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The Pefect Digital Keyboard for Beginners

Are you currently interested in buying a brand new music keyboard? Perhaps you are interested in the right beginner keyboard or synthesizer for your youngster who desires to get started understanding how to play. There are many reasons why a smaller sized and more transportable alternative can be a great option as opposed to investing in a piano or something that’s bulkier and much more pricey.

A single fantastic example of a keyboard that’s affordable, compact as well as feature rich, is the Yamaha MO8. Should you be someone who is completely new to playing this musical instrument or someone who has been actively playing for some time now, you will discover this to be among a few great products to choose from.

Here, we are going to look at some fundamental things that you should be aware of when shopping for a keyboard. Audio keyboards may be one of the more pricey things on your buying list, which means you do want to take a little bit of time to research and make sure that you might be somewhat alert to exactly what features and capabilities you ought to be searching for.

Keyboards are often lumped directly into a single big category when it is actually more likely to be one of a number of different varieties of what individuals refer to as a keyboard. Some of the different keyboard varieties that you will find might be digital pianos, MIDI controllers, synthesizers, portables and workstations. Next we are going to look at each quickly as well as check out the Yamaha MO8 review as a source of recommendation for a style that might be able to fit most needs.

Electronic Digital Pianos

Electronic digital pianos are usually probably the most serious and expensive of the bunch when it comes to keyboards. You are able to purchase these types of devices which may have keys that are weighted and designed to perform and feel almost just like real piano keys.

MIDI controllers fundamentally provide the machine with the capability to hook up with different types of gear in order to actually play the sounds and voices that you are seeking.


Synthesizers are keyboards that fundamentally create numerous different sounds. When you discover the essentials of just how this wonderful item of equipment works, a person may put these kinds of sounds together to be able to generate music selections.


Portables are usually smaller keyboards that are usually fantastic machines to use when starting with a newbie. They would usually include a lesser amount of keys compared to full keyboards, but many do integrate USB connections which can be utilized to expand on the small measurements as well as permit for increased abilities.


A workstation is actually a smaller size design of a full on recording studio room. Generally workstations may permit a person to compose, record as well as mix your songs. This may end up being a best solution for a musician and performer or songwriter that is not necessarily quite prepared to make the actual economical investment required for a full recording studio room.

Regardless of whether you take the excellent Yamaha MO8 reviews into consideration and go for this as your current music keyboard of selection, or go for one of the other types of digital devices which perform the job you are seeking, always be sure to perform the study needed to be able to help make a great informed selection. It is absolutely worth it to look up and examine the various manufacturers and models on the internet to be able to see which kinds will best fit your current requirements.

The world of painting, drawing and sculpting has many followers but those who live or holiday in the Hamptons have a great art fair to look forward to every year these days. Art fairs per se are popular events but this one attracts the rich and famous along with residents of the area.

Hutchison House, East Hampton, Long Island

Hutchison House, East Hampton, Long Island, Stretched Canvas Print

In 2009 this event attracted many thousands of visitors from all over the country, with the emphasis on those who visit the place regularly. Of course, these events also generate sales which is the general idea, but the amount of sales has skyrocketed since the event began. Even after event sales topped the millions and artists and buyers alike are still feeling the benefit.

Of course, the famous always come to the Hamptons for the summer months, but having this form of ‘entertainment’ means that many become experts at choosing up and coming artists well before they are recognized by the world of their peers. This lucrative event puts aspiring artists and patrons in the same exciting venue but with a laid back summery feel to the event.

In 2009 the space made available from the previous year expanded by about thirty per cent because of increased interest. But in 2010 the space will have to be enlarged again.

The Lift area is where individual artists have their own booths to showcase just their own work. This gives each one of them a great opportunity to meet and greet patrons and really communicate his ideas to the general public. Patrons too like the idea of being able to chat to the artist direct before deciding to buy or order some work. Commissions which have been acquired in this way are great for the artist because they get to sell more or their work, and great for the patron because they know that their piece will be absolutely unique.

