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Interior Design and Fine Art Nature Photography

Running Zebras
Running Zebras Stretched Canvas Print

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There is nothing more exciting than decorating or taking time to rearrange your home to give a new feeling to a home you have been living in for awhile. Although it can cost a lot for artwork, few things are as nice as fine art nature photography to personalize your home .

It doesn’t matter whether you want a country and comfortable feel or something high class and elegant, nature photography can be used to get exactly what you want from every room of your home .

Experiment with Colors

Fine art photography that features imagery of nature can vary from bright bursts of color to muted shades of gray, black, white, and brown . This give you a method of versatile décor if you enjoy experimenting with different colors for interesting effects.

If you’re decorating a room with just a couple primary colors, you will likely need some sort of accent color to complete the decor. Fine art photos of nature can help add those accents of color, or can bring out accents that are include in the room .

Fine art photos of nature can also be picked that compliment that primary colors in the room, or for a room that has dull colors, you can go with photos that have bright colors . When you choose the perfect colors and place them perfectly , these photos can complete your home design.

Use Themes
In some rooms in your house, it can be fun to use themes, particularly in the play room or even a child’s bedroom. Rooms that you use for hobbies or recreation, such as an art studio can work well with exciting themes .

Fine art nature photography allows you to easily pull together a theme. Actually, some prints can completely set the theme for the entire room, allowing you to play with the color patterns in the photos pulling everything in the room together.

For example, a photo of a fawn in grass can be the basis for an adorable and rather unique bedroom for a growing child . It may bring to mind Bambi and other Disney features that kids today love .

Water is another theme that can be incorporated for an elegant feel . Fine art nature photography featuring oceans, rivers, or water calmly running over pebbles or smooth stones can really give you a great effect when in the same room you use fountains and fish tanks.

Create a Focal Point

Choosing the perfect piece of photography of nature and going with a framed print that is large can create a point of focus that catches everyone’s eye . If you want to draw the eye to one particular part of the room this is a great idea, or if there are other areas of the room that you need to distract attention away from .

When your focal point is a fine art photo, it should really grab attention. It should be extraordinarily beautiful, or odd enough that people can’t look away.

Bringing fine art nature photography in a room is fun and costs much less than paints and other types of art. Fine art photos can be combined with other art forms for an incredible effect , including sculptures and watercolor prints .

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Want to Learn Guitar?

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural
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The guitar is a classic instrument. Simple. Efficient and timeless. Used for hundred of years the guitar has been a source of delight to music lovers all over the world.It is no wonder that thousands of people daily seek to improve their skills with the guitar.

True mastery of a guitar takes years of practice. This is the period in which talent is gradually honed with skill. The path of learning how to play a guitar begins with understanding how the basics of guitar playing.

Tutorials are easily available for people who wish to learn how to play the guitar. People, for example, go through an introduction course by buying tutorial DVDs on this subject.With this approach, users are able to learn more about playing a guitar. Alternatively, it is possible to learn how to play a guitar through the use of a tutorial book. Well written and with detailed instructions, much can be learnt from the use of thes books.

For people who wish to learn how to play the guitar from the comfort of their home, online tutorial classes are an easier option. People can easily learn how to play a guitar using the many visual and written tutorials available at these sites.Music notes can be downloaded and printed for home practice and visual aids can be used as guides. Feedback options are also left for people who might require some answers to their questions. Online classes are mostly arranged on a tier system involving varying modules of difficulty. This way, each individual area of guitar playing is properly addressed before advancing to the next.

Registering at an online guitar course is hardly expensive. Some online courses are even offered at no charge. Online websites also provide support services for students. Learners can make use of the many online forums. It is also possible to have daily tips or musical chords mailed to your box.

How quickly you learn to play the guitar will be a factor of several factors such as your dedication and patience. You might be Carlos Santana, but you definitely will be no newbie.

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If you’re a photographer using a digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera, then you’ll certainly want to make sure you have a wide angle lens in your arsenal of photographic tools.

And if Canon is your chosen brand, then it’s a Canon wide angle lens that needs to be in your camera bag. Why, you ask? Because it’s generally accepted that the wide angle is the most indispensable of all your lenses.

In circumstances where a telephoto lens would make life easier but you don’t have one, you can usually change position and move closer to the subject to fill the frame. Or you could even crop the image in PhotoShop or other image editing software.

