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What is a Pet Photo-Shoot?

Aren’t cats and dogs the most fascinating creatures to take pictures of? Animals rank a very close second to children as one of the most popular and rewarding subjects for a photographer. It is quite easy to make a good subject out of pets. There are techniques in photography, which you can use to better your chances of taking that perfect pet photo.

To make this job simpler and easier, use ordinary cameras with adjustable shutter and stop speeds, and the same basic techniques you usually use.

Capturing your pet’s expression and lovely face in clear detail is what makes a picture worth looking at. This means you are going to have to get close and fill the frame.

For larger dogs or cats, this isn’t something to worry about. Even with the fixed focus cameras that allow you to work on the moments and you will have to close as four feet. To get the closest possible point to focus the lens on the subject, check your fixed focus model camera manual. If you have enjoyed our article on paintings get more great information on pet portraits.

Smaller animals are harder to shoot, and therefore require that you use a close-up lens, or other attachments.

When considering taking the picture indoors, the lighting is a primary concern that you need to pay attention to. When you use flash, put it to the side to get rid of red eye. If the subject is too close, its eyes may reflect the flash, thereby creating a red eye on the lens.

Use telephoto lens to remove unnecessary background details. They will also provide you with a large image while letting you remain some distance away from your pet. Having discussed all of that about the mechanics of animal photography, let us get into details and talk about other aspects.

As a photographer, you should know that animals are a lot like people. To be able to take the perfect picture, you need to cope with these facts about animals. They can get difficult to manage, so beware. More tips, advice and news on paintings can be found at pet portrait painting.

You have to work opposite to your ways, and wait for the animal to assume the pose you need. The animal will most likely just pose a single second, so be ready with your camera. To take this picture, you have to be clever, patient, and you need a plan. A good idea is to have someone to help you.

As you prepare to take the picture, ask your friend to use rattles and toys to get the animal distracted. Let your helper bother with bringing the astray animals back to the set. If you are taking the pictures all by yourself, try using a longer release cable. This way you can set your camera, then move away and attract the attention of the pet, tripping the camera when the expression is just right. To make your animal stay inside the set, you could use a prop.

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Arthritis in dogs, similarly to in humans, refers to degeneration of the joints. This medical condition can be a result of: a mechanical trauma; inborn defects; overload due to over activity or excessive weight; infections affecting joints and other factors. It is also possible that deterioration in the immune system can cause inflammation and damage in the joints’ tissues. Extreme activity such as excessive running and jumping can result in slight displacement of a joint or joints. Altered positioning of bones and cartilages results in abnormal wearing of a joint which does not have enough time to recover and heal.

Arthritis In Dogs causes pain when the animal moves causing more and more reluctance to be active. They want to avoid pain. While some dogs are more prone to developing this condition, arthritis affects both young and old dogs, big and little and breeds of all kinds.

Dogs have learned from their past wild nature to hide their pain which can make it difficult to diagnose arthritis in its early stage. Dogs are good actors. That makes it sometimes quite a bit late in the development of the disease before it’s apparent the dog is really in pain – when they are no longer able to hide it.

The signs of dog arthritis can be: the fact that a pet behaves carefully; walks slowly; stands up and lies down with a great care; tries not to move very fast; refrains from playing and is not willing to run. Moreover, a dog experiences an evident difficulty when walking up a staircase. A pet usually aims to protect themselves from further injury so will walk and stretch very carefully. As a rule, a dog becomes more passive, sleeps longer and may show less joy when its owner comes home.

To effectively treat a dog with arthritis it takes a combination of medicine and behavior modifications. First off, the dog should take medication to reduce inflammation that will relieve pain and stiffness. For a natural, safe and non-toxic treatment, try Pet Bounce, a homeopathic substance. Once the dog’s pain has been reduced, the next step is regular physical activity based on pet exercise (walking, running, playing with balls, sticks and other toys); keep the environment nice and warm (warm joints are less stiff and painful); pet diets based on balanced food enriched in vitamins, minerals and amino acids (that does not result in excessive weight which is known to be one of the primary reasons of joint displacement causing arthritis).

Friend in Need
Friend in Need Art Print Coolidge, Cassius…
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Animal portrait painting is just the same as human portraiture, with the exception that animals hate to pose. An artist will have to give a lot of effort just to keep an animal from getting distracted.

