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Every aspiring guitar player faces the following question: “What’s the best way for me to learn guitar?” Should you should teach yourself or hire a professional? Which guitar courses are recommended most often? What about those Internet-based guitar training sites?

These are all valid questions because how you learn to play the guitar is just as important as what you learn to play. Teaching yourself how to play might work just fine if you’ve got a good ear and some previous exposure to music theory or proficiency on another instrument.

If you are a “newbie” to playing any instrument, it would be a good idea to get a teacher — or — join an online program where you can interact with several teachers as well as fellow students.

In fact, I would recommend finding at least one ‘mentor’ or a ‘study buddy’ to learn with even if you lean towards teaching yourself.

To learn how to read the guitar notes the three tools you need are:

  • a few minutes of time every day,
  • a chart with the notes on the guitar fretboard, and
  • a music theory book.

The fretboard chart and the music book you can buy at a music store or on the internet. Or you could use the many free guitar lesson websites where you can download or bookmark pages showing you the guitar notes. The few minutes each day are often very hard to find but the small effort to step outside your daily routine and see where you can make time to learn the guitar notes will be rewarded.

Learning where the guitar notes are on the fretboard is best done while you are holding the guitar and playing the notes you can see on your fretboard chart. Learning which notes are which on the sheet music needs some book learning. If you find the notes of the guitar on the ledger lines, you will see that each note looks different according to its position on the fretboard.

The way to begin to learn which note is which is by using the word F A C E to remember the notes in the spaces between the leger lines and the phrase, Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit, to remember the notes E G B D F which are drawn directly on the lines. If the prospect of learning the guitar notes in this way gives you a feeling of rising panic, remember to take only small steps.

You can take guitar lessons from a musical school or over the internet, in either case you can easily learn to play guitar professionally. You can search over the internet for not only how to learn guitar but also which guitar to buy considering quality, size, price and accessories. Two popular types are electric and acoustic guitars.

A well made guitar has a distinct sound and this is what you should be listening for. Try not to buy a cheap guitar if you can get around it. You will find out later that you wasted your money.

Research is crucial to your success. Never buy a guitar based on impulse. Use an easy method of asking friends, strangers, and store owners for input on the best guitar for you. Only then, will you spend your money wisely, and if you are sure about learning guitar then you have a look on yahoo directory guitar

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