It is not only paintings that are on offer at any such event. Sculptures and photography, as well as works on paper and world class glass pieces all gathered in one place means that the purchaser will have plenty of scope to choose something special. The more affluent collector will be able to buy up several pieces from a particular artist at the same time which would become impossible once the artist is better known.

One other great aspect to this event is also that artists from all over the world gather here giving the attendees ample chance to choose from a great mix of styles. This is probably not available in this scope anywhere else in America at this point in time. Indeed, over the weekend that this event takes place, the population reaches more than three hundred thousand people which shows how far people will go to get great artwork.

This event is run by many professionals who have done their best to bring the talent from around the world to gather at this particular place. They also back the artists and attendees alike by bringing together like minded people to wallow in all this talent. Staging this kind of event is not easy, but it is obvious that the event has become a permanent fixture.

A junior drum set can be an ideal investment for anyone who is considering the purchase of their first drum set. Although there are numerous products on the market, you may feel quite constrained budget wise, if you have not considered a junior drum set. These drum kits provide you with a full drum set without the large expense that is normally associated with purchasing these instruments. Best of all, they look tremendous, work great and they give you the performance you are after.

GP Percussion GP50MPR Complete Junior Drum Set (Purple, 3-Piece Set)
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: Varies based on product options
Amazon Price: $179.59

If you are buying your first drum set, it doesn’t need to be a full set. Junior drum sets have plenty of the pieces, features, and qualities you’ll find in a full set. But it will also be cheaper, better for learning, and more suited for a child or teen. No matter if you are buying a drum set for a young one or yourself, the initial cost may be holding you up.

It is expensive to buy a full drum set right out the door. The concern that you may not like it or that your child may not like it, prevents many back from investing in the set. More so, it can be challenging to learn that after a two weeks of playing that large, professional set that your child doesn’t want anything to do with it.

Junior drums sets are high quality instruments and usually made by the same manufacturers of full sets. They are perfect for learning and practicing, and if you avoid a cheap set, it will last well until you are ready for you full drum kit. When you are ready for a full drum kit, you can then easily upgrade to a full drum set and sell your junior drum set to another beginner (a common practice).

A child drum kit is less expensive. This means a lower initial outlay of money on your part, for those ‘what if’ situations you cannot forecast. It provides your child or you with the ability to buy the type of drum set that you want. For example, a variety of configurations are available to afford any requirement you may have. You can still gain from playing the child drum set for instructional use. It is a fully functional drum set, just without some of the bells and whistles of the larger, professional drum kits.

Are you sure, they will drum? Are you confident that what you are buying is the best drum set for you? If not, junior drums set really can minimize the risk to you. Keep in mind that these drum sets are not any less functional. They possibly aren’t the name brand you’re familiar or have all of the pieces of other models, but they are well-designed, high quality drum sets that definitely are excellent instruments for learning to drum.

Is a junior drum kit set the right thing for your young one? Chances are it is, especially if they have never played before or if you want to keep the spending low until you are sure they love playing. Let their true drummer out without breaking the bank.

Looking for a junior drum set for yourself or your child? At / you can learn about, find, and buy junior drum sets and starter drum sets.

Fender Jazz Bass Guitars and Standard Fender Bass Guitars

The Bass guitar is one of the most common of guitar classes in the world, ideally complementing regular guitars during performances, as well as with recording sessions.

An electrical bass guitar is a guitar type which appears no different from standard electrical guitars, only that they frequently come with bigger solid-bodies, with a narrower, wide worried, neck, and has only 4 strings. Certain more complicated classes of basses feature 5 and / or six strings, express for those with particular bass tastes. Almost all of the time, basses shine as solo instruments when talking about Jazz pieces, but also are quite integral when talking about general music genres. In Jazz, basses are simply brought to higher levels, outlining them as not only instruments for bass lines, but as showcase quality instruments which people are certain to enjoy listening to.

