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Many beginners who are trying to learn guitar music get stuck. They don’t know what exactly they should practice, chords feel uncomfortable and are difficult to handle and they feel they’re not making any progress at all. They just can’t seem to find anything to concentrate on.

If you’re not at the level you would like to, it’s not necessarily because guitar is not for you or you don’t actually want to learn. There may be other things wrong with your learning style, your practicing schedule or even your guitar.

Learn Guitar Music
If the instrument feels uncomfortable, it is certainly not because your hands are too small or anything like that. There are guitarists who play the guitar with their feet and there must be some who have even smaller hands than you do. However, it might be something wrong with the instrument you have chosen. Maybe the strings are too high or the guitar is too big.

In order to be able to learn guitar music, you’ve got to find the instrument that works best for you. Guitars come in various sizes, with different lengths of fret boards. A visit to a good guitar store might prove very helpful. Better yet, if you have a private teacher or a friend who knows how to play the guitar well, you might be able to get some advice from them.

Learn Guitar
There are plenty of books, video lessons and online lessons that claim to help you learn guitar music. These are really useful for some people, especially for those who are good autodidacts. However, this is not the case for all. Some people need face-to-face instruction and they are rejecting anything else.

Think about the way you’ve learned other practical things in your life. If you worked well on books, you might succeed in learning guitar this way too. However, if you tend to get bored easily and don’t have the patience to read a theory book, you might need a private teacher. It may take you a while until you find one you can communicate well with and meets your learning style.

Some people want to learn just a few tab songs to play at campfires. However, if you want more, a good strategy would be to start from one single song or exercise you enjoy playing and then just expand on it. This may mean learning more songs by the same author or taking a certain riff through all the keys.

The most important thing for learning to play the guitar is wanting it. Desire is much more important than talent. If you really want to learn guitar music, you are willing to sacrifice other parts of your life for practicing. This doesn’t mean you should give up your social life and practice until you’re playing like a superstar. It means that you don’t feel the need to put up practicing for later to watch TV.

You shouldn’t try to learn guitar music because someone else makes you do it. You should learn only because you want to. Practicing should be fun, not stressful. If you enjoy playing, you sure are on the right path and at some point you will progress.
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