In her younger years, a female artist loved drawing horses as much as she loved riding them. A career painting horses and other subjects of the natural world became possible for the artist thanks to her early training plus her many years of experience. What you will see in her pastel and watercolor paintings are horses, reindeer, hens, and especially dogs.

She and her family moved to the present county from Philadelphia when she was 11. Her mother and sister were like her father who painted for fun other than his work as a commercial artist. What her father always said was that drawing is real important to an artist. When it comes to the structure of the animals she paints, these details are evident. To get a better understanding of portrait artists, visit their website.

As she paints animals, her love of doing so expanded this to include dogs and cats. She and her loving husband have two large dogs and a cat at their present home. There are times when she also paints pets for private commissions.

In her paintings, light distinctly stands out may it be the bright white of daylight or the darker amber hues of evening. It is a sense of light which she cares a lot about in her paintings. This is the reason behind her preference for watercolor. The way she sees watercolor is as a series of transparent washes that can go over paper. Becoming more vibrant is a white piece of paper with it. With the use of oil paint, there is another fashion in creating light. You’re going to reveal light in a painting by painting everything around it.

Painting around the white is necessary for artists who use watercolor. For artists using oil, adding the light comes after they have painted in the dark shadows. When it comes to the luminosity in oil paintings, this is the challenge the artist wants to deal with. With her love for the impressionists, she says that some time spent for painting in oil would be appreciated. For resources on portrait painting photo check out this site.

From the former town, what inspires her today is her move to the present location at the countryside. She has been exploring the back roads, photographing old farmhouses and landscapes in the foothills. When there are old farmhouses that get torn down, she usually worries. Finding the urgent need to paint the old houses in the hopes of acknowledging and protecting them is the artist. For her, there is much favor for the historic architecture.

For this passionate artist, another endeavor is still life paintings. She suggests texture and detail with subtlety instead of painting with a photographic style or with realism. As much focus on the detail is given to the animal’s facial expressions in her paintings of pets. Other than going to a known school of art, she also attended the Maryland institute college of art in Baltimore. She was 25 when her professional painting career began but for much of her career she worked as a nurse. Her reputation as a painter was established through the ensuing years considering areas involving portraits, florals, pets, and architectural subjects. Per week, she spends one day as a nurse.

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