Unfortunately there is no comparable solution if you don’t possess a wide angle lens. If you’d like your landscape to include foreground flowers plus distant mountains, you’ll need to move back a long, long way to fit in the entire scene with a standard 50mm lens on your camera.

Similarly, when photographing interiors, space is usually limited, so you can’t move further back to fit in more of the scene. In such cases, a wide angle lens is the only option.

If you use a Canon digital SLR camera such as one of the Canon Digital Rebels (Canon EOS 400D, 450D, 500D) or a Canon 40D or 50D, then it’s important to understand that these cameras are fitted with APS-C sensors that are smaller than a full-frame sensor or 35mm negative.

This has the effect of magnifying the image and produces the same result as fitting 1.6x converter to the lens.

While this is a bonus for photographers using telephoto lenses, it works against wide angle lenses, effectively making them longer — so your 24mm wide angle on a Digital Rebel becomes a 38mm (24 x 1.6), i.e. close to a standard lens rather than a wide angle.

Fortunately Canon has produced a range of lenses, with the EF-S designation, to counter the crop factor of sub full-frame cameras with APS-C format sensors. Two of the top lenses offering wide angle capability within the range of EF-S lenses are:
* Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM
* Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM

Holiday Season Posters and Fine Art Prints

Below are the most popular posters and fine art prints for this Holiday Season, featuring a range of subjects from evergreens like the Beatles, to classic movie posters and iconic sports stars, to the hottest Twilight images.

Canon IS Lenses a Boon for Wildlife Photography

Lion cub reaching out to big male lion

When shooting wildlife pictures, a telephoto lens is essential as you can’t normally get close enough to the animals to use a standard lens. You wouldn’t want to try getting too close anyway, not only for your own safety, but also for the wellbeing of the animals.

In the picture above, a Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM telephoto zoom lens was used at its maximum focal length of 300mm. As the lens was fitted to a Canon EOS 400D digital SLR camera, the equivalent focal length was in fact 480mm because of the 1.6x crop factor resulting from the smaller, APS-C size sensor in the camera.

It’s extremely difficult to get sharp pictures when hand-holding a lens of 480mm focal length and for the above shot, the camera was placed on a beanbag resting on the side of the game drive vehicle for additional support. However, what has made a huge difference for wildlife photographers using long lenses in situations where it’s not possible to use a tripod is image stabilization (IS).

IS lenses help combat camera shake, making it possible to hand-hold telephoto lenses at slower shutter speeds than is possible with non-IS lenses.

New Walt Disney Museum to Open this Fall

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Part of Los Angeles Music Center, Frank Gehry Architect, Los Angeles
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The name Walt Disney carries with it a great deal of meaning. It is equated with majesty and children’s entertainment, movies and theme parks. However, many people fail to remember that despite it all, Walt Disney was once a person before the name became synonymous with a major corporation. Today Disney’s family wants to refocus the public attention back on the person of Walt Disney and they intend to do so by opening a new museum to tell his life’s story.

The family contends that Walt Disney’s actual life and accomplishments have been overshadowed by the corporate giant that shares his name. Therefore the family, through the Walt Disney Family Foundation, a not-for-profit group started in the 1990s and which usually focuses on Walt Disney education and giving out scholarships, will open the Walt Disney museum in Northern California on the first of October, 2009.

Because the Walt Disney brand, which releases scores of disney dvds each year, has never been more popular, the family believes that many overlook the story of the single man who started an entertainment empire. Who today knows much about this man, Walt Disney, and the things that moved and drove him to become an animation pioneer and one of the founders of Hollywood?

Through exhibits, the Walt Disney museum will replay the key moments in Walt Disney’s life, starting with his birth in Chicago and continuing through his childhood years in St. Louis. The main focus of the museum will be on his life after his move to the embryonic Hollywood of the 1920s and the launch of his Mickey Mouse cartoon which launched his career.

The Walt Dinsey museum will feature many relics from Walt Disney’s past. Among the priceless artifacts that will be on exhibit include primitive animation sketches, bytes of film, rough drafts of movie scripts, and several of Walt Disney’s Academy Awards, including the one presented to him by the Academy for his first full length animated feature, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

Also included will be a mock up of the theme park, later dubbed Disneyland, as first imagined by Walt Disney. This theme park’s early designs ended up being quite different from the Walt Disney land that one can visit today. The museum will feature a working model of the train which ran around the Dinsey estate.

