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The name Walt Disney carries with it a great deal of meaning. It is equated with majesty and children’s entertainment, movies and theme parks. However, many people fail to remember that despite it all, Walt Disney was once a person before the name became synonymous with a major corporation. Today Disney’s family wants to refocus the public attention back on the person of Walt Disney and they intend to do so by opening a new museum to tell his life’s story.

The family contends that Walt Disney’s actual life and accomplishments have been overshadowed by the corporate giant that shares his name. Therefore the family, through the Walt Disney Family Foundation, a not-for-profit group started in the 1990s and which usually focuses on Walt Disney education and giving out scholarships, will open the Walt Disney museum in Northern California on the first of October, 2009.

Because the Walt Disney brand, which releases scores of disney dvds each year, has never been more popular, the family believes that many overlook the story of the single man who started an entertainment empire. Who today knows much about this man, Walt Disney, and the things that moved and drove him to become an animation pioneer and one of the founders of Hollywood?

Through exhibits, the Walt Disney museum will replay the key moments in Walt Disney’s life, starting with his birth in Chicago and continuing through his childhood years in St. Louis. The main focus of the museum will be on his life after his move to the embryonic Hollywood of the 1920s and the launch of his Mickey Mouse cartoon which launched his career.

The Walt Dinsey museum will feature many relics from Walt Disney’s past. Among the priceless artifacts that will be on exhibit include primitive animation sketches, bytes of film, rough drafts of movie scripts, and several of Walt Disney’s Academy Awards, including the one presented to him by the Academy for his first full length animated feature, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

Also included will be a mock up of the theme park, later dubbed Disneyland, as first imagined by Walt Disney. This theme park’s early designs ended up being quite different from the Walt Disney land that one can visit today. The museum will feature a working model of the train which ran around the Dinsey estate.

Walt Disney, who passed away in 1966, created many movies that live on in children’s minds to this day. The studio he created has continued to produce hits and today is one of the largest media conglomerates in the world.

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