An expert in this particular field is a female artist of Wilmington.She is related by birth to the famous Delaware family. Her grandfather painted a famous collection of sea and landscape artwork. By age 3, this female artist started painting as well.

Animals were what she drew most of the time. At age 10 she had her own exhibit at the local library and at age 12 she was already illustrating children’s books. She got to learn how to dance a number of different kinds of dances because of the help she had been getting from her Philadelphia teachers. For a many years she pursued dance and did a number of great solo dances including one convincing death scene.The most comprehensive information on custom pet portrait can be found on that website.

Of all the animal portraits she has made, her main interest is dog portraits. When you see the way she starts work on a dog’s portrait, you can’t help but feel interested. As the dog’s owner makes an effort to keep the dog from moving, she makes as many sketches as she possibly can.

Her pencil flies over a sketch pad seeking poses most characteristic of the particular model. All the while, she is making conversation to the dog and telling him what a great appearance he has. She uses different kinds of props to grab the animal’s attention.

She makes a request from the owner of the dog for photographs that may be in his possession and asks if it’s possible to make copies of some of them for her collection. Next she collects three snips of hair, one each from the tail, ears and tummy, so that she can match colors. The snips are organized according the dog who owns them.

Then comes the selection of a pose and a composition with a suitable background. The latter is decided based on the animal or type of dog.

To create the background of a Chesapeake Bay retriever portrait, she sat in a duck blind and made sketches of the surroundings. Read this site if you want family pet portraits information.

Animals have their own ways of evaluating things for themselves, she says. Case in point would be the American pointer who crept up behind an artist and chewed up her painting. It must have been bad or at least bad for him for he had to have quite a large dose of medicine to remedy this expression of disapproval.

If she is doing a registered beagle or, a basset she frequently blends in a paw print with the scenery and on the back puts the kennel club’s identifying symbols of paw and nose print. Creating abstract backgrounds was something she and her own dog worked on.

Cooperation is not something animals frequently show. One model ran off with one of the female dogs, putting a sudden end to all portrait painting for that day. Unusual incidents always happen, it seems, during the painting of an animal’s portrait.

If you are a dog owner and you are searching on ways to improve your pet’s health then you should pay closer attention on what your dog eats. A shiny coat, lean body and bright eyes are just some of the signs you look for to tell that your dog is indeed healthy. So if your dog does not have these traits then you have some work to do and for starters you should begin on the food that he eats.

The majority of dogs are fed with dog food and if you want your dog to be in its top form then you should offer the dog nothing but the best dog food available. If you are seeking some tips in finding the best dog food that will help improve your pet’s health and form this article is for you. Continue reading to gain knowledge on what to look for in dog food as said by the experts and dog enthusiasts.

There are a lot of types of dog food and by understanding the kinds of dog food you will soon have an idea on what is the best dog food for your canine buddy.

Commercial Dog Foods

Even though commercially sold dog foods claim that they are the best in the market, their flashy advertising does not guarantee that they are. Researchers have shown that some commercial dog foods do not measure up to the quality standards and some even have chemicals that can be hazardous to your dogs. In fact there have been incidents of dog food recalls in 2007 and 2008.

best dog food – Choosing the Right One

In choosing the dog food for your pet, you have to look at the label. Ensure that you are not buying dog food that is mostly made of grains and fillers. You have to be sure that the commercial dog food you are purchasing is of good quality and manufactured by reputable dog food makers.

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In this case, your veterinarian may have some tips in finding the best dog food in the commercial dog food category. On the other hand, it may help to combine your commercial dog food with other types of dog food to be sure that you are providing your dog well-balanced diet.

Raw Dog Food

This dog food group is gaining popularity as of this time. Raw dog food is believed to be the most natural dog food. In the olden days, this is how dogs thrived in the wild. Thus, this is the best way they get the nutrition they need and will therefore develop a strong and lean body.

Some experts also recommend this kind of diet but they say that it is important that you always feed your dog fresh raw dog food to avoid food poisoning.

If you decide to adapt this kind of diet, it is important that you only feed your dog fresh meat. This is to minimize the risks of food poisoning and infections rooted from rotten meat.

Homemade dog food

Homemade dog food is the third type of dog food that may benefit your dog. There are recipes that will help your dog enjoy his food that will make him healthy as well. Cooking the food you give to you dog will enable you to ensure what kind of food enters his tummy. You will therefore be able ensure that your dog will not suffer from dog food fillers that do him any good.