Walt Disney, who passed away in 1966, created many movies that live on in children’s minds to this day. The studio he created has continued to produce hits and today is one of the largest media conglomerates in the world.

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Please browse and enjoy our custom gallery of posters and prints specially selected for college students and anyone going back to school who might be wanting colorful and eye-catching decor to decorate dorms and other accommodation.

Colorful Bicycle Posters Remain a Popular Art Form

Ever since the bicycle was invented in the early 1800s, this people transporter on two wheels has had a significant impact on society. It’s estimated there are now around one billion bicycles in the world and, at least according to singer Katie Melua, nine million of those are in Beijing, China!

It’s not disputed that cycling is sitll the principal mode of transport for much of the world’s population.

In 1817 a man named Karl von Drais invented what he called his “hobby horse”, a wooden bicycle with wheels but no pedals or chain. This meant you pushed along with your feet – but it was still faster than walking.

About1840 a Scot named Kirkpatrick Macmillan took the next step by adding pedals. The “Safety Bicycle”, now sporting gears and a chain to drive the rear wheel, became popular around 1885. The introduction not long after of the rubber tire significantly improved rider comfort which aided public acceptance of the new design.

Yet it was only in the 1930s that cycles became a popular form of transport as a result of lower production costs, combined with higher wages.

So it’s natural that the bicycle, having played such a pivotal role in society during the last century, has been – and still is – a popular subject for artists and photographers.

This has resulted in a wonderfully diverse selection of cycling posters and vintage bicycle posters, in the form of art reproductions (as in the examples below), becoming accessible to those for whom originals or limited-edition prints are simply too expensive.
Cycles Gladiator
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London Underground, Bicyclisim

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Thanks to innovative technology and advances in digital printing, it’s now feasible to produce small quantities of art reproductions at affordable prices. And, while costs have dropped for small print runs, the caliber of art prints and posters has gotten better. Sophisticated inkjet printers using a wide array of inks can produce vivid, saturated colors, exceptional detail and subtle tones previously only possible with highly expensive equipment.

This means the average art enthusiast now has access to modern cycling posters and vintage bicycle prints reproduced from original artwork. Reproductions are made on archival quality materials and often include stretched canvas prints, giving an even more authentic look.

Giclée bicycle prints (pronounced “zhee-clay”), a form of inkjet print derived from the French term meaning to spray or squirt, offer additional options. Giclée prints can be made on a variety of paper surfaces, including various textures such as watercolor paper, stretched canvas, or textured vinyl.

When selecting cycling posters or vintage bicycle prints, one has various framing alternatives available that allow one to infuse the artwork with personal taste, ensuring a measure of originality. Selecting a frame that complements not only the print but also the interior design space will add hugely to one’s enjoyment of the artwork.

Holiday Movies: Top 10 of All-time

If you’re looking for a movie to get yourself or your family into the holiday spirit, these are 10 guaranteed top picks when it comes to Christmas Movies:

10 – A Christmas Carol (1951)
The Charles Dickens story has been remade into several television and movie adaptations through the years, yet the tale remains the same. Ebenezer Scrooge is a miserly businessman in 1840’s London whose only goal is to make more money and keep it for himself. On Christmas Eve, he sees the ghost of his deceased business partner, who tells him that he will be visited by three spirits-Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come. The ghosts appear to Scrooge in an attempt to help him change his ways.

9 – Elf (2003) starring Will Ferrell
I’m not usually a Will Ferrell fan, to be quite frank, I find him and his characters annoying. I actually saw this film for the first time this year, at a friend’s house. I was surprised to find myself laughing at “Buddy’s” antics, and also a little touched to see how his childlike enthusiasm worked magic on the others around him. Besides, it actually is fun to watch a really tall guy wearing a ridiculous looking green suit and tights running around New York City. I guess I’ll have to make an exception and let Elf schmaltz into my holidays from now on, although it’s not really one to share with younger kids.

8 – The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), Animated
Jack Skellington, the “Pumpkin King” of Halloween Town, is bored and sets out to find something new to do. When he stumbles into Christmas Town, Jack decides to recreate Christmas in Halloween style, with ghouls, goblins, and a coffin “sleigh”, drawn by skeletal reindeer. Jack also assumes the duties of Santa Claus to deliver toys across the world, with unusual consequences.

