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Fly to Mount Charleston in a 2008 Dodge Challenger Muscle C

Author: paulvideofiles
Keywords: Exotic Car Rental Las Vegas Sport Car Rentals Luxury Rent Exotic Cars Las Veg
Added: August 12, 2009

Fifth Gear Web TV Edition 5 – Volkswagen BlueSport

Author: fifthgearuk
Keywords: Fifth gear 5th th car review fast motor sports uk five race concept bluesport chomondelety pagean of power classic VW
Added: July 31, 2009

Saturday Nite Cruise – Old Town, Orlando Florida

Author: 2345876
Keywords: Saturday Nite Cruise Night Old Town Orlando Florida USA Kissimmee Classic Cars Hot Street Rods 1974 Mustang Custom Car Ford Tudor V8 Drag Racing Racer
Added: August 4, 2009

2010 Classic Car Calendars

Our Classic Car Calendars for 2010 feature a mix of auto classics, including Super Cars, Dream Cars, European Vintage Cars, Concept Cars and all-American favorites like the Corvette.

We’ve also included American Muscle Cars and, at the opposite end of the spectrum, artistic interpretations in the form of Andy Warhol color car images.

Please Note: As these calendars are now out of date, please see our 2011 Classic Car Calendars.

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Useful Facts About Vintage Cars

The Great Charm of Vintage Cars

When we say vintage cars, we usually think about the great cars and automobiles that were produced about 30 to 40 years ago and maybe even more. Not a lot of them can be seen these days, but there is still some considerable number of them which many car enthusiasts restore, maintain and treasure.

Being a proud owner of a vintage car though, is not for everybody. A person may know a lot about cars and how to fix them, but that is not the main necessity, having money is. This is because restoring a vintage car can cost a huge sum. One reason for this is that replacement parts can be very hard to find. If ever, these parts can be expensive or they have to be fabricated and custom made parts are expensive.

Also, finding a vintage car with its original components that is still in good working condition can be nearly impossible. Most of these vintage cars have bodies that require extensive body work. It can be extremely hard to find pre fabricated body parts for vintage vehicles so car mechanics and body fabricators need to do a lot of work.

But why do people love vintage cars? Why do they shell out huge amounts of money and spend a lot of their time restoring vintage cars? Mostly, the reason for this is pride. Vintage cars are a great addition to any car collection as these cars represent an era where automobiles and their owners where regarded as the elite.

Plus, the vintage cars that are worthy to be restored are cars that have made a significant impact in their era. These cars where those that raised the bar in the automobile industry and they deserve to be restored to showcase what they have offered to the industry and why they have made such an impact.

Many of these vintage cars are rarely used once they are restored. They are usually driven only from time to time and are usually presented in car shows. Owners tend to avoid using them so much as they may be damaged or destroyed. Also, if the vintage car is a model that is highly significant, meaning many people have admired them and praised them, they can be much more expensive, especially when restored to their full glory.

While not many restorers tend to part with their vintage car, there are some people who make a business out of it. Many auctions have recorded huge resale for vintage cars and this has enticed a lot of people to make money through it. Many though say that after selling the car, they tend to feel that they have just parted with a significant part of their lives.

For collectors though, owning a vintage car is a great source of pride. Having a piece of automotive history in their garage allows them to feel as if they are members of an exclusive club. While not all people would love to have a vintage car, for those who do, there is a certain aura of distinction. For these persons, their vintage car is an extension of themselves and this is what, more than its high fair market value, makes vintage cars truly priceless.

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