When it comes to dog food recipes, there are lots of choices to choose from online resource sites. Just try these recipes and see how your dog responds. Experts say that the best dog food combination is mostly composed of homemade dog food coupled with a rare treat of raw dog food.

The Decorative Deerhound

A Deerhound in a Stable Interior, 1817

A Deerhound in a Stable Interior, 1817 Giclee Print

The Deerhound is one among the most decorative of dogs, impressively stately and picturesque wherever he is seen, whether or not it’s amid the surroundings of the baronial hall, reclining at luxurious length before the open fireside within the fitful light of the log fire that flickers on polished armour and tarnished tapestry; out in the open, straining at the leash as he scents the dewy air, or gracefully bounding over the purple of his native hills.

Grace and majesty are in his each movement and attitude, and even to the foremost prosaic mind there is about him the inseparable glamour of feudal romance and poetry.

From remote days the Scottish nobles cherished their strains of Deerhound, seeking superb sport within the Highland forests. The red deer belonged by inexorable law to the kings of Scotland, and great drives, that typically lasted for several days, were made to round up the herds into given areas for the pleasure of the court, as in the reign of Queen Mary. However the organised coursing of deer by courtiers ceased throughout the Stuart troubles, and was left within the hands of retainers, who thus replenished their chief’s larder.


The head should be broadest at the ears, tapering slightly to the eyes, with the muzzle tapering a lot of decidedly to the nose. The muzzle ought to be pointed, but the teeth and lips level. The pinnacle should be long, the skull flat rather than spherical, with a very slight rise over the eyes, but with nothing approaching a stop. The skull should be coated with moderately long hair which is softer than the rest of the coat. The nose should be black (though in some blue-fawns the colour is blue) and slightly aquiline. Within the lighter-coloured dogs a black muzzle is preferred. There ought to be a smart moustache of rather silky hair, and a fair beard.


The ears should be set on high, and, in repose, folded back like  the Greyhound’s, though raised above the pinnacle in excitement while not  losing the fold, and even, in some cases, semi-erect.The ear should be  soft, glossy, and sort of a mouse’s coat to the bit, and also the smaller  it’s the better. It should don’t have any long coat or long fringe, however there  is typically a silky, silvery coat on the body of the ear and the tip.  Whatever the general colour, the ears ought to be black or dark-coloured.

Dark Grey Deerhound Stares Thoughtfully into the Distance
Dark Grey Deerhound Stares Thoughtfully into the Distance, Framed Giclee Print

Neck and shoulders:

The neck ought to be long that is, of the length  that befits the Greyhound character of the dog.  The nape of the neck should be very distinguished where the head is about on, and also the throat should be clean-cut at the angle and prominent. The shoulders should be well sloped, the blades well back, with not too much width between them.


Stern should be tolerably long, tapering, and planning to within 1-one/two inches of the ground, and about one-one/a pair of inches below the hocks. When the dog continues to be, dropped perfectly straight down, or curved. When in motion it ought to be curved when excited, in no case to be lifted out of the road of the back. It should be well coated with hair, on the within thick and wiry, underside longer.


The eyes should be dark: generally they’re dark brown or hazel.  The attention is moderately full with a soft look in repose, but a keen, so much-away gaze when the dog is roused. The edges of the eyelids should be black.

Body: The body and general formation is that of a Greyhound of larger size and bone. Chest deep rather than broad, but not too slender and flat-sided. The loin well arched and drooping to the tail.

Legs and feet:

The legs should be broad and flat, a good broad forearm and elbow being desirable. Fore-legs, after all, as straight as possible. Feet close and compact, with well-arched toes. The hind-quarters drooping, and as broad and powerful as doable, the hips being set wide apart. The hind-legs ought to be well bent at the stifle, with great length from the hip to the hock, that should be broad and flat.


The hair on the body, neck, and quarters should be harsh and wiry, and concerning 3 inches or 4 inches long; that on the head, breast, and belly is a lot of softer. There should be a small bushy fringe on the within of the fore and hind-legs, however nothing approaching to the feathering of a Collie. The Deerhound ought to be a shaggy dog, however not over coated.