Fender Starcaster J Bass
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: Varies based on product options
Amazon Price: View Sale Price

Fender, a pace-setter in the making of quality guitars, in any case if these were bass or standard guitars, is renowned for their line of Fender Jazz basses. Fender, as a brand, is renowned for the 1st mass promoted, commercially successful electrical bass guitar in the planet. The Precision Bass from Fender stands proud as the Fender Jazz Bass guitar of choice by many performers all around the world.

Of course, Fender basses aren’t only restricted to Fender Jazz basses, as a number of basses are available from the musical instrument production giant. Among the hottest of Fender bass guitars available would include : the Aerodyne Fender Jazz Bass, the Fender Bass V, the Fender Bullet Bass, the Fender Dimension Bass, the Fender Jaguar Bass, the Fender Jazz Bass, the Fender Mustang Bass, the Fender Precision Bass, the Fender Performer Bass, the Fender Precision Lyte and Lyte Luxury , the Fender Tele Bass, the Fender VI Bass and the Fender Area Bass. Artist Model basses from Fender include the Fender Frank Bello Signature Bass, The Geddy Lee Fender Jazz Bass, the Jaco Pastorius Fender Jazz Bass, the Marcus Miller Fender Jazz Bass, The Mark Hoppus Fender Jazz Bass, the Mike Dirnt Fender Precision Bass, the Pino Palladino Signature Precission Bass, the Reggie Hamilton Fender Jazz Bass, The Roscoe Beck IV Fender Bass, the Tony Franklin Fretless Fender Precision Bass, and the Victor Bailey Fender Jazz Bass. Custom model basses also include the Custom Classic Fender Jazz Bass, the Custom Classic Fender Jazz Bass ( five string ), the Nil Fret Vintage Fender Jazz Bass LTD, the Fender 5 Precision Bass Relic, the Fender 5 Precision Bass NOS, and the Jaco Pastorius Tribute Fender Jazz Bass.

If you are after a Jazz Bass, go for the Fender Jazz Bass line of quality bass guitars.

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Jarvis D. Burris

What are Gibson Guitars?

Guitars are amazing musical instruments which basically stand to be one of the most popular of musical instruments in the world today. Practically used in almost all music genres, guitars, especially electric guitars, have had significant contributions and influence on modern day pop culture. The guitar origins dates back to over 5000 years ago, and is still being used today, more than ever. Talk about rock and roll, guitars would have to be there. Talk about blues, even more so. Talk about jazz, funk, fusion, alternative, pop, country, speed metal, heavy metal, and even with other genres like Latin or flamenco, and you’re be sure to think about guitars as part of the music genre ensemble.

Gibson SG Special Electric Guitar,Worn Brown Satin
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: Varies based on product options
Amazon Price: View Sale Price

If you are looking out for quality guitars, Gibson guitars might be just what you’re looking for. It’s a known fact that costlier, even tho more top spec, guitars don’t always result to better guitar playing. But rather low quality guitars are known to affect one guitar performances in a bad way. With Gibson guitars, guitarists are warranted of quality guitars, in any case if a Gibson guitar were the top-of-the-line of Gibson guitars, or if they were the low cost standards of Gibson guitars. Bottom line, Gibson guitars are simply fine built guitars, with fine quality sounds, good for recreational guitar players, or major guitar playing executives.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the Gibson Guitar Corporation originally made mandolins as the Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Mfg. Co, Ltd. in 1902. Orville Gibson, who was born in 1856, made mandolins in 1894, which paved the track on which Gibson Guitars is on today. Basically all classes and types of guitars are made by Gibson. From acoustic steel stringed to classical guitars, to basic electric to arch top electric guitars, and even to bass guitars, a lot of the popular guitar classes, as well as guitar accessories are made by Gibson. During the dawn of the electric guitar, Charlie Christian, the first of famous electric guitarists, helped promote Gibson ES-150 and ES200, as well as other Gibson electric guitars. Since then numerous famous guitar players and artists have used Gibson guitars, standing testament to the superb quality of Gibson guitars.

Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar (Alpine White Gold Hardware)
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: Varies based on product options
Amazon Price: View Sale Price

The standard of Gibson guitars has the long established honour of being the most classic of guitar shapes, a really electrifying guitar entry in Gibson CV. The Gibson Les Paul Standard is largely a solid body electrical guitar, and sells for approximately ,300.

If you are looking for quality guitars, look no further than Gibson guitars. You’ll be certain to find what you’re looking for.

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Jarvis D. Burris

From Motown to Hip Hop

The Jackson Five
The Jackson Five PhotoBuy at

Growing up within the City of Detroit throughout the early 60s was a memorable era for music. It absolutely was a period of your time whereby the unique sounding records of Motown were being played and heard throughout the streets, nightclubs, house parties and radio stations everywhere. It was common to have the soulful R and B records enjoying on the jukeboxes whereas people were dancing within the streets or singing within the barber shops and beauty parlors to the love songs that eventually captivated the hearts of lots of individuals throughout the world. Music cds and rap music weren’t heard of throughout that amount, it absolutely was all about the vinyl records and rhythm and blues soul.

The songs that were written by Motown songwriters during the 60’s & 70’s had therefore a lot of meaning. They were songs that spoke concerning true love, current events and also the heartache and pains of life experiences. Oh yes, Motown had it going on! Their music became universal music. Several of the soulful tunes crossed over into alternative markets like pop, jazz, blues, etc… However just like George Benson said in one in all his recordings “Everything Must Change”, and certain enough, he was right concerning the music.

Stevie Wonder, Rolling Stone no. 471, April 1986

Stevie Wonder, Rolling Stone no. 471, April 1986Buy at

Once giving therefore many years service and great music to the City of Detroit, Motown removed and Rap/Hip Hop moved in. Rather than hearing someone singing My Baby Loves Me or My Lady, you began to hear new sounding lyrics of street experience expressed in rhythms with the mouth, chest, hands and feet as such had never been heard before.

This new sound referred to as Rap evolved in the early 80’s and took off as a sky rocket within the late 90’s and New Millennium as Hip Hop/Rap. Even today Rap/Hip Hop music remains a multi billion dollar genre. Immeasurable cds, videos and dvd’s are sold each year in the Hip Hop genre of music. And there is no sign that Hip Hop will be slowing down or taking a back seat to anyone anytime soon.

Therefore what happened to the Motown sound…. did it die out? No! The Motown sound can never die out. It will continuously play a vital half within the hearts of millions who embraced it’s sound back in the first 60’s, and continued to pass that sound on to their kids throughout the 70’s, eighty’s and 90’s.

Generally you just have to move over and let the new youngsters on the block have a flip in expressing their musical abilities, songs and ideas. That’s what Motown did…moved over-not out. And now the Hip Hop artists are not the new youngsters on the block anymore, for they need taken their position to express themselves musically, just just like the rhythm and blues artists took their position to express themselves in the Motown era.

That’s how we tend to’ve gone from Motown to Hip Hop!

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Singorama 2 Review

Finally a professional singing course for under 0 that really delivers the goods. Singorama states that no matter how poorly you might sing right now, in three short months you can sing and perform like a professional. I know bold claims are a dime a dozen, but Singorama is proving to be more than hollow promises and they’ve received loads of testimonials with amazing before and after recordings. People are literally singing their praises on the online singing forums. Every day more and more Singorama customers are successfully transforming their voices and singing praises for these online singing lessons. For an independent Singorama review click here.

People who suffered with breath support are now able to sing longer phrases with more power and projection than ever before and amazing their family and peers. Best of all is the boost in confidence that these online singing lessons have given them. In many cases it sounds as if they’ve been given a new lease on live in finally becoming the professional singer they’d always dreamed of. People who were once terrified of singing in front of an audience are now getting a real kick from giving live performances – and of course from the applause and praise they’ve been receiving.

