Jack Russell Poodle, the smartest bravest dog I’ve very known. He loves to play run the fence with our neighbors dog Rocky. Now, Rocky is a Husky so he’s a BIG dog. OK. Now try to keep up because this is where Mr. Snoops plays “I want to meet Rocky face to face”.

Saturday early evening during my daughter’s 24th birthday we are all around the dinner table enjoying one of the best meals. Usually Mr. Snoops sits at my feet cause he knows that scraps will fall. This particular evening he was not there, “has anyone seen Mr. Snoops”?
About that time the door bell rang. It was my neighbor and he had bad news. I could just tell that something was not right. Mr. Snoops has managed to get under the fence to try to play with his buddy Rocky. Unfortunately Rocky knows only one way to play. Mr. Snoops became his chew toy. He was tossed a bit and mangled by his friend, or so he thought they where friends.
My neighbor went on to tell me that Mr. Snoops is in a bad way. He was hurt badly and he needs serious attention NOW. We found Mr. Snoops cuddled in a corner with a look of terror and pain. We gathered him up an immediately took him to the nearest vet hospital. They quickly took our puppy from us and began to tend to his needs. I told myself that I wouldn’t cry, but of course I did. I felt sooo bad for the little guy. All he wanted to do was make a friend and meet him personally.

After several hours we met the Doc. He told us that there was not much to do for the guy. He had open gashes that could not be stitched due to the severity of the holes. We decided to take him home where he could be comfortable. We explained to the Vet that we had some Pet products that we are involved in, and asked if we could try to Doctor him ourselves. It didn’t look good.

We began to flush his wounds and tend to his every need. We used nothing but the Oxyfresh Products to see if this was really as good as it says. The first 24 hours of course were intense. After 3 days we brought him back to see the Vet, and to the Vet’s surprise he was amazed at the change. Three days of Oxyfresh Products have saved our Dogs life. It has now been 3 weeks and Mr. Snoops is all better. Even the Vet wants to see and hear more about this Oxyfresh.

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I have been an Oxyfresh Distributor for 13 months know and my stories keep getting better. If you have a Pet you need to take a serious look at Oxyfresh. A solution that goes in the water to clean your pet’s teeth, as well as helps flush out any wounds they may have. It works on all pets i.e. Dogs. Cats, Birds, Hamsters, Ferrets, Horses, Rabbits, you name it.
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