Color is a lot of a matter of fancy. However there is no manner of doubt  that the dark blue-gray is the foremost preferred. Next come back the darker and  lighter greys or brindles, the darkest being usually preferred.  Yellow and sandy-red or red-fawn, especially with black points i.e.,  ears and muzzle are in equal estimation.


From 28 inches to 30 inches, or maybe more if there be symmetry while not coarseness, which, but, is rare. Height of bitches: From twenty six inches upwards. There will be no objection to a bitch being giant, unless she is too coarse, as even at her greatest height she does not approach that of the dog, and, thus, might not rather be too big for work, as over-huge dogs are.

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Feeding Your Hamster

Young Dwarf Hamster Eating Millet

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Feeding your hamster is part of caring but you also need to know how to feed him properly. There are a lot of commercial hamster foods available and you can purchase many kinds. You can have the option to purchase either a mix or a pellet. The hamster’s nutritional needs are often met with feeding them the pellets, however, this could get boring for your hamster. You can supplement your hamster with other different foods if you feed him the pellets. The mixed food usually contains crushed oats, barley, rodent pellets, sunflower seeds, peanuts, maize and even dog biscuits.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should always be fed to your hamster together with these commercial foods. Make sure that you clean out any uneaten fresh foods from the cage. Do not leave it there to rot and become moldy, as this will affect your hamsters health and they may become ill. Treating your hamster with fresh fruits and vegetables is a must as well as other recommended treats, but do not give them any sugary treats. Garlic, onions, chocolate, buttercups, raw kidney beans, rabbit mix, toffee or sugar are a big ‘no-no’. Provide your hamster with fresh water every day and you can also feed a vitamin supplement.

Bringing your hamster home the first time is such a joy to your kids. Talk to him calmly, and put him in the cage so he can adjust to his environment. Do not neglect your hamster, as it is much easier to tame them when they are still at a very young age. Talk to your hamster all the time, and offer him healthy treats in his cage. Make him get used to your hand, and you also leave your hand in the cage while he is eating. You can start by leaving the food in the palm of your hand. Cupping him gently in your hand will make him get used to your hand right away, and you will definitely form a trusting bond.

Your kids will definitely enjoy having a pet hamster in the house. However, if you are unsure, you can get those zhu zhu pet hamsters as an alternative. Buy Zhu Zhu pets skateboards and buy Zhu Zhu pets wheel as accessories so your kids can enjoy playing.

Petsafe PUL-275 In-Ground Deluxe Ultralight Collar with Radio Receiver

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Teaching your dog to obey commands is essential. However, there are so many other advantages that come with training a dog. Training makes your dog happy and cheerful. This is because there will be improved communication and all his or her needs can be met.

Also, a trained dog is safer. Owners keep losing their dogs to cars and other hazards because they are unable to make them stop when it’s needed. That is why it’s important to invest in equipment that will help you train your dog properly. A good example is a Petsafe dog training collar. It’s not for nothing that the Petsafe Dog Training Collars are called PetSafe, as they really help you keep your dog safe.

Variety in Petsafe Dog Collars

There are a variety of Petsafe dog training collars to choose from. That’s because Petsafe believes in giving you the most specific model for your dog. You can get collar sprays in addition to shock collars. Every Petsafe product comes with specifications that you can read in order to decide if the product is appropriate for your dog’s needs.

The following are some of the top brands in collars that you will find at Petsafe. Garmin, Innotek, DT systems, sportsdog, among several others. Collars are the signature dog training aids and with this variety you will find one that is suitable for your dog.

Petsafe Dog Training Collars are renowned. This is because it is the biggest name in the manufacture and distribution of dog collars. That alone is a guarantee of the quality of Petsafe’s dog training collars. If you want to get more specific information on Petsafe’s products, go to their site and take a look. Their virtual shop will make you wish you were training your dog already. You will also see the latest there is on dog training collars. You can even order online and have the collar delivered to your home if you decide to buy it. Look out for discounts as you compare product prices.


Petsafe dog training collars are famous for a reason. This is an overview on some of the aspects. We hope that you understand a bit more how Petsafe training collars will help you keep your dog safe. This is a guide to what Petsafe has to offer.

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Grooming: Want Your Dog To Look and Smell Great

Being a dog owner can mean lots of responsibility, regardless of the age of your dog or the dog’s breed. First, you need to make sure that you house train your dog so that it will not dirty your house. Next, you will have to correct any other undesirable dog behaviors if any.