And to think that so many of these folks used to be accused of being “tone deaf” and politely informed that singing just wasn’t their life’s calling. It just goes to show that people are not necessarily “born to sing” as is commonly believed. All you need to sing like a pro is a little determination and access to the right tools. This probably sounds hard to swallow because most likely, you too have been led to believe that you’re either born to sing or you’re not. Don’t believe it! Too many people do and just hold themselves back from discovering their hidden talent and becoming a professional singer.

For an in-depth review of Singorama be sure to check out They provide a comprehensive review of Singorama and exactly what you can realistically expect to learn with the Emily Mander’s updated Singorama course. Singorama members get access to hours of professional quality interactive audio training as well as two 100+ page ebooks and software downloads to help singers record their progress and perfect their pitch. You might have tried learning to sing before, but I’m willing to bet that you’ve not seen anything like this before, and best of all – not for less than 100 bucks!

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Helen Frankenthaler – Abstract Expressionist Painter

Helen Frankenthaler is an Abstract Expressionist painter from the USA. Born on 12 December 1928 in New York city, she is widely recognized and acknowledged for her valuable contribution to American postwar painting.

Paris Review, 1996
Paris Review, Serigraph by Helen Frankenthaler, 1996 — Buy at

Frankenthaler, who began exhibiting her large artworks in the early 1950s, has spanned six decades of modern abstract expressionism, during which time she has succeeded in producing fresh and constantly evolving paintings. Her career as an artist began in 1952 when she exhibited Mountains and Sea, a large oil measuring 7 ft x 10 ft.

This work, while giving the impression of a watercolor, is done in oils and introduced the artist’s technique of painting straight on to unprepared canvas. This causes the canvas to absorb the colors, an effect which is further accelerated by diluting the oil paint with turpentine.

This “soak stain” technique was also used by artists such as Jackson Pollock and subsequently adopted by other contemporary artists which in turn led to the next generation of the Color Field school of painting.

Helen Frankenthaler’s paintings have been showcased in a number of retrospective exhibitions, including a 1989 retrospective at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.

Examples of abstract expressionists paintings by Helen Frankenthaler:

Blue Atmosphere

Blue Atmosphere, Art Print by Helen Frankenthaler — Buy at


Ocean Drive West No. 1, c.1974
Ocean Drive West No. 1, c.1974, serigraph by Helen Frankenthaler — Buy at


Spring Bank, c.1974
Spring Bank, c.1974 Art Print by Helen Frankenthaler — Buy at


Chairman of the Board, c.1971
Chairman of the Board, c.1971, serigraph by Helen Frankenthaler — Buy at


Nature Abhors a Vacuum, c.1973
Nature Abhors a Vacuum, c.1973 Art Print by Helen Frankenthaler — Buy at


Southern Exposure
Southern Exposure, serigraph by Helen Frankenthaler — Buy at


Sesame, c.1970
Sesame, c.1970, serigraph by Helen Frankenthaler — Buy at


Grey Fireworks, 2000
Grey Fireworks, 2000 serigraph by Helen Frankenthaler — Buy at


Solar Imp, 2001
Solar Imp, 2001 serigraph by Helen Frankenthaler — Buy at


Paris Review, 1966
Paris Review, 1966 Rare Limited Edition by Helen Frankenthaler — Buy at


Flirt, serigraph by Helen Frankenthaler — Buy at


Beginnings, 1994
Beginnings, 1994 serigraph by Helen Frankenthaler — Buy at


Mary Mary, 1990

Mary Mary, 1990 serigraph by Helen Frankenthaler — Buy at


Erotic Black & White Photography

Erotic black and white photography, to be successful, must spark the imagination. Erotic photographs do this by hiding and revealing, by hinting and suggesting, yet never revealing all.