7 – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989) starring Chevy Chase
Number seven is truly a classic Christmas comedy. The Griswold family struggles to have an old-fashioned Christmas. With crazy Christmas lights, Cousin Eddie, and squirrels hiding in trees, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation will keep you laughing all night long.

6 – Bad Santa (2003)
Con men Willie and Marcus join forces each year to rob department stores at Christmas by posing as Santa and his little helper. Their plans are foiled when Willie meets a troubled 8-year old boy, who teaches them the real meaning of Christmas.

5 – Scrooged (1988)
Movie number five is a twist on A Christmas Carol. Administrator of a U.S. television station, Frank Cross didn’t really have a great childhood so his appreciation of Christmas is quiescent. His station is planning on playing a live adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Three ghosts attempt to help Frank change his ways.

4 – The Santa Clause (1994)
Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) is reading his son Charlie a Christmas story one night when he hears something on the roof. After frightening Santa to death, Scott must take over as the new Santa. Charlie likes the fact his dad is Santa, but Scott doesn’t believe it — until his hair turns white and he puts on a couple pounds. Can Scott keep his new secret from his unsuspecting family?

3 – Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
Miracle on 34th Street is a timeless Christmas classic. After a drunk imitation Santa at Macy’s is replaced by a new Santa, skeptical six-year old Susan notices this Santa’s determination to prove to everyone that he, Kris Kringle, is indeed the real Santa. Kris goes to court to prove his title is true, and in doing so, restores Susan’s faith and belief in Christmas.

2 – It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) starring Jimmy Stewart
Given the financial events of this year, this one was a close one, almost got number one for me. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that everyone’s life makes a difference, and that your family needs you. Get everyone to sit down together and watch it, enough said.

That brings us to the number one Christmas movie to watch in 2009:

1 – A Christmas Story (1983) starring Peter Billingsley
Probably the most popular Christmas movie ever made, A Christmas Story is a tale of a young boy, Ralphie, who wants nothing more than a Red Ryder BB rifle for Christmas. Does Ralphie ever get his one and only wish? Bunny outfits, leg lamps, and “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” will keep you laughing until next Christmas.

There you have it, the Top Ten Christmas Movies of 2008! Throw another log on the fire and get to watching these timeless movies.

To Download These 10 as well as many other Movies, Click Here

To Download These 10 as well as many other Movies, Click Here

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Music Themed Battle of the Bands

Games such as the Guitar Hero series have inspired lots of people to learn to play the guitar correctly, in addition to providing hours of fun. Music themed video games have become very common.

The world of gaming eagerly anticipates the release of the Battle of the Bands game for the Wii system. The game is suitable for one player or multi players. The game is to be published by THQ, sometime in 2008, and it has been formulated by Planet Moon Studios. Practice makes just right and it may prove addictive! It doesn’t demand any musical knowledge and players of any standard will enjoy it.

A song in a certain genre is played for a brief time period and changes from one style to another. The concept behind the game is for different genres of music to battle it out for supremacy. Battle of the Bands contains 30 songs played in five cover versions of distinct styles. The players must do their best to move the remote in time to the notes. As a result, the total is 150 songs.

Players compete against each other, following the notes that appear on the screen. The successful player’s music will be the loudest, drowning out the rest. The player that plays the best will score more points, resulting in their chosen genre being played more.

There are three extra tracks with an orchestral backing. Anyone familiar with Guitar Hero will also enjoy this game. Different features of the game have been added to make it more thrilling. Players want to ruin it for the opposition and there are ‘weapons’, such as land mines and smoke bombs. The genres contained within Battle of the Bands are Rock, Country and Western, Funk/Hip-Hop, Marching Band and Latin.

Gamers can also diminish notes or change them around. Wii will benefit from this intelligent game in the music themed sector, aimed at teenagers and young people. It takes a similar idea and adds a competitive edge with some fun obstacles thrown in.

KC and the Sunshine Band’s big hit, that’s the Way (I Like It) is also incorporated. The 30 songs chosen for the game represent distinct styles of music and artists. There are old and newer acts, the most famous being The Ramones and their track, Blitzkrieg Bop. Other tracks include Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz, Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill and Master Exploder by Tenacious D. The Battle of the Bands is an established part of the MTV scene and it will shortly be part of the gaming fraternity.

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