Every pet owner wishes to have a great looking, and well-groomed pet that attracts attention. Dog grooming has been in vogue for sometime now. Dog grooming parlors are springing up in most neighborhoods and pet owners are greedily lapping up this opportunity. Of course, like all good things, getting your pet groomed at the expert hands of a trained and experienced pet groomer doesn’t come cheaply. You will have to spend significant amount of money to get your furry or fluffy friend shampooed, cleaned, cut, polished, and styled.

People interested in grooming their dogs themselves should take the time to find the proper tools to complete the task. Although the main tool in grooming is a brush, not just any brush will work for most dogs. A dog that is properly groomed twice a year will have an adequate coat for summer and winter, will look healthier, and will be a more comfortable and happy dog.

The time of year that you have your dog groomed is important. Dogs will normally grow two coats of fur, a winter and a summer coat. If you leave a dog’s winter coat on too long, he or she will shed that coat and you will have a home full of fur and an uncomfortable animal.

Although it is a different coat the same thing will happen as a dog sheds its summer coat. So, if you want a happy dog and a clean home, you need to find some comfortable clothes, like Barco metroscrubs and give up some time to groom your animal. Although grooming your dog is not the most enjoyable thing you can do with him or her, it is necessary. A dog that is not properly groomed will have an unhealthy and unhappy appearance.

You can join the vibrant online pet community by visiting pet community and clicking Pet Forum for more valuable information on pet.

Grooming your dog at home is really a great experience; it gives you the opportunity to bond with your dog.

Dogs love attention and you as a pet parent can enjoy the feeling of comfort that a dog gives when it know that it is loved and cared for. When you groom your dog yourself, you’re creating an unbreakable bond between you and your pet. You’ll also be contributing to the happiness of your dog. When you take control of your dog’s health and well being and give your dog professional quality grooming, you’ll see a difference not only in her appearance but also in her happiness.

How to Prevent Dog Sickness

Dogs are very similar to humans. Just like humans, their bodies begin to fail with age and deterioration. Dog arthritis is one of the most excruciating diseases that develops along with old age. Many people can sympathize with this.

Another issue is dog diarrhea. If a dog’s digestive system is having problems, this is often a common result. However, as with humans, if dogs are healthy during their younger years they can prevent issues with age.

We take vitamins, exercise, stretch and do lots of other things to keep ourselves and our bodies feeling young. Dogs and their owners should treat the dog the same.

Here are some easy ways to start providing your dog with a healthier life, thus prolonging it. First, nutrition is of the utmost importance to any beings health. If your dog lacks good nutrition, it could hurt him or her in the future. Don’t feed your dog anything you wouldn’t eat yourself. The majority of dog foods are manufactured from scraps and processed junk.

The best choice for your animal is to choose organic or home-made food. Using organic food or making it at home is the best alternative for your pet. You can find a number of books on making dog food in your home. This may sound like a hassle, but it is really quite easy and money saving.

Next,you can’t ignore the exercise factor of your pet’s life. Dogs with no exercise routine never live well. Part of owning a dog is being responsible for walking and playing with it. It isn’t a pain to exercise your dog either. Most of us work out, so take your pet along. Whether you like to walk, run or hike, your dog would most likely enjoy tagging along. Another way to get your dog moving is to play fetch or Frisbee. Simply load him into the backseat next time you’re going to the park and have a play date. Almost no creature is as great to play with as a dog, so we should embrace that.

Third, check ups are a must. You can’t sit around until your dog is ill or injured to take it to the vet. Regular inspections are very important, just like with children. It will keep your dog at a healthy weight and avoid small illnesses. Worms and ear infections are common, but easily missed health issues dogs encounter. If ignored for long enough though, they have the possibility to grow into major issues. Most of us can’t see these issues by ourselves, so regular check-ups can help prevent this.

Pet and their owners build a special bond, one that is unique from any other relationship. During the years they are together, dogs and their owners become family. In order to make that friendship for as long as possible, you should care for your dog in the best way possible.

As they age, dogs have to deal with health issues just like humans do. By giving your dog the right health care, nutrition, and exercise while it is young, you can most of the of issues that come with age. Don’t think that just because your dog appears to be healthy that it doesn’t need to be take care of. Take advantage of the chance while you can.

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