Tasteful lighting that accentuates sexy curves and smooth, luminous skin gets the imagination working much more successfully than blatant, full-frontal nudity as typified by pornographic photographs.

In many cases the model’s face isn’t visible, as in the poster below titled Stockings. Here we don’t even see the model’s head or breasts, yet she’s very obviously naked except for the thigh-high silk stockings. The placement of the hands, on her buttock and upper thigh, cleverly work to draw the eye towards the focal point of the photograph.

StockingsBuy at

In Black and White Nude, below, the model reveals less than if she was wearing sexy underwear or a bikini, but skillful lighting and her pose, with hands covering the breasts and head thrown back, combine to produce an evocative image that’s strongly erotic.

Black and White Nude
Black and White NudeBuy at

The photograph titled simply Chair, below, is similarly erotic as a result of the contrasty lighting that reveals and hides at the same time.


ChairBuy at

Although the model’s breasts are exposed, you only see a hint of one nipple, while half her face is in shadow, adding to the mystery — is her look welcoming or disdainful? Although her legs are spread wide and the positioning of the arms and hands draws the eye downwards, the strategic placement of her hands on the chair means nothing at all is revealed and her privacy remains intact.

The work titled Le Reveil below of a naked woman lying partially on her side, with her head hidden in the pillow, is another example of using lighting and contrast in textures to create an erotic black and white photograph. The metal bars at the head of the bed are cold and hard, in contrast to the gentle folds in the sheets and the curves of the woman’s body, accentuated by the unusual angle of the lighting.

Le Reveil

Le ReveilBuy at

These four examples of erotic black and white photography prove that you don’t need bright colors or ultra revealing poses to create sexy images — clever lighting, subtle use of props and imaginative posing can combine to produce images that are both erotic and tasteful. See Erotic Black and White Photography for more examples.

Beautiful Canvas Prints Can Attract Anyone’s Attention

Meadow Suite I
Meadow Suite I Framed Canvas PrintBuy at

When choosing Canvas Prints, be creative! Wonderful designs can be found to inspire you to create something unique. Beautiful canvas prints can attract anyone’s attention and if you are going to make canvas prints, make sure to come up with something that has the ability to make people stop and gaze at your works.

Creating canvas prints is a complicated job and it requires a lot of concentration in order to come out beautiful in all angles. Canvas prints are becoming more and more popular because it is a very effective device for advertising and self-expression. Design, combination of colors and framing are only some of the elements involved in the whole process of producing canvas prints. There are different canvases that posses numerous symbols and meanings and only a creative mind can understand the significance of these things.

A canvas print can mean many things as each print can relate to very different meanings. For example, some designs are directly from the artists inspirations and are meant to inspire you also. Many printing business’ are now adding canvas printing to their services.

A great way to advertise or promote something is to use canvas printing. Advertisers will only choose very experienced printers to supply them with canvas prints. Today, the process of canvas printing involves the latest technology. Artists take inspiration from everyday life to gain creative ideas for canvas print designs.

Printed McIntire Grove II
Printed McIntire Grove II Framed Canvas PrintBuy at

Canvas printing is the process of turning your favourite photo into stunning artwork on canvas. High quality cotton must be used. Canvas Prints are a great way to catch peoples eyes. Youcan choose to have your canvas print gallery wrapped or rolled as a poster. Always choose gallery wrapped canvas prints to ensure the value of your favourite photograph.

Canvas prints can be used in order to improve the look of walls. This type of canvas print will suit almost any wall and improve the interior. High grade ink must be iused in order to prevent the ink from fading.

There are many purposes for canvas prints, such as Home and office displays as well as advertising. Canvas prints are mostly preferred by many because of they can last longer, compared to other materials. In addition, canvas printing has different unique styles such as black and white, sepia, gothic style, opie styles and pop art Warhol styles.

If you are interested to make have your photographs be transformed into high quality canvas prints, make sure to choose a reliable printing company that can meet your high standards. Many companies offering such services can be found by searching the internet.

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